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    Croiselles Harbor.
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    Waikawa bay near French Pass (private mooring)
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    I cannot really accept that complement... those photos above were taken from well before you will have seen her.... yes I have already done much of the important work, replace rigging, covers, and her condition, but the cosmetics still need to be addressed. She is a beauty none the less.
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    there are a couple of images in the Photo galley... but here is another couple taken a few years ago by the builder.
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    You can see that Scandinavian influence.... She is a Danish Spidsgatter design, refined and built in NZ by John Gander. Lighter and considerably faster than an Atkin/Archer
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    I was waiting for that... did not take long.
  7. So guys... in the case of stanchion feet, say 100 x 100 x 3mm thick... Would you fully layer the pad or would you run a bead of tape around the edge of the pad only?
  8. Thanks guys... pms sent. I will be using the product to seal 10mm micarta strips between the SS Jib/Genoa track and the glassed over timber deck.
  9. Has everyone been happy with this product? Is there now any stock in NZ?
  10. So it was YOU who munted the marina laundry machine....
  11. Depending on your fuel usage and how far you draw down your tanks... if you get down to 20% several times per year then you will likely keep ahead of bacterial growth... assuming fuel outlet or condensate water drains are in the very bottom of the tank... and drains are used. If not draining down the tanks, then a small dose of biocide annually is prudent... add when you top up and leave to sit and kill the bugs... if you use and refill within a week or two, then you may not have killed the bug. Other additives for any other reasons... "Do not use"...period. The heartaches and drama
  12. Thanks for that then... he must have done an okay job, the stick was still standing after a bit of a blow approaching Nelson.
  13. yeeeeessss... that you Max? New standing and running rigging... would not be so shiny had the the rigger found un-chromed turn buckles
  14. Thanks... yes she is a little special. Was in Bays water for a few years, just relocated back to the top of the SI... Dr Bob on the forum has a photo of her in the sounds... Other photos below were new sailing with builder and in Bayswater about 10 years ago
  15. Yes, sorry... "Poor Knights" .... simple error for an aging South Islander who had never been in the area before.... yes Harry Tom... Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a beautiful area, we only flew by on a delivery trip, only stopping at Matauri bay for a night.
  16. The majenta triangle, Cape Brett / Three Kings / Bream Head... Why is this area to be avoided? (I see no note)
  17. I assume you do not experience it when sailing... Check the shaft strut is still firmly attached and straight, not bent to one side after a collision with debris maybe. Also, and very left field.. Shafts are sometimes set up on an angle so they can be removed without removing rudder. The prop rotation is selected so that prop walk counters this... if for some reason the prob has been replaced with opposite rotation to the intended design, then you get a lot of rudder load.
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