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  2. I know a few that have been with him and know someone that was on the next trip, plus reading the comments about him, if you got good weather it was a great trip but if the weather was crap you either went or forfeited your money Not a great sense of responsibility towards safety, all about the money. I passed him coming home from the Kings as he headed out on that trip, we were coming home because we knew the weather was about to pack up in a few days, all the other charter boats came back at least a day ahead of him or the commercial boats stayed out (cray boats) He got it wr
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  4. Can't answer your question, but.. would be worth a call the harbourmaster. They would be clearly in breach of the local maritime laws if they were discharging this close to land. It's time it buggered off anyway.
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  5. Finally hit water today. /Martin
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