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  1. Isn't that for going around the outside of the mast? between the mast and the deck?
  2. Sorry Kevin not interested in dealing with you.
  3. 4mm Stainless wire x 4.6m - Brand new. pretty sure 7/19. Jabsco Manual Compact toilet - Old, but just did a service kit on the pump then decided to upgrade to the standard size. fender tube / lifeline cover - 13.8m of lifeline cover, new. solar panel, old, BP solar 50W Assorted old lines. Halyards, sheets etc. Anybody want it for some rum? Pickup St Johns or Westhaven
  4. it's considered a 'professional product ' , ie not diy friendly, I think they are not allowed to market to Joe public, because awl grip gets too many complaints of failures from people that didn't follow the instructions to a T
  5. you can buy awlgrip off the shelf in the chandlery at orams. just painted my boat with it. but, I agree.
  6. https://www.intervolt.com/product/voltage-sensing-relays/
  7. Bought for a project that never eventuated. Never used, still in box. Paid something like $230 for it. Offers PSR24150 150a
  8. Why do you want to rent me a literaft??
  9. but none of those were LifePo4 batteries...
  10. Anyone have a use for a circa 60m anchor warp. Pretty old and tired, but might be useful for someone Pickup St Johns or Westhaven
  11. Android- Anchor pro https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webmajstr.anchorpro
  12. I recently did this, 33ft boat. no idea if the construction is similar but it took me a good 3 days to get the old ones out. And my vesconite bushings were closer to 700 iirc
  13. Satellite Station at warkworth is still operating. We also have very diverse subsea links out both sides of the country. Kordia have several portable satellite kits and vans capable of data. NZ also has an active ham radio community many operators with global coverage from their back yards
  14. What are you going to do when the sky falls down? The average boat these days has 4 cell phones (nearly all of which are waterproof), a chart plotter or two, separate house and start banks so two power supplies, three if you count the solar.. I think there is enough redundancy in that.. I have spare fuses, chargers, a cell phone power bank as a backup. Work laptop is on board (incase of a snap lockdown) which has opencpn.. Perhaps years ago when there was only GPS, no Galileo or GLONASS etc. The yanks have removed selective availability as a feature set from their birds, and modern re
  15. what is the czone problem? do you have the programming adapter & software?
  16. Left Bon accord when the rain stopped, great sailing down to Blackpool in time for dinner ashore. Sadly the Xmas cruise is coming to an end. looks like we will be motoring in light wind back to the marina tomorrow.
  17. Yesterday I too received the ASI 5knot zone message, 2/3rds of the way from Barrier to Kawau. It came up with an MMSI of 51220022, which when I search on the RSM callsign register there is no such record. On top of that, the MMSI is not showing up as a vessel on my AIS vessel list ( see picture " Message was received from an unknown vessel") Might also be worth noting, I do not transmit AIS, just have a receiver.
  18. Think I must have seen you turn around at the cone barrier disappointed. I got in from Barrier with 30mins to spare to drop the hook and get a steak!
  19. Can someone help me with a software update for TP32. I have a second hand, new to me TP32. Just installed on my boat. NEMA2000 hooked up with the network and its showing in the devices list on my Zeus3 MFD. I've found a software update file (.swup) on the simrad website, and FTP it to the Zeus, but the TP32 doesn't show in the list of compatible devices when I try to upgrade (Files -> TP10-22-32 1_1_04_00.swup -> upgrade) Any ideas? @Island Time
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