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  1. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2021/02/15/american-magic-fined-for-buzzing-tower/
  2. thanks. yes found 1 and 2 on the blades. will see what ive got to clean it up a bit
  3. 33ft 20hp. Can arrange a look after lockdown sure
  4. I don't know much about props. This came with the boat, has been in storage ever since. not sure why it was removed ( fixed 3 bladed unit installed ) Appears to be a Gori? Cant see any markings on it other than "1" and "2" No idea how to identify pitch or model or whatever. What is it worth to someone? Cheers
  5. Hey @aardvarkash10 What happens to your haulout today with lockdown? Crap weather for it as well
  6. I found in the shed a packet of what I believe to be Kauri veneer. About 2500x150x1-2mm, about 8-10 sheets. What on earth do I do with it? Is it worth something to someone?
  7. never used, bit dusty. Bottle or half bottle of rum Westhaven / Mt Wellington
  8. Here you go : https://www.tradeproducts.co.nz/product/butyl-lap-tape-white-4mm/
  9. My neutral selector is also seized, very seized. I went to replace the unit but I think they were more boat dollars than I found palatable.
  10. each cell should be somewhere between 2.5 volts and 4.2 volts
  11. BMS looks toast, but the Cells might still be good for other lectronics projects, if you want to get rid of them Ill take them off your hands.
  12. https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/czone-nmea-2000-network-male-field-serviceable-connector
  13. I've not used that, but It looks ok - the issue with most joints is movement weakening the wire strands over time. This thing has glands at each end to make it all rigid, seems pretty good. You do loose the overall screen though. Probably not a problem, but maybe keep it out of the engine room and away from radios.
  14. Can be done, glue filled heatshrink and solder is how most people do it. Make the connnection somewhere high, dry, and provide solid strain relief either side of the join and it should last for ever.
  15. I paid $230 for my MT403G battery replacement in 2018. Well below the replacement cost for the same unit. Interestingly the invoice breaks it down to labor and materials, Labor cost $0 Service kit $230
  16. Curious to hear your comments on the noticed real world differences between the Precision 9 and the RC42N
  17. Winter

    Boat Names

    saw a boat at Kawau, Passing Wind
  18. I'm a similar size and also looking. People are pretty booked up at the moment. I'll come alongside and we can do both boats together. Easier with an extra hand!
  19. Tiller arm snapped off, missing. 2 Stroke. ran well last time i used it. Pickup Westhaven or Mt Wellington Will take two litres of Mt Gay
  20. Thanks @KM... this is exactly what I was looking for Couple questions for you - you said you used a satin inside? The spec sheet you link to lists only : Gloss and Low Sheen options : Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Gloss Accent 49-2715 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K LS Accent 49-2115 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Gloss White 49-2700 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Low Sheen White 49-2000 Satin sounds more like what I want inside than a Low sheen Do you have a pic to share of your best bit of finish applied by roller? I went to Wairau paint centre yesterday to suss, some confusion as it seems Cotec have
  21. I've got some interior painting to do, as well as the exterior (deck) I was going to use the elite 321 brushing polyurethane for both but have since found out you can't flatten it - high gloss is the only option. Someone here had some secret water borne two pack polyurethane? What should I be using that can be gloss outside but matte / flat inside? Should I be learning to spray? Where does one start with that
  22. Winter


    I've been trying this product called softsand Rubber particles so much softer on your knees etc http://www.softsandrubber.com/
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