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  1. Very even. I don't think ETNZ's speed advantage (if any) is significant enough to overcome losing a start. Which I fear makes it all down to the pre-starts. Which I fear favours LR / Spithill.
  2. Fogg

    herald ban?

    BBC front of house newsroom went to the dogs years ago at the hands of over-ego’d TV presenters (like many commercial channels in that regard). But behind the scenes they still deliver some high quality insightful & balanced material - ironically mainly their reporting of wider works affairs outside the UK. The only news media I am prepared to pay for is the Economist. Fabulous combination of in-depth analysis inc both facts & opinions. And most importantly it’s easy to see which article is which - very little blurring ( if you are reading it sober). By the time it reports NZ even
  3. Fogg

    Weighing a dinghy

    Yeah I thought about the scales thing. But now I’ve found out my current thing is about 55kg and the alternative I’m going for is bigger and 30kg. Which means I can swap the 6hp 4S (25kg) out for my 15hp 2S (36kg) and I’m still at least 10lg lighter. Which my davits will be happy about.
  4. Seems a shame and a missed opportunity for both those onboard (esp the kiwi crew) and NZ... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/superyacht-denied-entry-to-new-zealand-heads-to-australia/SGA7RSUERCJRBBHDD2KNTRITIA/
  5. Fogg

    Weighing a dinghy

    No it’s “weigh” too heavy and big for that! But I finally thought to do the obvious - look up the specs and hey presto! it’s still current and confirms my suspicion that it weighs over 50kg. Whereas the one I want to replace it with is only 30kg. So easy decision.
  6. What’s the best way to do this? My fish weighing scale is too small (it’s also rusted from lack of use because of course there are no more fish left but that’s another topic).
  7. Exactly. It’s being sold by the insurer which means the owners have been paid out an agreed amount. The insurer is just trying to recover sone costs however little. In these situations passionate owners have been known to buy the wreck back off the insurer and use the money they were paid out to restore it again. I don’t see that making sense here.
  8. Even IF you could find the money and commitment to restore this wreck and even IF the total cost came in close to fair market value for a similar boat - forget it. After this much publicity this boat will always be recognisable and carry the stigma - I’m guessing the true market value would be discounted by 30-50% as a result. The only likely motivation to take this on would be someone with an existing emotional investment in the boat eg family or former owner etc.
  9. As opposed to just being wet from its most recent dunking? Is it the darker areas?
  10. Best thread drift for a while. One hot topic to another.
  11. I have to agree with BP on Kaitaia Fire. I love spicy sauces and I’m always trying new stuff but a bottle of Kaitaia in the fridge is a constant go-to. Even my extended Indian family love the stuff and can’t buy enough when they visit NZ.
  12. I’m not likely right I am right. I know for a fact that is the govt decision. Like I said don’t ask me how I know this.
  13. We’ll be going back down to L2 6am on Sunday but not today / tomorrow. Don’t ask me how I know this (I protect my sources as much as KM) 😊
  14. Anyone going sailing on Sunday? Assuming no more tsunamis? Weather looking a bit average around Auck area though.
  15. Do you think it’s intended as a permanent replacement to a starter motor or a backup? Might require a bit of retrofitting to add as a backup?
  16. I used to sail on a big Salthouse Motorsailor 74ft - big Mann engine (I think 250hp ish plus 2x Northern Lights gensets etc). They had filled up Europe before leaving and only needed to refuel in NZ after 18 months so we filled up in Opua. We took on 5 tons too. Beforehand I thought I should sign up for the loyalty scheme for whichever brand it was (Shell at the time I think). But I calculated even 5 tons of diesel would only entitle me to get a toaster or a set of 6 wine glasses. I didn’t bother. Another tune I was on a Palmer Johnson in Sydney Hbr when we had to refuel after 12 months.
  17. I’m guessing the difference between 2400 and 3000 rpm is about extra 40-50hp and extra 10lph but only 0.5kts boatspeed.
  18. That's a big and / or thirsty engine to be burning 10lph - what is it a 75-100hp unit?
  19. I watched your French Passage video - quite cool.
  20. Genset exhaust does actually exit underwater (to reduce noise pollution)
  21. I’ve got about 15 through hulls so not sure which one you mean but maybe watermaker (which has a grill cover plus forward facing scoop for making water underway)? The big units with growth on are ground plates for boat plus various equipment.
  22. Gulf Harbour. But last few weeks since antifouling I’ve spent about 50% in marina and 50% around Gulf inc Kawau and bottom end / Coromandel areas.
  23. Lifted Fogg this morning for an hours work on SD leg inc changing oil from GL5 to correct GL4. Took opp for a light pressure wash - after only 2 months the Vivid is showing a lot of growth. Maybe it’s the white that’s highlighting it more than black or maybe it’s the warm conditions or maybe Vivid is rubbish. Anyway, the painters took pictures to talk to the rep about it.
  24. Hope they told him to bring along his cheque book.
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