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  1. Blimey! I might go polish my winches as well, they are worth a fortune, they start at over a grand, at the posh ones go up to $3,700 (that is for one, not the pair...) https://fostersshipchandlery.co.nz/pages/search-results-page?q=murray+winch&page=1 I see the springs and pawls are only $13 ea. Bit if they aren't physically broken, I doubt they would need replacing. There is some art to greasing them (which is always a bit beyond me) I think the short story is not too much grease, so the pawls don't stick. I'm sure someone around here will correct me if that isn't right.
  2. They don't look broken to me. I'm not seeing anything that needs fixing (or replacing). Just a clean up and re-grease.
  3. We did that, but now we have gone to drippless (highly recommend that If I recall, you can undo the grease nipple, and get some tube with a threaded end on it, put it in where the grease nipple was. Managed to get an adapter to join 2 pieces of tube together, to have enough length to get at and operate grease gun, whilst leaving it out of he way of moving parts while underway... Just clean the nipple up and see what you have. With any luck you will have a hex head right at the base. Take it out and use the female thread in the packing gland. Make sure you use a good spanner etc, so
  4. We have 7 of those winches on our 37 footer, for halyards, refs etc. You wont get better for $200, that is for sure. They are kind of self tailing, in that you can lock the sheet off on top and grind in the last little bit. As Steve says, give them a polish (and maybe a clean and lube on the inside) and they will give you great service. The only reason I'd change those are if you did put proper self tailors on. But for the size of sails you are handling, I doubt it is worth the effort and cost.
  5. The Cove, Rakitu? PS, you don't need Cat 1, any BS from MNZ, or a border exemption to get there
  6. Its probably because your definition of a glamour photos is of you in fish nets and heels with the red lippy on... where I think the editor is after glamour photos of boats
  7. Who does most of it HT?
  8. There is no propeller on your saildrive. You should get that sorted FLC...
  9. Fish

    2GM20F value?

    If it is running fine, and people can come and see it running before you pull it out of the boat, you will be able to get a fair wedge for it. There is a lot of demand for working engines that are cheaper than new engines, for people who's current engine has died, they need one otherwise their boat has no value, but can't afford / doesn't make economic sense to put a new engine in. I sold a 35 yr old 37 hp engine & GB in good working order when we re-powered. I'll PM you the price.
  10. What on earth are you talking about?
  11. What ever HT. There is legislation for iwi to go to MPI for 2 year no takes, there is no legislation for iwi to block off beaches for their own use. You are just being outright alarmist with that one.
  12. I agree wheels, in that if you line up all of the likely reasons this sub went down, its highly unlikely to be an act of nature (inner wave). But it is very easy for the govt / indo navy to distract from what actually happened with some spurious reasons. This was a very old sub. There were reports of issues following its refit 9 years ago, where a torpedo did miss fire, killing 3. That, and during the refit they modified it to go deeper than it had been designed for. Looks like a basic cover up, all in the national interests of course.
  13. What a load of bollocks. Classic Herald click bait. This detail far more likely points to the cause, although it is very convienent for the Indo govt to point to some force of nature. Take a 43 year old steel sub, purchased off the Germans, make it dive deeper than it was designed to, well after the end of its design life.... The vessel was first built in 1978 and had its last refit in 2012, when its depth was increased to 250m.
  14. Possibly Dockland 5 in Whangarei? I've never heard of the place, but some mates who live aboard just completed a 3 week haul out there. Doubt you will find anywhere that meets your requirements in Auckland, esp the staying aboard bit. As mentioned already Norsand is the other likely option.
  15. Found my anchor testing photos. not scientific, but address that "nagging doubt" as you are dozing off to sleep and the wind flicks around in the anchorage. You can see the excel set in maybe 1 x its length. The plough simply would not set. My main issue with the plough was not being confident it had set - that nagging doubt all the time. You know the excel has set, it stops the boat. Like I say, I ensure everyone is sitting down when I back down now, it is like backing into a brick wall. The nagging doubt thing becomes more relevant when the wind shifts, and the anchor needs to
  16. I can't seem to find my photos, but here is a link to the excel. I got the #4. https://chainsropesandanchors.co.nz/boat-anchor/11-to-20kg/12.5kg-excel-anchor Basically, I changed anchors cause I could never tell if the plough had set. I suspect 90% of the time we were just swinging on chain. When I got the new anchor, I took both down to Arkles bay on a low tide. Bottom is typical of several places I anchor. I dragged the plough around on some rope up and down the beach, in a massive figure 8. Could not get it to set!?! Did the same with the excel. It set within maybe half an an
  17. Get rid of the plough and get an excel from KM. Don't worry, you actually get it from Chains Ropes and Anchors, and as far as I know KM never actually does any work, so you wont run into him, you'll probably deal with Alan, who is knowledgeable (just don't mention YNZ). Anyway, get the excel, anchor as normal. You wont drag. I got one, now I have to tell everyone to sit down when backing down. A plough will drag all over the bay. It is near impossible to tell if they have set. An excel sets in 1.5 times its length. I have photos of when I trialed it at Arkles at low tide. I'll see if
  18. It did, via the Environment Court. The rest is just vexatious litigants. This has been going on since 2016. I fully agree it needs to stand close scrutiny. But there is close scrutiny, sore loosers and people who blatantly don't understand the process, and when they should be engaging with it.
  19. That looks more like a carving knife than a rudder. You could get it out at Christmas to carve the ham...
  20. I'm only a part time gynacologist aardvark, but I can take a guess I've been most enjoying your accounts of the joys of boat ownership, antifouling, engine removal, needing a particular tool you don't have in order to finish a job, finding more urgent maintenance to do just after finishing a whole lot of maintenance. You are like a billboard for all the joys of boat ownership. Can't wait for you to actually go sailing.
  21. Speleology is the scientific study of caves and other karst features, as well as their make-up, structure, physical properties, history, life forms, and the processes by which they form (speleogenesis) and change over time (speleomorphology).
  22. Fish


    It looks like a demolition derby. Very big risk of a major prang. Mix up a dip with a tack, or just dipped too late, you could have a head on at 120 km/h... Very exciting to watch - visually spectacular. I think they could do with a better way of seeing to leeward rather than a main wing window. This last AC used cameras didn't they? Got to be some tech they could use to mitigate the risk. Jet fighter collision avoidance radar wouldn't be out of place... Fleet racing, 8 boats on the same sized course they used for AC match racing, doing between 50 and 80 km/hr - chaos...
  23. The number of appeals made, and the basis of those appeals, it looks like the Save Kennedy Point people are "vexatious litigants". They are really taking the piss. Send them the bill. I note they have a CEO... strange. The below is after the full RC process, going to the Environment Court. SKP claimed there was a miscarriage of justice because Iwi were not consulted. The Supreme Court said this: It also found there was no miscarriage of justice because the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board had an opportunity to make a submission when the application was publicly notified, but didn't, and SKP
  24. Having a young family with associated attention span, I put a new engine in my yacht so I could cruise around like a motorboat. Could have kept the old engine going a bit longer, but the upgrade was strategic. The kids just don't appreciate the purity of sailing just yet. They are getting onboard with the communing with nature / seeing dolphins / snorkeling at crystal clear beaches (and having icecreams at the Kawau Island Yacht Club...) Beating into a 25 knt SW in Tiri Channel, think I need to wait a year or two before I introduce that type of 'fun'.
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