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  1. To roll a boat you need the following conditions; Wave height must match the beam of the boat (risk of knock-down and rolling) The boat needs to be broadside or oblique to the wave The boat needs to be struck by a breaking wave: unless the wave is breaking, the boat should ride up and over the wave regardless of the wave height in comparison to the boat length and the boat’s orientation to the wave When the wave height reaches 50% of the boat length, there is a high probability of capsizing, with more than 60% the boat is going to be capsized every time of course only
  2. Dying while awaiting rescue is very common, especially in remote locations. Reading the report the rescue services did an outstanding job in adverse circumstances at a remote location. It sounds like you are simply trying to blame the rescuers, defend the skipper and smear MNZ.
  3. We as a nation have chosen to govt fund only a tiny part of day to day SAR and leave the rest up to private organisations. There is no point in complaining about what is essentially a free service to the public unless you also volunteer or go fundraising. As for 17 rescue helicopters on standby with trained crews prepared for an Enchanter incident and within effective flight time of North cape? Somehow I doubt it.
  4. If you want to complain about NZ's rescue services start a new thread but from what I read and hear on the news most people are extremely grateful to be rescued, but the Enchanter is the issue here. The big question which is before the court is about the competence of the skipper, whether a similarly experienced skipper in the same circumstances would have taken the same risks. Expert evidence points to the Enchanter venturing into shallow water where a very large wave (but not out of the normal range of expected height), rolled them. People can make inexplicable mistakes;
  5. The court determines the outcome of the charges laid by MNZ, surely that is obvious! MNZ coordinates search and rescue, it doesn't provide the vessels, manpower or planes. It is unrealistic to expect a rapid response in remote areas of NZ's vast coastline. This is not the UK with lifeboat stations dotted around the coast and a massive population with the resources to fund hundreds of rescue helicopters. The reality is that when you are out there on the ocean far from civilisation dont expect to be rescued in 5 minutes, if at all. That's why you need systems and procedures to mitigate lo
  6. Its not up to MNZ, it's up to the court. There was tragic loss of life on a commercial charter, MNZ has no choice but to prosecute. The alternative is to say its all ok carry on nothing to see here. I agree its very bad luck, but if you traverse a high risk area 100 times without incident does that make it a safe practice?
  7. Pretty sure this is a Jack Cropp design- definitely not a Farr as he alludes to in the title. If he was in trade that would be misleading advertising. Old wooden boats from a relatively unknown designer are not going to get a premium, anyway its an enduring mystery why the owner keeps trying to sell this for 10 times what its really worth
  8. As we approach 2026, there are going to be a LOT of boats on the market in AK as the the main tranche of leases expire in Westhaven, owners who have had their boats their since the beginning are all swallowing the anchor for various reasons; too old, too expensive, no family interest in keeping a boat etc. All those boats that look like they are worth a few months rental- they are all going to go but where?
  9. https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/sailing-skills/sunk-in-a-storm-with-no-liferaft-lessons-learned-81596
  10. Trying hard here K, read the report. The EPIRB ping was right on the shelf and given the drift pattern is eastwards then draw your own conclusions Why it happened The Enchanter should easily have coped with the sea conditions off North Cape at the time of the accident. However, it is about as likely as not the vessel had strayed into shallower water off Murimotu Island, an area that is prone to occasional, naturally occurring, larger waves peaking as they entered the shallowing water. When the Enchanter rapidly rolled onto its side, the force of the water exceeded the design parame
  11. 3.43 The underwater topography off Murimotu Island matches the wave performance observed by the passenger. From seaward, the seabed off Murimotu Island slopes steeply from 50 to 10 metres water depth over 0.7 nautical miles (1300 metres). The seabed slopes very steeply from 30 to 2 metres water depth (see Figure 15). To the observer on the Enchanter’s aft deck a larger wave would have begun visibly peaking in the distance, with a sharp rise when the wave met with the 10-metre contour. 3.44 This analysis of the wave form supports the hypothesis founded on the EPIRB data, that the capsize o
  12. That would put them in or very close to shallow water
  13. The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board, the question is was he acting responsibly? There is no 3 mile rule but the question will be would a competent skipper in the prevailing conditions made the same decisions?
  14. and it begins https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/crime/enchanter-trial-maritime-nz-opens-case-against-fishing-boat-skipper-lance-goodhew/OSIFXFAA55GDDAI4ZRNVJLSTSA/ The three-week trial for Enchanter skipper Lance Goodhew started in the Whangārei District Court today. Goodhew faces a single charge of breaching his duties as a worker on the vessel and in doing so, allegedly exposing individuals to a risk of death or serious injury. Two charges against his recreational fishing charter business were dropped today as there was no evidence. The Enchanter was hired by a gro
  15. Heres a story for you; on a previous boat the gas setup when i got it was a steel bottle hanging from a bungee in an unvented locker, the bottle was connected to a section of flaking copper pipe with garden hose and rusting hoseclips, the connection to the oven was with some unknown ancient rubber pipe and the Vanessa oven itself had no flame cutouts There was no solenoid or sniffer and apparently this was how it had been since 1967.... Not condoning it, I replaced it at the time with an Origo meths stove which was pretty good if not a bit smelly. But I agree there is a bit of a disconnect bet
  16. Question re gas explosions on board, how many incidents have we had in the last 5 years, what about 20? It is exceedingly rare as I understand it which is testament to the previous standards but now installations are aging its a pretty fair expectation that some maintenance is due. There was an explosion at Pine Harbour in the early 2000's on a Marauder which was a result of boatbuilder screwing into a flexible hose IIRC, its exceedingly rare for the systems to just "fail" most explosions are related to user error. Also if you rely on a sniffer and solenoid then the "turn off gas at bottle" si
  17. 3 years ago? the cat is out is well and truly of the bag and probably riding the horse that bolted
  18. Its a bit pessimistic but I dont think we can stop the natural spread, if at all, even with a massive increase in funding to remove it but that doesnt mean we should be careless. At some point people will have to accept that its here to stay and then we are all in management mode.
  19. I am pretty sure that it's still going to be "Coastguard" for the foreseeable, since no one it going to be saying "quick, call the Tautiaki's when they hit the rocks. It's a nice gesture, but it's just a marketing slogan in the same way the dolphins were plastered over everything in the 90's.
  20. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/a-48m-boat-ran-aground-on-my-familys-island-in-the-hauraki-gulf-its-the-least-of-our-worries-sue-neureuter/V5KUPEIS4BGCLAKM6LCMPYK7CA/
  21. Psyche


    Hang on are you saying that a privately owned sailing event catering to a special interest group has cost taxpayers millions 🧐.... again!
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