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  1. Definite lack of coms from head office
  2. Some of the videos taken on the shore of streams and old watercourses in full flow are incredible, and in fully built up areas too. Something to consider is all the trees, slash etc that's been washed into the gulf which will be hazardous for some time.
  3. For a TS theres no real need If its got a swing keel, I used a lead line and the chart. Or get on Ali Express for an el cheapo kayak device
  4. At this point Id like to remind members that we did have summer this year, Pretty sure it occurred on Monday this week when everyone was back at work. Here's proof; Spent the night at the Happy Jacks and here's the view at midnight looking up;
  5. 2023 Regatta Cancellation Notice Unfortunately due to the weather, the 2023 Mahurangi Regatta has been cancelled. The weather situation for Saturday from multiple sources is for winds 15-25kn gusting 30kn from the north-east with rain from Friday afternoon to Sunday. The races and events to Mahurangi run by CYA, DYC, SYC and CCYC have also been cancelled.The Regatta Committee is disappointed to have to make this announcement and we wish you the best in enjoying alternative activities for the Anniversary Weekend.Cheers Martin FarrandCommodoreMahurangi Cruising Club
  6. People seriously underestimate the effort, time and cash outlay to properly restore an old wooden boat, and it gets exponentially worse the bigger they are. Once they are restored, what do you have? Usually a beautiful but very impractical object that requires continual ongoing maintenance and will never ever give you your time or money back, so you have to really want the aesthetic! The classic story here is Rawhiti (among many others). No one is going to step up and give you actual money to restore your "valuable" piece of yachting heritage- but dont worry everyone will give you free ad
  7. looking wet and windy at this stage
  8. For the keen DIY'er with plenty of time you could probably 3-D print a mould and cast your own in bronze
  9. Isnt the average speed in the GGR just above drifting!
  10. Good to know, building one economically is really dependent on the complexity of the riser and who you know. Regarding going to a non-marine fabricator I was fortunate enough to meet somebody in the dairy industry who was very knowledgeable about stainless, but any good metal worker with a pulse tig and pipe bending gear will do!
  11. Ive got an SS elbow on my 2GM, its basically an inverted U with a hose nipple welded to it. Last year I removed it to clean any crud and it was pretty much perfect. I believe its because I run it 80-90% most of the time (its only 13hp) so it gets hot and doesnt get a chance to build up. I would have zero hesitation getting a replacement fabricated in SS, you might even be able to buy the bends. Handy hint do not go to a marine place to get it made if you want to save $$, try a rural engineering place that does milking plant repairs.
  12. Do you use it? if not take it home otherwise the deck all day long on a boat your size.
  13. Same here, I dont want to put a negative spin on it but unless its one hell of an aftermatch then its very unlikely I'll take part for 150. If it was either a S or N then it would be interesting otherwise they may as well do the Squaddy Friday night and call it done
  14. They should make more like a SSANZ short course, round a few islands and suchlike. Torbay doesnt have much of a ring to it
  15. Good luck with the sale Zoz, looks super clean and sorted.
  16. Boating is such a pleasant pastime
  17. And........ it's still raining! thats 3 solid days but on the bright side there is variety. It goes from tropical to steady showers to medium drizzle and so on. Apparently the sun is coming out on Sunday
  18. No its not a drunk spider, it's the track since re-anchoring at 3am!
  19. In a bay just out of Fitzroy, did about 20 miles on the pick last night with all the swirlies, new waterfalls for a scenic outlook and filled the watertanks so not too bad.
  20. Grey windy day tucked right up in Karaka Bay, been 20-30 kts E on an off since New Year, not unpleasant but not marvellous either, probably going to depart in the gap before the next system arrives. Ive never seen the place so empty in the high season. The fishing has been spectacular btw, but made the trip over to Fitzroy to smoke some snappers and not a soul at Smokehouse, totally deserted. Something you dont see often and counted 25-30 boats sheltering in Kiwiriki, the same in Kiararara, Im guessing not much more than a hundred or two visiting boats out here in total compared to about 10 mi
  21. It should still work with 2000, Ive had both early and late models and the only difference in the updates is a not very noticeable refinement of its performance.
  22. Pretty sure that there was a hardware update in the early teens that makes the old versions non compatible with updates.
  23. Its part of our reductionist approach to solving problems, point fingers lol! We have more boats, far better fishing gear and less fish, its going to take a combined effort to reverse the trend. What is concerning about the cray article for example is that divers "know" the crayfishery is stuffed- they dont need NIWA or any ministry to tell them that yet the pressure to continue harvesting continues unabated despite the quota system.
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