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  1. there you go See third result down.
  2. Kjerag, Norway http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kjerag
  3. +1 on Force4. Picked up a really good condition (soft bottom) 2.6m off TradeMe for $500.
  4. From experience ... have a think about how you intend to stow it when sailing (tow vs foredeck). If its the foredeck make sure you get something that will fit easily up there and you are able to get around it when you need to.
  5. OYSTR

    28ft Pelin

    James Newcombe out of Tauranga did a survey for me in Whitianga last year. Will PM email address.
  6. At the risk of being banned here...I have a 35' (incl duckboard) Pelin; 225hp Ford Lehman Turbo on a single shaft, glass over dd Kauri. Was built to survey 1980 (oversized shaft, prop, structure) so feels pretty heavy although I don't know actual weight. Was told it didn't plane until the trim tabs were added. Will plane at 11knts/2000rpm, but I'm happier tootling at 9knts/1800rpm (non-planing). Uses about 20l per hour. Yaw in a following sea is a bit of an issue I need to figure out how to deal with, but otherwise very comfortable. Won't really turn in reverse either which is a bitch for bert
  7. OYSTR

    solar at last.

    By "new" do you mean modern ones which will keep that performance or is it just that they are new and will degrade over time?
  8. OYSTR

    solar at last.

    Isn't watts/volts=amps the theoretical max? i.e 80/12=6 and a bit.
  9. Haven't seen the Paul Henry show yet but looking forward to him doing something ridiculous again
  10. That also applies to boats but generally only those that will fit on a trailer. Anything bigger you have to be coming to NZ to live for the first time before you can get a no-GST exemption on it. http://www.customs.govt.nz/news/resources/factsheets/Documents/Fact%20Sheet%2029.pdf
  11. NowCasting app, $1.29 for iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/coastguard/id584112438?mt=8
  12. OYSTR


    Practical tip: use a plastic bag as a liner for your paint tray by putting the whole tray inside it and taping up the end to stop it moving about with the roller. When done "inside out" the plastic bag and throw it away. Saves clean up. NB: make sure there are no holes in plastic bag
  13. Yeah, but to use your analogy, the speed limit is not a target and you should drive to the conditions which means using your judgement (which as a sensible driver you would do). But then there will always be some idiot who will do 100kph in pouring rain and aquaplane into oncoming traffic and kill himself, but without breaking the speed limit. Whether a life jacket is required or not should similarly be a matter of judgement.
  14. OYSTR


    From memory, Gulf Harbour do not allow dry sanding, only wet sanding.
  15. If money and power supply weren't an issue something like this discretely mounted inside that will text you a pic of the lowlife would be the go. http://www.trailandhuntingcameras.co.nz/product/acorn-ltl5210mg-12mp-940nm-mms-sms-hunting-camera-standard-arie/
  16. They should ask for their money back from whoever they got to develop the Apple version of this. All screwed up when opening it on an iPad. Every app developed these days can run on both, albeit in 2x mode on the iPad.
  17. Seems like its iPhone only at the moment, no ipad version. Haven't reviewed it yet but you can get it here https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/marine-mate/id716514873?mt=8
  18. Re your boat purchase, a couple of things that will make your cruising a whole lot easier is having a furling jib/genoa, and all lines leading back to the cockpit so that everything can be controlled from there (other than getting the anchor up and down - unless it's powered = bonus).
  19. Nike strategy - just do it. I made the jump from Sabot to windsurfer, and 27 years later to 26' keeler. You have the advantage of recognising and understanding sea and wind conditions, and presumably anchoring/berthing/VHF experience. Sailing for cruising isn't that hard to learn. Learning how to handle adverse conditions would be advisable but until then just pick the right conditions to go out in.
  20. What's the point of giving his drivel a second airing? He didn't deserve the first.
  21. Hmmm, don't like post race litigation, looks like sour grapes. Fair enough if it turns out to be illegal but did ETNZ not know about this during the racing to be able to protest then? http://www.3news.co.nz/Team-New-Zealand-to-take-legal-action-against-Oracle-after-Americas-Cup---reports/tabid/415/articleID/314959/Default.aspx?
  22. OYSTR

    Desperate Aussies

    So we almost defeated the combined might of the US, Australia and the UK. Not bad going...
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