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  1. This would be a low cost (to maintain) multihull. The fact you can beach her and she has outboards will save significantly on haulouts. Less than 20 years old (albeit old design but pretty bullet proof). You will enjoy the additional room for live aboard and a stable platform, while being able to work in an airy / light saloon. Not sure what the live aboard restrictions are on a mooring, but this one will dry out twice a day pretty much allowing you to walk on/off if you needed. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-1996193813.htm?rsqid=61e96ff6245b4ad1
  2. We had MEC apply coppercoat in Auckland in 2012. I contracted them to do the whole lot (remove old antifoul, prep and apply new coppercoat) so that there was one bum to kick. They did a great job and it is still going strong. Mitch has always been reasonable to deal with - what is his current position? Surely he will come to the party and rectify. That application looks like a real mess. NZ marine industry is too small to get a bad reputation.
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    I've sent you a PM with photos. I can't picture the transom of your boat so can't comment, but they can be raised by tweaking the base you will need to make up.
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    We're a cat, so fitted onto a vertical transom. They would fit straight onto a horizontal surface, but anything else would need a bracket to be made up.
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    I'll take one when I'm on the boat this weekend.
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    We imported a set of these. Not cheap but great looking davits. Had to get some bases made up for them to sit on. http://www.sanshin.co.uk/davits.htm
  7. We are back in NZ for a few weeks over Xmas and New Year. Missing our annual trip out to the Mercs, so have hired a place up at Matarangi (Coromandel) for 9 days. Am looking for a small fun sailing toy we can use with the kids. Think Hobie / Weta etc that we can tow up with us. Anyone have one (or have any ideas) of one we can use in return for payment. Open to suggestions......
  8. Waeco make a wet and dry with a reasonable size holding tank. We used to have one and vacuumed the boat and cleaned out the bilge just fine. They were about $150 from memory
  9. We put a Rainman desal on our boat. Really simple set up and great service. Came in much cheaper than other watermakers, with many parts that are universal rather than OEM only. Removable from the boat if you want to use it elsewhere or when we are racing. http://www.rainmandesal.com/
  10. ab1974

    Boat wrap

    Thanks guys Paint is in good condition - though starting to dull and getting thin where cut and polished a few times. We wont typically walk where the wrap is - so hopefully slipperiness not an issue. The horizontal warranty comment is interesting - will have to check that.
  11. ab1974

    Boat wrap

    We are looking to get the cabin top of our cat wrapped. The boat builder we have used to repaint the topsides has suggested we give the idea a miss as his experience is that the wrap fairly quickly deteriorates and cracks (in the Queensland sun). I appreciate there are different quality wraps on the market. It would work for us as to repaint the cabin top (paint in good condition but want to do something before I don't have any options left other than to repaint) as to repaint involves a fairly significant tenting or removal of the rig / shed hire. Also will allow us to go for a slightly d
  12. Fruition and her crew made it to Brisbane. Departed Auckland Friday evening 15 April for the BOI for a final shakedown. Sailed through the night and arrived into BOI at lunchtime Saturday for final checks and fresh bread / ice / showers before clearing customs at Opua at 12.30pm on Sunday 17 April. We had a pretty lazy sail up the NZ coast in a 10-15 knot NE, with the only drama being a bang followed by the mainsail coming sliding down the track. Fearing the worst (a broken halyard) we diverted to Whangaroa (we were only about 3nm from the entrance) to effect repairs. Called Customs w
  13. Thanks guys. Getting the thing shipped back to NZ is going to be a little more expensive that I had hoped! Tim I will give you shout.
  14. We put Coppercoat onto our Cat during July 2012. The coating is still going strong. For racing we would want to give it a wipe every 2/4 weeks. However for cruising we can get away with a wipe every 2/3 months. We left it nearly 6 months at one point and it took a bit of effort to wipe off, but according to the diver that did it at the time it was much easier that he thought it was going to be. So we are at least one full antifoul ahead now, so are now past the break even point.
  15. Either buy or rent. It will end up in Brisbane so if I rent I will get it sent back by ship.
  16. Wanted - 6 to 8 man life raft. Either ready for cat 1 or due to be serviced to get cat 1 Ideally in a valise (soft case)
  17. Time has come to move Fruition over the ditch from Auckland to Brisbane. We are planning (weather window dependent) to leave mid April. So a few questions: - Any idea if you can clear out of BOI (or Auckland) on a weekend or after hours, and of so whether it costs a fortune? - Anyone else planning on heading in that direction at that time?
  18. We want to support the club so hopefully they will be able to confirm when opening times and whether they will have hot food when open. We were there on Monday late afternoon and they were closed - they had a big weekend by all accounts and it is now manned by volunteers, so no dramas with that. However it will be important I think to have some regular opening hours as if there is doubt whether it is open, people may not make the effort to head in to support.
  19. The first boat we renamed involved putting our then 2yo in the boat with no nappy on until there was pee in the bilge. All sorted!
  20. That looks pretty cool and finally provides an alternate to installed systems. Great for cruiser racers who may only "need" a watermaker for longer trips, so you can remove it and save the weight and space for racing or shorter trips. Shame the electric one is almost as expensive and heavier than the petrol version. I already have a Honda EU2000i generator which would seem like a good partner for a hybrid versopm (ie petrol version but without the motor - just use the a seperate generator)
  21. Coastal race up to BoI on Friday then a slow cruise back arriving Auckland on Tuesday. Good use of a long weekend!
  22. ab1974

    Wickedly bad timing

    Maybe I've missed something going through this thread. Maybe I am being too simple. Basing this on what I've read here, if the government invested $40m and received more than $40m back in taxes that arguably wouldn't have existed if there wasn't a ETNZ based entry (the boat building may have gone elsewhere) then aren't they ahead on their / our investment. Therefore isn't that recycled $40m now available to invest now into social issues? The Govt spent it and got it back? On top of that didn't NZ receive a host of intangible benefits from the exposure that will ultimately flow thro
  23. Any of the bigger "cruising" multis doing it other than the 8.5s?
  24. Good idea re listing the boat Do you think there would be demand for this type of accommodation and if so what do you think it would be worth per night?
  25. Any of the cruising multis thinking of doing any or all of the series this year?
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