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  1. I am involved with one boat in the Tamaki Estuary on a pile mooring (38 Ft) and another on a swing mooring at Cocklebay (Carpenter 29). Like ( I suspect) many owners I have tried many AF options over the years but never finding a silver bullet solution. I got frustrated with the thicker paints as they were so intolerant of hot and/or windy weather, I was always thinning them to get coverage and a half decent finish. Eventually I tried Hempel's which seems no better or worse than the others in terms of performance but it is way less viscous and rolls out easily almost like a singl
  2. Well its not sailing although there does appear to be "Hiking out" during the turns.
  3. Oh man, that's the funniest response to H and S bureaucracy I have ever read, absolute gold.
  4. Thanks Steve, I will get back to you on that depending on how it all goes.
  5. A good suggestion thanks for that !
  6. With a cruise to Fiji next year perhaps a bit 50:50 due to covid, Fiordland in the summer could be a plan B. I presume Late Feb/March is the best time weather wise and that the direct route via the top of the NI is the best, but would appreciate any input from those who have been there and done that.
  7. In my RC model plane days one aerobatic RTF Model proclaimed "lots of Happy Flip Flap Flight"
  8. The whole thing has been an unwanted distraction for Team NZ, on the flip side this cant be good for the reputation of Mayo and Calder. On Fri they still had the AC on their website, I see it is gone now and the ACE are suing, it will be interesting to see what the legal judgment is as to the extent of accountability. Having Dalts as CEO of ETNZ and ACE is tricky but I'm not sure it would work any other way.
  9. She is a pretty looking vessel what is the design ?
  10. I agree with the comments from IT and wheels and bear in mind the core engine for the smaller volvos is a Shibaura/Perkins Volvo then buy their engines from Perkins, all three names are on the OEM plate for my D1-20 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibaura_(company) https://www.oemoffhighway.com/engines/press-release/10945825/perkins-and-ihi-shibaura-continue-joint-venture-to-bring-compact-engines-to-equipment-industry
  11. Maybe do the sea trial with the tech on the throttle and get them to floor it for a good bit, if anything breaks I presume they will be responsible ? if not at least it gives you some confidence that it is not likely to be damaging. Its rare I suppose but there is a small chance it might self resolve with time if fuel related. If they have a spare MDI maybe they could temporarily install that and so eliminate any possibility of it being caused by the smarts ? I assume it could only affect the fuel cutoff solenoid as mentioned earlier.
  12. Good Job !! We are looking at importing a Milwaukee 28V right angle drill eventually.
  13. Frank


    Michael Churchouse is my wife's uncle. PM me if you want to get in touch, I think Michael, Judy and the family would be keen to hear from you.
  14. Blimey ! hopefully an insurance job IT ?
  15. I'll check back with him, I'm probably misquoting, he found the issue on the Kubota.
  16. I showed the video to the technician, he thought it was Diesel Knock , ie combustion related. There are several possible causes but he suggested to start by inspecting the timing gears for missing teeth.
  17. Try Hauraki Marine Services, the business is based in Welsford. Naturally all the contractors are subject to the vagaries of weather and equipment issues, most seem reluctant to disrupt routine and visit an area for a single job.
  18. I have a D1-20 SD , curiously the core engine is a Shibaura , they have a JV with Perkins https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/Perkins_Shibaura_Engines.Volvo then buy from Perkins, go figure. My money is that its combustion/fuel related, the problem being, there are many potential causes as suggested by all above. I am working with an excellent diesel technician right now to resolve a stubborn fuel delivery problem on a 3 cyl Kubota, he works on the Cook St ferries when not on stand down. I'm meeting him at 9am today to hopefully get the final fix in place, he is based in Papakura ,
  19. Sailing Zatara's recent video interview with Fiji Immigration and Customs explains their Blue Lane Process very well and it looks like they have covered all aspects. Perhaps this could be a template for NZ at some point in the future, however In terms of Covid and the economy the Gummints focus beyond returning kiwis seems to be working out how to allow entry for skilled labour.
  20. I have a Volvo SD and I agree with IT, also I'm sure you will transmit vibration to the hull negating one of the benefits of an SD. The fairing boots are not particularly expensive so I'm curious as to why you would contemplate this ?
  21. Chrs for that ! I wonder if a wrap would be prone to damage from travel lift slings ? particularly with heavy displacement yachts.
  22. Hi Jay, could you advise the size of the yacht, the ballpark cost and what sort of prep was required, perhaps also how long the process took. chrs
  23. I use Hemples and agree with the comments above, but has anyone tried Macglide or Flowsilikon from MPSNZ ? these are silicon coatings of some sort. . We have a small test board in our local estuary and the fouling rate is about the same but it wipes off so easily it is damn near falling off. The coating is tough so when cleaning you are not losing the AF like with ablative. Anecdotally I hear it is very expensive and must be applied by an approved technician, also like Copper Coat it is good for several years apparently. Keen to hear of any experiences with it.
  24. It will probably turn up eventually, shipping at the moment is very disrupted.
  25. When reaching with this sail I would play around with strapping down the sheet so the turning block/point is much further forward rather than running it all the way aft You can do this simply by just tying an open loop around the sheet and strapping it to a genoa car or any handy tie point that is strong enough..Lead it aft to a cleat in the cockpit and then play around with the tension. I'm no sail trim guru but this always seemed to make quite difference on my old boat,. I think this is called a barber hauler but the racing experts might correct me on that. https://ww
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