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  1. my compressor behaved oddly a few times before it died, I'd check the coil to see if its within spec to make sure, but it does sound suspect.
  2. Had this problem, your coil is probably fried like mine was. That said they are as cheap as chips, so just replace it. Easy DIY job https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-A-C-Compressor-Coil-Sanden-SD508-5H14-SD510-12V-9430-6040-CM120019-/142638606558?_ul=IL Should be a stock item in NZ
  3. Psyche

    What if...?

    The former is faulty thinking, the latter is risk assessment based on the information to hand. Realism as opposed to fantasy, yes you're a realist!
  4. Psyche

    What if...?

    Nice imagery there BP
  5. Psyche

    What if...?

    IT, its a real mess, I think that we just have to get out vax rate up but there will probably be a version of L2, mask mandates, distancing etc for considerable period of time. L4, L3 to Christmas? I really hope not.
  6. Psyche

    What if...?

    A lot of catastrophising going on here, but in my purely anecdotal observations plenty of people are breaking L4. Here's an example, people are cycling from their home suburb another 10-20ks away. People meeting up with friends to socialise, people driving all over Auckland. Lockdowns work when people observe the rules, all it takes is one person to enter the community with Delta on one of those harmless activities or go to the supermarket for 2 items because they are bored and we are back at square one. I think we are not going to eliminate it the way we are going. Its pretty much manage
  7. Whats your thoughts on that? Ive one ever free dived for them around the gulf and always get a one or two meals a season.
  8. Its only until November, I get how terribly inconvenient it is for Auckland holiday makers to be prevented from holidaying on their yachts and launches for a while in two big bays in the entire Hauraki Gulf..... but until them; diddum's
  9. This is a bit of a crossover with the covid topic in small talk so if anyone wants to talk about in other than a marine context, please head over there, but our sport involves a lot of close contact with bodies climbing over each other in confined spaces. You cant avoid it- either on the boat, post sailing de-briefs or at the club. There are a lot of unknowns; will we achieve full elimination (unlikely) and if so for how long etc, but judging from the rest of the world it's going to be inevitable that we will all get exposed to covid at some stage. Putting the ifs, shoulds and coulds to one si
  10. A cruiser mate has a kindle, everyone shares books etc on the cruiser circuit.
  11. I saw Gerry Clark when he gave a talk a few days after getting back to Keri Keri from his first trip in the 80's Anyway it was awe inspiring, near death experiences, multiple 360's in the southern ocean, the raw beauty of the high latitudes and it appeared to me that part of him remained in that world. He did it in a modified Nova bilge keeler I'm pretty sure! Sadly he died on a similar trip some years later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Clark#The_Totorore_expedition
  12. He's a legend, was it him who stepped of the boat onto the ice in some kind of delirium and only just made it back onboard?
  13. Psyche


    With the size of the board and wing (Inflatable?) its an ideal setup for even a small yacht. I think we will see a lot more of these, Vorpal Blade is making wings I believe.
  14. Big tides and bigger embarrassment!
  15. Psyche


    Nice vid, anyone here do it?
  16. Fisherman or professional seafarer gear, good quality outdoor hiking gear and motorcycle wet weather clothing. All of them will be at least as good or better than average yachting gear that I have experienced. Musto HPX is excellent but you pay something like 1500 euro for a set. Basically you are going to get damp no matter what, but there is warm and damp, all the way to cold and wet.
  17. Understood, I was referring to the Auckland buses in the 60's that ran on pantographs, this time its different as it charges buses at a station but apparently the tech uses a very high DC current. The old trolley buses would often lose contact, stop and the drivers would go around the back relocating the arms.
  18. Whats interesting about the above link (thread drift I know) is that Cummins is investing so much into the tech and as an aside, one of the methods of charging an electric bus is via pantograph. Cue trolley buses, what's old is new again!
  19. https://www.cummins.com/news?field_newsroom_topic=2701&field_newsroom_tags=All&search_api_fulltext=
  20. I think that Fogg's approach is evidence of the phase we are in- transition. Use the electric pixies as much as possible and dinosaur juice if required. The same will happen with cars, but I think that unless there is a revolution in battery or charging tech, diesel will be around for a long time in boats. The good news is that we have sails, a much more efficient use of petrochemicals!
  21. Soldiers Bay around the corner from Kauri Point
  22. Someone else needs a turn on the handlebars.
  23. That's a real shocker, even John Burns is making a profit on that blob of zinc
  24. Ive use Ryco or Wix (cant remember without going to the shed) filters on my Yanmar for 5 years with no issue, as I mentioned I wandered into Repco one day they looked it up in the book and just got it over the counter.
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