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  1. I paid $230 for my MT403G battery replacement in 2018. Well below the replacement cost for the same unit. Interestingly the invoice breaks it down to labor and materials, Labor cost $0 Service kit $230
  2. Curious to hear your comments on the noticed real world differences between the Precision 9 and the RC42N
  3. Winter

    Boat Names

    saw a boat at Kawau, Passing Wind
  4. I'm a similar size and also looking. People are pretty booked up at the moment. I'll come alongside and we can do both boats together. Easier with an extra hand!
  5. Tiller arm snapped off, missing. 2 Stroke. ran well last time i used it. Pickup Westhaven or Mt Wellington Will take two litres of Mt Gay
  6. Thanks @KM... this is exactly what I was looking for Couple questions for you - you said you used a satin inside? The spec sheet you link to lists only : Gloss and Low Sheen options : Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Gloss Accent 49-2715 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K LS Accent 49-2115 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Gloss White 49-2700 Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Low Sheen White 49-2000 Satin sounds more like what I want inside than a Low sheen Do you have a pic to share of your best bit of finish applied by roller? I went to Wairau paint centre yesterday to suss, some confusion as it seems Cotec have
  7. I've got some interior painting to do, as well as the exterior (deck) I was going to use the elite 321 brushing polyurethane for both but have since found out you can't flatten it - high gloss is the only option. Someone here had some secret water borne two pack polyurethane? What should I be using that can be gloss outside but matte / flat inside? Should I be learning to spray? Where does one start with that
  8. Winter


    I've been trying this product called softsand Rubber particles so much softer on your knees etc http://www.softsandrubber.com/
  9. Came down to the boat today (windy) to find this: The bottom half of my wind sensor is missing. 🤬 Still reading wind angle fine, but no windspeed. Haven't been up to inspect yet ,but does anyone know if you can get replacement bits for this? B&G 508 I believe.
  10. From Bailys Is your boat covered by insurance, if being used during the Covid-19 Level 3 & 4 Lockdown? If you use your boat, having been told by the Government that you shouldn't, then the short answer is "No". It would be regarded as a reckless act and/or wilful misconduct, and your pleasure craft insurance policy contains an exclusion for that.
  11. Maritime police. email or phone. pm me if you need the #. They are happy to answer questions like this.
  12. ok update for the thread. got in touch with mr man that made these units and he gave me some advice on how to adjust them for a higher voltage. now set at 14.5v @20deg c, will try this for a few days and see how I go.
  13. +1 for Victron https://victronenergy.co.nz/collections/inverters/products/phoenix-inverter-12-2000-230v-smart
  14. It is bloody brilliant, and Victrons willingness to open that up to rasp pi tinkerers is fantastic. the bmv 712 plus a rasp pi cant be beaten. puts Victron at the top of my list. their stuff is pretty good value!
  15. Lateral I like your idea of an on off switch on the regulator supply, might try that. The graph is from a Victron 712, cabled into a Victron Venus GX which uploads data to the cloud, graphs are then from the Victron VRM portal See here https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/36577/advanced (not my boat)
  16. Thanks IT, the reg shouldn't be cutting the alt to 80% as It is currently set as hot rated (see first post) No idea if it is hot rated either ,but it has always been set that way and hasn't died yet.. Alternator was a single V, I've recently changed it to twin V. I've got the datasheet for the batterys and have set the solar + shore power charging systems to the spec - but yeah, now being let down by poor alternator control. Here is todays efforts : You can def see the charge current drop off as the batteries SOC increases.
  17. Bank is 250ah. Manual is here. http://www.cruzpro.com/sr20mano.pdf The settings you can change, Bank size, Alternator Size, 12/24v, Wet or Gel Type, Hot or Not Rated Alt No adjustment for volatages or times Think I need to find a smarter regulator, or build one. Have you seen these? http://www.wakespeed.com/ Started as an open source arduino based regulator that was infinitely configurable .
  18. I have been watching closely my alternator performance recently, and I'm seeing some behavior I can't work out. I have no idea what the alternator is (its Bosch, but that's the only marking I could find) Alternator Controller is a CruzPro SAR20 (http://www.cruzpro.com/sar20.html) Batteries are AGM. New. Here is what I see : House set sitting about 12.75v, Start the engine. SAR20 puts no load on the alt for 60 seconds, then slowly loads it up over about 30seconds. Batteries start charging about 40a. After 15mins, the current drops to 3 or 4a Stop the engine, res
  19. Thanks ex Elly. i suspect the people saying the island has no provisions for anyone are being untrue for some reason...
  20. IT can you elaborate on your thoughts about the local store? I have probably got a bit over 4 weeks food aboard, and was not expecting to nip up to the shop every few days for some sugar for my tea, but I didnt think calling in after 2 weeks to get some more fresh veg / meat etc would cause them any harm? (distancing + mask and gloves) my understanding was the govt was paying for supply flights and the island has no shortage on goods. Infact, I would have thought the tiny shopkeep could do with the economic relief of a few extra shoppers? Food is essential, and so is trav
  21. Winter


    Stay well, well away from that stuff. I've seen it first hand. Doesn't work, and doesn't come off if you try remove it either...
  22. I did RYA Coastal Skipper with Sail Nelson, and can easily recommend them. I think i'll go back there for the yachtmaster prep & exam.
  23. I have an oldish raymarine ST2000 I could sell, I have been wanting to upgrade to the simrad with NMEA2000 Still in use, ill grab some photos tomorrow.
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