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  1. From Minerva back to AKL in 30 kt SW on a 50 ft Ganley, was tedious but not in any way uncomfortable. My mate came back in a leopard in similar conditions the boat handled it fine but he found the motion odd it was sort of like a jerking ,lurching of the windward hull as the leeward one punched into the waves, overall he said he would have preferred a mono. But really doesn't it come Down to avoiding going to windward if you are cruising ? ha ha good luck with that . I would still happily have a cat but dont have the budget.
  2. Yes that was in the back of my mind as well which is why I might go with a mod to the as-welded set up, it will be closest to the original design.
  3. Dang ! but all good comments thanks ! and I cant lay claim to the welding it was done by a mate and he is a pro !. If you look carefully (it is not obvious) at the sectioned part the water is injected at the first elbow but then travels down an internal gallery and mixes at the last elbow. So while I guess it provides some overall cooling its probably not very effective. It makes sense however that the water is deflected downwards by the elbow geometry thus spreading/forcing it into the gas flow. I will talk it over with my welder mate but I think if I trim the existing pipe flus
  4. The Jandals are a special type for welding, here it is all welded up, Im experimenting with injecting the hot seawater down stream from the exhaust elbow. The specs of the exhaust hose say it is good up to 100 deg c so we shall see.
  5. It will be welded by Mon, the bits cost $80 at ANZOR, I will post another Pic.
  6. What he said , been there
  7. Thanks Guys and good spotting Matt ! The UK SS version seems like a good fit, I will make enquiries.
  8. Hi All, any guidance appreciated ! So the cast iron exhaust elbow on my Volvo MD7B has rusted out, no surprises there as they only last about four seasons. I have been quoted $800 for a replacement so I am looking at fabricating something in Stainless Steel. I would appreciate any input from someone who has done this, for instance what grade of Stainless would you recommend ? I have sliced it in half to show the inner geometry, my thoughts were to use to fabricate the unit using cast butt weld elbows from the Anzor catalogue with some suitable straight pipe in the middle. From there I
  9. American english ! the correct spelling is Gummint , as in Gummint this and Gummint that
  10. Its insane, the cockpit is so sparse and no dodger or pod, almost like it will sail robotically around the world with Alex as a Systems Manager.
  11. We are planning to do a more or less non stop trip from AKL to the Three Kings in the coming season, just to shakedown a bunch of upgrades and fixes. Any suggestions on the best time and conditions ? I had heard that a SW was best or maybe a Westerly, I suppose March is the most settled but its nice to have a decent breeze too.
  12. At that size you are into a law of diminishing returns with exotic construction, the gains are marginal if any. Abel Seaman is on the money, use 3mm marine Gaboon for the hull and glass the bottom to the waterline. Keep the use of solid timber to a minimum and use something light like Kahikatea . Finally watch the painting , as that can add a surprising amount of weight too, often for no gain in durability. You will struggle to build lighter and it wont cost much. There is still a simple pleasure in rowing a well designed lightweight dinghy.
  13. I'm with Zozza on this one, I have seen a yacht passing an anchored tinnie at the back of Ponui, with similar clearance. A gust hit at the wrong moment, the boat rounded up sharply and a collision was avoided by inches. There were several people in the tinnie, the owner was so angry he literally could not speak (yes that angry). I mean 3 ton boat moving at 5 knots What could possibly go wrong ? Its arrogance In my view, might be different in a fleet race with other competitors where it is natural competitive outcome.
  14. This thread should be moved to Small Talk just kidding.
  15. We have a cordless drill of that brand, it wasn't cheap but the quality is superb. if you have a mate travelling to the US you might save a bit so long as it has a 12V charger.
  16. That would be gold for hoisting the main on the Hood.
  17. I did it on my carpenter 29 just as described above, 160 Kg of BUKH 10,piece of cake.
  18. You can go ashore there but only when the tide is low
  19. Frank

    Head piping

    for what it is worth on the aircraft lav plumbing we use Acetic acid same as what you find in Vinegar.
  20. In the first sentence you say GW is a hoax and in the second you seem to imply it is preventable ? ...confusing.
  21. That is a Bri Ski Prop and I thought they went out of business years ago ? I found the geared unit was better in reverse, its a Briski on my saildrive and it has given good service.
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