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  1. Yes all NZ citizens and residents automatically get a maritime border exemption on a foreign yacht. Does make one wonder the incentive to “do the right thing”
  2. Very strange in ‘19 ownership change? I purchase parts from brian direct last month. Have put 20,000 plus miles on my control unit and now on second drive
  3. At what alert level is sailing allowed?
  4. ToyTec


    That’s a bummer about the NZ stop. I personally know so many even pensioners that are antivaxers that one wonders how the border may ever open? Some have told me they’re happy to keep it closed until 2023 or longer! Maybe cancel super payments to those that refuse to get vaccinated. There’s a 83 y/o squadron member that goes to Church in Russell that was planning to make the trip to Christchurch with myself and my 14 y/o son. All sadly off this time.
  5. there is one at RBC in russell. needs to get moved along and has owners number on it. I'm told he'll sell it, but wont let our Jr Sailors use it and its taking up community storage space and not being used! Come on over and take it with you!
  6. The Russell boating club has been tasked with helping to rehome a small spencer keeler. Boat needs significant repairs, but has nice deck gear and I'm told good sails and rigging, but those are stored ashore and I have not personally seen. No engine or outboard bracket is fitted. Free to pretty much anyone that will responsibly remove from Matauwhi Bay. you can ring me on 022 621 8294 to discuss
  7. How many hundreds of millions did Dalton con out of NZ taxpayers for the last cup with a fake “4th team” from the USA?
  8. Willis also built a Sagitta which he famously sailed solo into Buenos Aires I believe 30 days after having a major stroke. This may be the more recent article, but any info much appreciated.
  9. I have recently taken over custodianship of Sagitta, known to me as a 1985 Spencer built by Simon Willis. I intend to reach out to Simon this week to hopefully get the full history as he recalls it. Any other remembrances would be greatly appreciated. Specifically, I was told that this hull was originally designed in 1959 as the trail of the Infidel hull shape. Would like to know what became of that earlier sistership. Or be corrected ASAP if this information is not correct.
  10. I will post a separate classified ad, but the Spencer 19 or 20’ named Gul is available for adoption. Is currently owned by and moored off of the Russell Boating Club. A club member is a Hiab operator and it maybe possible to arrange delivery to Auckland or surrounds on the club trailer for a modest fee. Bottom is covered with a few years of mussels but can be slipped at the club for inspections and painting.
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