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  1. Gee KM, we know its taking a while to finish off the reptile, but surely you'd want to put the keel on it before trying to race it again?
  2. That is going to take more buffing than normal to 'buff out'. Clearly a 'sub optimal' outcome. Just wow. I was out on the water yesterday and planned to be back home before the front (had the kids onboard). It felt like an unstable kind of weather, a lot of mixing of warm and cold air. Predict Wind's CAPE index was up to 0.8 - Convective Available Potential Energy. A geeky way of saying it would be squally and unstable... The kind of weather where at home it would be dead calm, then doors and windows would blow / slam shut. From all of that, I was secretly expecting some kind of
  3. To give this pipe a bit more context, currently poohs spill into all manner of water courses, best example is Cox's creak. There are sins along there to not let your dog go in hte water, it stinks. It is right alongside a nice walking track and borders recreational reserves and sports grounds. it then goes into Cox's bay, on the beach there, where the sea scouts are and many moored boats. This pooh pipe gets it out of the streams, beaches and bays, and straight into the tidal stream, in the deep water. I believe (but haven't verified this), that the pipe will only discharge on the outgoin
  4. Remember, all the fishos use boats with loads of windage and nothing in the water. Drift rates and windage etc for a fizz boat will be completely different to a yacht. I'd see why they need a drouge
  5. I'm not really sure why the drift rate matters that much when you are soft baiting. I always thought it was more how you made the bait move and look. I would have thought the issue was more about keeping your boat head to wind. Maybe heaving to would do the trick for you? Either that or just try the biggest sea anchor Burnsco have. Note, I am one of the most environmentally conscious fisho's about. Despite regularly fishing (with the kids) all I have managed to catch is some fan worm... Oh, and snapper when using the bait and burly method.
  6. Mwahaha, I didn't know you knew what a long section even was KM. I'm sure if infrastructure design was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Just as everyone is selling anchors.
  7. Its cause the whole central city area / Ponsonby / Grey Lynn is on a combined wastewater / stormwater system. Newer areas have separate wastewater and stormwater. Council looked at seperating those areas, and did so with parts with the Clear Harbour alliance. If you think the Council is bad with money now, get them to do a large scale separation project that involves re-plumbing every house in the central isthmus and re build all of the horisontlal infrastructure in every street in every suburb. And don't complain about the cost or disruption. Either that or let some poo going into the harbour
  8. You look ripped in your photo AJ. I never knew retired professors were so buff
  9. Its the summer holidays. The media go on about car crashes, the road toll, and sharks. This year they got a big boost to the shark angle with a fatality. So shark stories will be bread and butter until normal business resumes some time.
  10. KM got a ban for making reference to someone staring in a snuff movie. I actually think he has a legit point. The hypocrisy is deep in this one. Here this thread us asking for support to kill someone, cause they disturbed someones morning coffee. What is the difference?
  11. We've got one of these, for doing difficult jobs on the boat. 'Naked' they don't cost much (no battery), but we've got a few other milwakee tools that all take the same batteries. https://www.milwaukeetool.co.nz/power-tools/drills/right-angle-drills/C12RAD-0.html
  12. Maybe so. But language can be a funny thing. I often read what is written... There was a time when what was said was what was meant. I understand in these modern times of social media etc, that what is said often means something else. And what it means is up for personal interpretation, like black is white and what not.
  13. Facepalm! No, I didn't escalate it. The OT did. Did you not read the thread title? The 'Justifiable Homicide' bit? Incase you are not aware, homicide means killing someone. The question I posed, is what are you actually going to do? Are you actually going to go and kill someone. Having your morning coffee disturbed is not justification for homicide. And is there a real safety issue? There is only a safety issue if there are people in the water. There wasn't... So all we are talking about is breaching a bylaw. How many of you guys breach bylaws all the time? LJ's in dinghy i
  14. Apparently the sea fleas don't like being buzzed by sailing boats, either, who would of thought? https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/300201808/americas-cup-american-magic-has-close-call-with-jet-ski-in-hauraki-gulf
  15. Apparently Trump was talkin tongue in check the other day too... I've always thought it important to prove they are breaking navigation bylaws. How do you prove they are within 50 m of you? If you can throw an empty glass bottle and hit them, they'd def be within 50 m. Even if you miss, those empties float, and wont do well if it at high speed. Could damage their machine...
  16. Do you want to borrow a 2kW inverter generator for your DIY project? wont help with Angela's travel iron...
  17. What are you running off it? I know you don't need a hair dryier but Angela might. I'm looking at inverters at the moment. It may be you aren't pulling that much load on it, so are getting away with power ratings. A lot of devices don't draw the full rated power during normal operation, but have a surge at start up, which is short and can be tolerated. To understand how big you can go you really need to understand the amps it will pull, but otherwise what everyone else has said.
  18. I'm confused. Is the problem a jetski going too fast? what has that got to do with discussing the murdering of someone? Jetski's are a known problem. There is also a known system of dealing with them. Getting all vigilante is one thing, and I understand the frustration around jetski's. But are you guys actually discussing the justification of homicide cause someone is going too fast on a jetski? What are you going to do? walk up to someone at the boat ramp and attack them with a filleting knife? Just breath in, breath out, count to ten, and get some perspective....
  19. Henleys adapted our packing gland for a Kiwi seal. Cant remember the cost, part of the engine replacement. Sudden dramatic change is odd, esp with your level of detail and maintenance. Im suspicious of that braid... Normally things deteriorate slowly with packing glands
  20. That is taking it being a garden ornament a step too far...
  21. Well, Its KM. He'd need to work out how to use the app And embrace modern tech. I think by going bush he's trying to get away from all that stuff
  22. we had an Achilles (20 yrs old), recently retired. We just had a round fitting on the end of the hose. Had to hold it on by hand while pumping - pain in the arse. All the paddle boards and new dinghies have a 'twist and lock' type fitting, which just leaks all the air out if you try it on the achilles. In theory the achilles fitting was a friction fit, but as soon as you get the pressure up, it would just pop off. We never looked for a legit part, sorry. They are sold in Aust, so you might be able to get something sent over in not too long.
  23. Just a thought, if you want to see if the shaft is necked, if you remove the flexi-coupling, you may be able to slide it forward enough to see any necking. Depending how far your prop is from the cutless of course. Could be a pragmatic way to diognose andexclude an issue and plan for fixing it before your haul out
  24. Several points, if your packing gland is leaking too much, there could be several things. Our shaft was 'necked' fairly noticably. Nothing a new shaft wont fix Any play / vibration in the whole system wont help. That would include cutless wear, but also engine alignment, and the condition of your engine mounts. Don't forget engine mounts have a limited life, and do need replacing occasionally. Alignment might look good at rest, but if the mounts are stuffed, there will be misalignment when underway, which flogs out the flax and leads to weeping. How to get the half coupling off depe
  25. I'm going to go with the pessimistic 'you've just been lucky'. Many factors involved, but wouldn't hurt to add a little treatment. Most likely to strike in rough water with the tank moderately low (when most easily stirred up), i.e. at the worse possible time to have your engine die. Its a probability and consequence thing. It is damn near physically impossible to get rid of. Only way is to fully remove the tank. But it is very easy to squirt 20 ml's of anti-bug in every time you fill up.
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