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  1. ...cause there was never a tsunami warning under a national government....?
  2. DoT

    Boat Names

    Depiction of Africans in some books is not great. And they haven't been "banned". The estate of the author has withdrawn 6 of the books from sale. Their initiative, their choice.
  3. Agree that there is no reason to drive, but there is no significant benefit of a rail loop compared with a bus way from Puhinui, which is under construction.
  4. The Bayliner is 33 foot and displaces 7 tons, versus your girl at ???? This for sale listing has a Bayline with twin cummins 155 hp diesels using 28L of diesel at cruising speed of 10kt and gives a max speed of 15kt. https://seattle.boatshed.com/bayliner_3388-boat-135035.html
  5. Your diesel engine is governed - you set the RPM and the governor controls the fuel to match. Your fuel use at idle ("no load") without the alternator charging, represents some sort of base friction in the system - the amount of energy needed to keep the engine turning over. This "wasted" energy is probably proportional to engine speed. Double the engine speed in neutral, you could expect your fuel consumption to double. As you add load, the revs start to fall, the governor responds with more fuel, the revs rise back to the set level. As you remove load, the revs start to rise,
  6. Same with me - rod (eg: very large screw driver) through the pin holes. And a big bar on the socket. On my drive the securing nut is castellated and there is a split pin to remove first. This stops me from trying to over tighten the nut when remounting the prop.
  7. You make strip planked model yachts from it. Have fun.
  8. If you polish up the body you may find the pitch and size stamped on it. The markings tend to get obscured easily. The 1 and 2 tell you which blade to fit to which side of the prop. The blades will be stamped too.
  9. I would like to make mail sail handling easier and more convenient on my Farr 1020. I'm thinking lazy jacks and a stack pack or similar. Can you use a "stack pack" setup without full battens? I have a spare main that still has reasonable shape. Is it possible to have it converted to full battens? What would be a good Auckland loft to do this sort of work?
  10. If you're after a quicker, cheaper, self build nesting dinghy then the chameleon is a good option: https://duckworksmagazine.com/04/s/designs/greene/cham/
  11. How about a skin on frame nesting dinghy: http://www.ventspleen.com/designing-the-lightest-nesting-dinghy-in-the-world/
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