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    Ports Expansion

    If this land was valued for non port activities, ie move the port, It would significantly value up more than the present value would it not? That being the case, the return on investment is pathetic, even parking tickets provide more revenue. Just look at the removal of the port function from Sydney harbour to Botany Bay , the subsequent proclamations that its the "worlds most beautiful harbour" the corresponding increase in tourists blah blah, and I know which way I would rather see our port go...
  2. Fastest I ever saw big ruby going, was backwards I am sure someone has a photo.... Fond memories of that chainsaw, I am sure it was during the inter-club relay?
  3. Wouldn't like to be I the shoes of the International Jury. You can just imagine the pressure they will be under both inside and outside the room. The sceptic in me doesn't have a positive view on the outcome...
  4. The letter states 51 fatalities in the last three years. Is there breakdown of these? I can't see this stoping the over laden tinnies we all see out there, which I suspect make up a lot of these numbers. What is the corresponding total for all drowning s, again broken down to river, sea, lake, boat, swimming? I am sure google will have these answers but I think mr t, you have nailed it as to why these organisations back this letter, but don't address other issues? A hypothetical question for the lawyers: a small dinghy(tender) is hooning around a bay, lets say these are 15 year old kids, as
  5. floatsome

    Ports Expansion

    I believe there are super low carriages that can accommodate 40HC's ? I would like to know who is going to pay for Aucklands roads With the increase in freight. Keypad road is just about shagged again. Also, no mention of the extra dredging they will need to do for the larger ships required... Who ultimately decides on the planning permission for the extensions, is it Council or RMA etc?
  6. Hey NZrat, I just got a message saying your site has a virus on it.
  7. I have always wondered why the R40's were grouped together too Rocket. The skinny mark 1 versions easily the most popular. I should start a thread "where are all the MK I Ross 40's now.." Changing the keel on Jesse james was a no brainer especailly when we discovered the old keel was built 150 kgs too light and also noted a slight loss in top end downwind performance. The gains with the new keel reaching and upwind more than compensated and made the boat.
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