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  1. I've had a Carpenter 29 for several years, it is a good Middle of The Road racer cruiser, the Young 88 and Ross 930 are faster.
  2. I'm at the tail end of a campervan project with two panels on the roof, the folks at Half Moon Bay Electrical strongly recommended putting them in series. Feedback they received from customers who had made a change from Parallel to series was that it made a big difference. It was something to do with getting more bang for your buck when the sun was low at either end of the day (don't shoot the messenger, this is just what they advised
  3. Fist Bump ? are they both saying YES !
  4. Would definitely be interested in any updates, here is me mildly anxious about taking a 12 ton 38 ft BrickS**t house Hood 38 to Fiji next year and he goes to Pitcairn in a 17 foot Plywood boat, the guy is an absolute inspiration !
  5. That's good to hear, no product is perfect but I reckon PVC with modern moisture wicking undergarments would keep you pretty snug and dry in all weather. My first store branded breathable jacket was an absolute joke in moderate to heavy rain even when new, now I have a Gill inshore but I suspect it wont be much better, we will see.
  6. Contact the author Brian Peet he has plenty of stock or did up until recently , PM me if you want his number. I have a copy , its superb.
  7. If you cant afford the step up from 20K to 30k or 40K then I would look hard at the affordability of the proposal because you will quickly burn through the difference in price band on Opex
  8. Frank

    Spare Anchor

    Never heard of that one before but it seems like it could work well.
  9. Frank

    New Genoa

    Brent is good, I have been a customer since I purchased my first keel boat, very helpful and customer focussed. The only other loft I used was Windward Sails, I don't think they are still going but Damn those sails were fast.
  10. That last one could be Oz
  11. We looked at those and came close to purchasing one before watching a few videos that compared the time it took to boil water with various options compared. Gas and Induction were hands down the fastest, while the Wallas Stove was comparatively slow, it does have the option of an accessory top that functions as heater but that adds more cost. I think they were about 7K when we looked at them last. With induction most folks just pulled the $100 plug in unit from a storage drawer and sat it on the benchtop in this way there was no bench space permanently occupied by the cooktop.
  12. We are on the lithium journey on a land yacht, our plug n play $90 Harvey Norman induction top draws 2000W at full noise. We are using a 3KW inverter and 320 AH LIFEPO. On lower cook settings which we will generally be using it draws a lot less. In Tests at home it boiled a litre of water in a pot in 1 min 45 seconds. we will also have an 800w Jug and 800w small microwave. Cant be bothered with an oven on the yacht or the van, I'm a lazy cook and I want to leave all that sort of thing behind when on holiday.
  13. Diesel and kero seem to boil the kettle more quickly, I assume they have a higher calorific value ? My wife says the odour is disgusting if you are seasick which is why I have stuck to alcohol, gotta keep GM Domestic Operations happy.
  14. https://classiccampstoves.com/threads/old-primus-parts.25594/ Good for tech support. https://www.caravancamping.co.nz/shop/specialist-stoves/ All the bits you need and they are in CHC , the burner assemblies are the best but dear ! There are a bunch of other sites if you trawl the web , parts are still made at a cottage industry level in various parts of the world such as India South korea, the US and UK ,europe etc. To the best that I can figure the burner assy is the same for Meths or Kero, it is only the jetting that varies, I have a bunch of spares and the meths orifice is a few
  15. From the interweb Is methylated spirit the same as alcohol? Commonly used methylated spirits is a general-purpose alcohol which is not fit for drinking. This is because approximately 10% methanol has been added to it, along with additives such as pyridine, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, and methyl isobutyl ketone.21/02/2022
  16. I use these guys for Methylated spirits for the stove, as they supply un-dyed product which means the jets don't clog. Price is good for a 20 lt container , they do kero as well. https://www.tmkpackers.co.nz/
  17. Frank

    Drop In Lithiums

    I, m 63 and feel younger, even my mates say I don't look a day over 90
  18. Frank

    Drop In Lithiums

    hi CD, blimey you seem to be very knowledgeable on this Lithium battery gig, if you don't mind offering an opinion I'm doing a campervan fitout and intending to use Lithium , I'm using Half Moon Bay Electrical for supplying the entire system and I'm sure they know what they are doing but I would appreciate a second opinion . Below is the component list and we are awaiting a 330AH victron battery which is still on a ship somewhere. With the 12/3000 inverter we intend to power an induction cooker , 800w kettle and 800w microwave but never all at once . There will be 2 x 220 W solar panels wired
  19. I have a Seven Seas Marine pressurized alcohol primus stove on a Carpenter 29 been using it for 30 years, just rebuilt it recently, quite attached to it actually. If you do get a fire (not yet) you can put it out with water. I'm not knocking gas though, its fine so long as properly installed and maintained as with everything. On the camper van I'm building we are using LiFePO4 battery and an induction cooker.
  20. No problem sir, sign here and then take your vessel to our approved repair yard, Bodge and Leggit
  21. A Bicycle mechanic once said to me a bike is a frame and a collection of parts, the quality and condition of the parts defines the bike and the riding experience. Its an oversimplification of course but it also applies to boats. ie if the mast, rigging, sails, electrics and engine are worn out then all you have is a floating liability that will endlessly frustrate you and your partner, probably wont do much for the relationship either. Other commentators here are right, borrow the money if you have to and get a vessel that suits your needs,if you can't afford the loan then you might have to
  22. That's a very good point , easy to buy a cheap boat only to find it converts to a steep premium, sometimes with nasty exclusions.
  23. That's actually clever and funny maybe we are in the matrix and the real AM involves well funded teams who bring brilliant minds and technological prowess to winning the paralegal sh*t storm, mud slinging and posturing that is the actual AM. ! Quote from the Matrix Herald "At the moment the America’s Cup looks like a regatta for sailors and designers of immense talent and drive , distracting us from the real deal of winning the billionaires pissing contest . Why do we have to put up with this sailing crap between cycles, its over so fast .
  24. Life TV has a short video narrative of the sinking of Waimanu, discussed elsewhere on this site its quite a good watch https://lifetv.co/life-story/phil-2 The boat was punching into a steep sea and falling off the back of the waves, as Phil described it "like falling on to concrete" I crewed on one trip where we had 40 knots SW about 200 nm off the coast of NZ, the boat was slamming so we reduced sail and slowed down , it was a large steel vessel, seemed to work. be interested to hear from other members as to what they have done in similar circumstances eg As above , slow t
  25. I just tried to purchase my usual Hempel's AF however MT Smart Marine no longer stock it and the Manukau branch advised it was no longer available. I'm using Altex No 5 as a fall back for now but I would like to thin it for a better finish and roll out. This is against the manufacturer's recommendations but id be interested on feedback as a boat builder told me he thinned it with kerosene with good results and no performance degradation.
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