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  1. Heres a good article on lithium drop in's https://marinehowto.com/drop-in-lifepo4-be-an-educated-consumer/
  2. Give adhesive technologies a call as well, this has been done about a million times so they can probably you a pretty good layup schedule off the cuff and supply the materials. If you are serious about saving weight vacuum bagging is the way to go but you can get a pretty reasonable wet layup job by weighing the cloth and resin aim for 50/50 or less resin. Ideally get the parts CNC shaped, otherwise a few hours with templates should get an ok result. If you're looking for that performance edge its worth spending the time getting them as perfect as possible.
  3. Psyche


    To me SailGP was a no brainer, it has everything you could ask for in terms of a sporting spectacle for "the city of sails". There are plenty of places to view the course from, it wouldn't take much in the way of creativity to make it happen.
  4. Before hauling it and ruining xmas, put it on the grid and slide the stuffing box up the shaft so it rotates with it, that should give you a pretty good idea of whats going on. if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself then get a friend with some experience to help, its really not that difficult. Could be a build up of old hardened grease in the shaft or as simple as some new stuffing required. Worst case refit the SB and carry on with plan A
  5. Melted goretex, tired 2GM? Who knows?
  6. Psyche


    Is it just me or does it seem like there's not much in the way of large public celebrations in our city? It's like the council is disconnected, the city needs positive easily accessible events to build some pride in Auckland, especially after the floods, covid, the constant complaining by the Mayor etc. They really should have made a huge effort to bring the GP here, I mean how hard can it be, weve only hosted the worlds biggest sailing event multiple times! It would go a long way towards relieving the disappointment over Dalton removing the cup defense.
  7. You can repack a stuffing box in the water, its been done thousands of times. A friend did one last year for the first time no problems, plenty of youtube videos out there, the water pressure is very low and a few rags will stop most of the flow so no need to panic when you are doing it! Or do it on the grid to have a good look at the cutlass bearing as well, no need to pull it out at this stage.
  8. Psyche


    A bit swirly underneath it from a few reports, interesting because about 10 years a ago tornado formed here and swept up the sugar works valley before heading off into suburbia
  9. deleted, bots are like caleurpa at the moment!
  10. The key here is don't give up, the people who want the hardstand gone play the attrition game and aim to wear opponents down. This watered down option does not make sense, a giant carpark during summer that will be empty most of the time?
  11. Fill your boots Local Government Act 2002 Section 82 Principles of consultation (1) Consultation that a local authority undertakes in relation to any decision or other matter must be undertaken, subject to subsections (3) to (5), in accordance with the following principles: (a) that persons who will or may be affected by, or have an interest in, the decision or matter should be provided by the local authority with reasonable access to relevant information in a manner and format that is appropriate to the preferences and needs of those persons: (b)
  12. its a classic suppress the vote tactic, they could make it 7.00 p.m. on a Monday night just as easily.
  13. Linear PolyUrethane, if you go to a marine shop their garden variety 2 pot top coats are acrylic LPU's, if you want the ultimate superyacht look get Awlgrip which is polyester based. Resene light industrial do a range of LPU's which are just fine for marine use like Uracryl, cheaper too. All the major paint companies make them for industrial use as they are so superior to any other paint in certain applications. They were originally developed for aircraft which need paint that sticks, lasts and doesnt peel off at high speed!
  14. There's 2 kinds of LPU, acrylic and polyester, one can be polished and one cant. This is from memory so google it, but polyester is the higher gloss, longer lasting and harder paint that shouldn't be cut and polished whereas acrylic LPU's are softer more easily repairable (and cheaper) and can be cut and polished. Read the TDS to see what kind youre buying. Both types are extremely good but the polyester is the premium product and for most DIY'ers acrylics are a better option. On a scale of one to ten, oil paints being a one, single pot polyurethanes are a 4, and two part LPU's are 10
  15. Has anyone got an old 80's Lewmar hatch lying around with some good working handles?
  16. Removed the self amalgamated tape mast boot, all the old MS sealant and filled the partners with two-pot urethane to stop movement there. Was going to get spartite but after a bit of research got this product called PMC-790. Looks like golden syrup, sets up pretty quick and as far as I can tell does the same job for 1/3rd the price.
  17. By yachting, we are talking racing and the level out on the course is now is generally lower than it was in the heyday of the 80's and 90's. Less people club sailing = less crew, less people moving up the grades. Why? there are lots of reasons e.g. demographics, available free time, cost (of ownership) the demise of the NZ marine industry, a lot of clubs (with some exceptions) spending all their spare time shooting themselves in both feet and forgetting they exist for the sailors. Lack of effective political representation, no one doing anything about changing the false the perception of yac
  18. WhatsApp Video 2023-10-31 at 09.44.12_623720cd.mp4
  19. Psyche

    Poo pipe part 2

    Looks like a heart attack, bypass coming up!
  20. Gotta say it, sailing is taking a hit at the moment. Participation is down in lots of events.
  21. Psyche

    Poo pipe part 2

    I might have some 85% phosphoric acid kicking around if its still required
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