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  1. If we sell a car or boat that we know is well beyond economical repair then are we part of the problem in that we are just kicking the can down the road ? Obviously not the case if the insurance company writes it off I suppose.
  2. The Buyers were probably eternal optimists as well !
  3. That is a very good point !!
  4. I have a mate with a prop shaft coupling that is not sitting on a taper, just parallel shaft. It is on a key and locked with two grubscrews, not very good I suppose. Anyway it is a bit loose so can anyone suggest some sort of Loctite or epoxy or something that he might use to remove the freeplay ? . And by the way I have a saildrive
  5. Pretty Much just start methodically checking and eliminating all components. Fresh Water Pump impellor Thermostat (it will have one) Heat exchanger core and end caps Exhaust elbow Any Rubber hoses carrying coolant. Should not be the raw water pump as far as I can figure For our overheating problems it turned out to be a clogged exhaust elbow, last thing we checked after weeks of work, sods law.
  6. Cheers all, Yes the point about having to have it on all the time is a concern, I will have to look at that, maybe a bypass set up is needed. Its just that the Perkins seems to take forever to purge when using the lift pump and its in an damn awkward position . The bulb might do the trick if its displacement is substantially greater than the lift pump, certainly it will be a damn sight easier.
  7. We are looking to install a 12v fuel pump between the primary and secondary filters on our Perkins Prima Diesel (50HP) can anyone recommend a reputable product ? Incidentally we don't need the boost its more for bleeding etc.
  8. I'm sure you can get a feed in Fitzroy, always found it hard work myself but why bother when just outside the entrance are the mussel farms. OMG 2 weeks back 1 hr aft sunrise on pilchards, flasher rig Bang, Bang, Bang, all big fish. We stopped at 3 each took maybe 20 minutes.
  9. Frank

    Masking tape

    I stole some of my sons Tamiya modelling tape to paint the waterline on a half model, brilliant stuff worked like a charm https://hobbystation.co.nz/tamiya-masking-tape-refill-6mm/ . There are versions for curved surfaces . Try also posting your question on a scale modellers forum like https://www.scale-models.co.uk/ I think paint application with an airbrush is best, good luck
  10. Frank

    Fijian mahogany

    I was going to suggest tables after the bed heads had run out after that get into the mid century Danske Mobler chairs. Wasn't it Nathanael Hereshoff who cynically said that Mahogany was anything red called Mahogany ? They are still harvesting Central American Mahogany it needs to seasoning though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aReJkSwqd6Q
  11. So No Spark Coverage at all at Fitzroy ?
  12. Frank

    sea fleas

    They are not limited to the Tamaki, anytime i've cleaned that slime my wetsuit is always covered in the critters, to me they look a like a miniature shrimp. The really nasty Sea Lice always seemed to live at the warm waters edge, a zone to be avoided as kids. Infestations of Microscopic NoSeeUm Jelly Fish are a problem sometimes, if you get hit by those you are in for an uncomfortable few days, Antihistamine helps.
  13. Duh, yeah I Kinda got that wrong, its what happens when you don't wear your glasses
  14. Some of you might find this YW Diamond restoration project interesting, apparently this boat was owned by Chris Bouzaid back in the day. I see Puffs profile photo looks to be a similar boat. https://bstubbing.wixsite.com/slipperybeaver
  15. Frank


    Considering the time money and passion put into that vessel you can understand wanting to recover at least the materials cost. Unfortunately the market seems to be brutal on unfinished boats.
  16. My wife's uncle did a 7 year circumnavigation in Junk rigged boat, including the Aleutians, Alaska etc. They are a niche cruising rig with pros and cons, not for me but I think they have their place.
  17. You have just insulted 1.2 billion Chinese
  18. Yes fair point about when it is rolled up IT, probably not worth the worry. - Fish the first thing I did after buying the boat was rig a cunningham on the Main, I'm thinking about doing the same for the genoa, old habits die hard
  19. Thanks for the help, all good points, we are still figuring out the boat and rig so we will continue play around with it. Setting it with a pole would be worth the hassle on a longer trip like to the Barrier etc.
  20. We used the MPS (do they still call them that ?) last Sunday, it was a broad reach and it would not set presumably because it was blanketed by the main. The boat is masthead rigged and the tack was attached at the base of the pulpit, the boat not having a prod. The week prior we flew it with the wind just aft of the beam and it set perfectly. If we are not to fit a prod is the answer to use the spinnaker pole ? This would sort of defeat the purpose of an MPS for me, the sail is made by the Willis loft and its had little use so its mint, any suggestions ?
  21. Does anyone ease the luff tension on the RF genoa after a sail ? or do you leave it fully tensioned all the time. I'm just wondering if backing off the halyard would increase the life of the sail.
  22. I think the modern hondas are air cooled if you are worried about water cooling.
  23. I looked into this type of repair for a volvo part and even purchased the rods at $36 each !. They have a very high nickle content hence the $ On you tube the technique seems tricky with pre heating and cleanliness critical even in experienced hands there was a risk of cracking as the Cast iron cooled. Brazing seems less technique dependant with good results I recall my fathers bench vise soldiered on for many years after being over tightened and snapping in two.
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