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  1. I don't think "because of covid" covers the why? part very well. Why? Why not a slightly bigger or more comfortable boat?
  2. What brand kit did you get Aardy? I'm still keen to install one, but am torn between the cost of a known brand or the potential quality issues of one off AliExpress, along with noise and ease of operation. My missus says we have to be using the boat more before I can spend more money on it, I'm telling my missus if we had a heater we could use the boat more... (something about the new mainsail, anchor, chain, engine, prop shaft, rudder bearings, batteries etc that makes her think I'm spending too much money on it...) I haven't been able to find any info on the plastic duct fittings.
  3. I'm curios Kevin, have you watched the full video of what went on? The RNZ clip is very short and is somewhat one sided, it only shows the kick. The one on the Herald gives more context. Of three workers, one worker is in the water, one is climbing out of the water, and the third is being approached by the guy that he ends up kicking in the face. You will note also on the Herald clip that it can't have been a very good kick, cause the guy (protestor) gets straight back onto the pontoon and continues the scuffle. There are long clips on the Protect Putiki facebook group that don't show th
  4. From the clip on the news, you can see the protestor was having a good go at getting that guard into the water. They had just got another guard into the water, so the danger was real and present. The protestor was in a wettie, the guard in heavy clothing. Protestor swum under the pontoons and popped up in the hole in the middle (where the pole is) to get behind the guard and ambush him. Protestor very nearly got the guard in the water too. It was the protestor that initiated the skuffle, but lost. 50:50 could have gone the other way. No, it is not appropriate to kick people in the face, b
  5. I missed that post Kev, any chance you could re-post / quote it, so we can work out what you are on about? PS, did you have a look at the 'Protect Putiki' facebook page and see what violence the so called peaceful protestors were metering out? It is a real eye opener.
  6. That is some premium and expensive land for a haul out and maintenance operation... High demand for premium apartments in that area...
  7. I've watched the (long) videos on the protestors facebook page. They started it, physically attacked a worker from behind who was taking photos, the protestors dragged at least one worker into the water. They were initiating the violence big time. Fully agree with the above comments. These so called protestors have no mana. They just want to be famous and be on the TV, and are looking for a fight. There has been legitimate resistance to the marina. All legal avenues have been exhausted, and good people have done their bit. These current protestors are just looking for a fight, and startin
  8. Are you sure? Houses are moved all over the place all the time. It needs to be done at night, and with a specialist company, but it is fairly straight forward. Basically a truck with a hydraulic deck and a pilot vehicle. A phone call or two to the appropriate company would tell you if it is viable or not. If boat movers say no, I'd try house movers under google. Sheds and work spaces at marinas are at a premium and priced accordingly. More so with the footprint of your tri, taking up the shed space of 2 regular boats. I expect it is the cost of the shed that is blowing out your costs, no
  9. We had out topsides painted with brush and tipping. You need to have frigging amazing eye site and be sitting in your dinghy 1 foot away staring at the hull to see its not a spray finish. Paying a lot of $$$ to improve the look of the finish form 5 ft to 1 foot...
  10. I understand there can be massive variances in costs in NZ due to the 'non-painting' factors, i.e. hardstand, shed, removing rig, riggers etc. Often costs charged by the marina hardstand area go on top of the painters costs, and the actual labour amount is low. We did a full repaint, used the club shed (at club rates), did all the prep (sanding, filling etc) ourselves and got a pro to do the top coats. At the prices you are talking about, it may be cost effective to truck your boat somewhere and paint it there. I.e. a random industrial building or farm shed. It is most likely highly effec
  11. Hay AA10, I apologies in advance if this post upsets you. Are you using that PVc pipe as a carrier pipe or an encasement pipe? i.e. is it carrying air, or encasing the fancy foil ducting stuff? I've been carefully studying how to install a diesel heater in my old wooden boat, and am fairly cautious about hot pipes in enclosed spaces etc. I haven't yet found a suitable pipe for all of the ducting, other than the rather expensive foil ducting. If you are using regular DWV PVC (drain waste vent, or in common language, downpipe) it is most likely U-PVC (unplasticised). It has a maxi
  12. I would have thought half the problem was the millions of recreational fisho's catching all the snapper, so the kina go nuts and destroy the eco-system.
  13. Does anyone know what a 'sea floor area' zone means, or High protection area? I thought it was very odd that all the media banged on about 18 new marine protected areas, but none said where they are. I had to find the report and read it. I'd far prefer if all of those areas where just made full marine reserves. I'm concerned a sea floor protection area just means no dredging or bottom trawling, where there is very little of that still happening, is there? Its kind of a smoke a mirrors thing from the govt "we are doing lots" when they aren't really. Big area of concern for me, t
  14. My club uses an aerosol can horn, seems to work ok. But here is a variation for a thought. We are required to keep a VHF listening watch while racing, usually 77 I think, both in fully crewed and short handed. This is a safety requirement following a MOB incident last winter that could have easily gone pear shaped (other boats racing near by didn't realise there was a man in the water, just that boat A had done a big broach...) So, you want a horn all can hear, at a distance, and in a breeze? Play it over the VHF. If you have a requirement for a listening watch for safety, this is a
  15. I spoke to the crane driver in charge of that (almost put my foot in it, saying something about that screw up with the boat...) Must always remember to not make off handed comments on construction sites... Boat was heavier than they thought, but that wasn't the problem, a strong wind gust did it. I think it was one of those downdraft events the media often refer to as a tornado. They were lifting the boat into the back yard of the house to the left. The house that got munted was the neighbours, who had nothing to do with anything... Edit, it was going to the back yard of the same sec
  16. And now it is official: The Government and Auckland Council have confirmed no deal has been reached to host the 37th America’s Cup in Auckland, and a “cash and kind” offer of $99 million has lapsed. The confirmation comes a day before the end of the three-month period in which the pair have exclusive rights to negotiate a hosting deal with the cup holder, Team New Zealand. The news makes it more likely the next defence will be sailed offshore, but does not preclude Auckland hosting an event as part of a wider offshore deal. America's Cup: Government confirms no hosting deal
  17. While a TP 52 series sounds good, the AC has always been a design contest. Using an existing class would remove that element. And from a sponsorship point of view, how would you differentiate the AC from any other TP 52 event, i.e. the Med Cup etc? I think the underlying issue is access to sponsors and RoI. Sponsors use these big events for hosting / hospitality, networking etc. It needs to be easy for them to get clients etc to the event. With the covid thing, we couldn't even get the superyachts into the country, let alone guests / clients / people of influence etc. Emirates were n
  18. I've been wondering the same. Maybe he's working on getting the reptile back in the water? Wheels mentioned he was working on something big? Perhaps he's taken up working for a living? Perhaps he got banned? Or perhaps he is the Editor, and he is foxing us. Although it is more likely he got abducted by aliens. Either that or there is no interweb at banana bread bay.
  19. Fish

    Bottom Paint!

    The best bottom paint is a frought subject. It is very difficult to get a clear picture as to what is best for you by asking on a forum. The variables of location, how the boat is used, and personal bias regards certain brands is significant, oh, and maintenance regimes. Location is a biggee. I have just been through the process, and spent a lot of time looking for a Unicorn antifoul. One that both works and is cheap. Apparently Unicorns don't exist, and neither does Unicorn antifoul... Here is a trick I learnt though. Phone the reps for each brand, and ask them what they recommend f
  20. Looking at the picture, it is far more likely they hooked their inflatable with the hook... I note they had an EPIRB with them, and several cell phones, so phoned police. Still no justification in that story as to why flares should be mandatory for Cat 4 & 5 racing, in the inner Huaraki Gulf. That is a fair bit different to going off the west coast, launching off a surf beach, and err, puncturing your inflatable with fishing gear. Good to know they were prepared. The value of doing your own risk assessment, and not relying on third party rules, like YNZ stuff. A few h
  21. Hi Splat, I am very curious to know, how did you flip the dinghy? I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I've never experienced it, and would like not to if I can understand the causes.
  22. Every time I read these, I just get the impression Auckland Transport need to get off their arse and do some maintenance... Couple of light bulbs to change, few posts to put back, how hard can it be?
  23. I got $3k for my 38 Hp Izuzu. There were two people keen on it. Running, in the boat, with clear maintenance history, original manuals, fair few spare parts, filters etc.
  24. I would agree with marinheiro. I replaced a 35 yr old engine, that was working fine. It is all the ancillary bits that fail / fall apart. For this prospect engine of yours, if it starts and runs fine, well, it starts and runs fine. I would be most interested if you could get it up to full revs under load (i,e. motoring the boat). My old one would shake the boat to bits above mid revs. You would probably get more info out of a thorough visual inspection of the ancillary bits, and if possible, an understanding of the maintenance history. And I don't mean oil changes by that, but engine moun
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