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  1. Press ganged some bored locked down kids into linbiding the antifoul off my 1020 rudder on Friday only to find it has at some stage been faired with polyester/lightweight fairing compound and had blisters for Africa. Nothing that a planer and a weekend couldn't sort! Damn thing had more lumps and hollows than room full of camels anyway so I'll call it a win.
  2. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a purveyor of such things? Current one was a bit dissolved and half of it tried to come out with the rig. Cast alloy, with a tapered locating square in the centre to match the socket in bottom of rig. I also want to drop all my stays off to someone and have a new set made, preferably for less than the value of the boat - any recommendations?
  3. At 48 I'm flattered to be referred to as 'younger! The boat has an association sticker on transom and I have a spare in the care package but yes I will join up. I'd be keen to learn any history on boat. Past owner had it 19 years apparently and before then it was owned by Warren Vaudrey (think Vaudrey and Miller) We've just taken it back to Gel coat and it's been done at least once before, I'd say before most recent owners custody. Can't seem to find any race history
  4. It's the original glass Fibre tube. It has a Grey (possibly high pressure drain pvc) inner tube that has recesses machined in it for the bronze bushes. The whole grey inner tube was spinning inside the glass Fibre one as when last installed neither of the locking bolts/pins appear to have been wound in. So it was like a c@ck in a sock! We redressed the rudder shaft, honed the bushes then epoxied them into the inner tube, repositioning them on the rudder shaft while it all set to keep alignment true. Will reinstall the whole lot back in the boat aligned with shims and locked in position.
  5. "I've put up with holidaying on skinny Ross race boats for 6 years, I'm 42 now.... I deserve some luxuries" Wife's ultimatum forces purchase of run down Farr 1020
  6. Since last installment... 19yrs worth of antifoul finally scraped off during the week, factory non-taped keel join sorted and 10 hrs of hands above head orbital sanding with 120g disc's completed today Now to find some 1000g disc's for the D.A and have a crack at the stripes
  7. +1 on the Waeco CFX40 Used one as a freezer for last 3 Xmas cruises. All good.
  8. Nice end to this story. Seller has made a claim on his insurance and apparently a new prop is winging its way from Sweden. He had a diver look for it in/around the berth with no luck.
  9. On the 830 we would go to the barrier for 10 days with 3 x 20L plastic cans of fresh water, had a hand pump ib the galley and that was it. Half way through the trip was shower day, 2 adults and 2 small kids could get a quick shower each sat in outboard well with a 10L paint bucket, topped up over a jug full of boiled water using a 12v submersible pump with a solar shower hose and head on it. Blaardy luxury!
  10. Wind a copper pipe around your heat exchanger and plumb tank water to one end and a cockpit shower into the other?
  11. Good info thanks Jon Yes I can see water capacity being the next hurdle! One reason I don't want an instant water heater. At least with a cylinder it kind of 'Polices' shower durations. Have a 12 yo boy who finds comfort in Long meditation sessions in the shower at home, we are on tank water so wears a bit thin! We survived 5 xmas cruises with no pressure water and a 20L water tank, splashed out and put 100L bladder in the 930 last year and I swear it lasted about the same time. The new boat appears to have about 270L and I wager once the tribe get used to pressure water and hot show
  12. A lot going on in that space! Very clean engine bay, something we are a ways from at present. So if you are running your motor and using hot water (say a shower) at the same time, does the cylinder keep up with demand or do you end up with water that gradually loses its temp?
  13. One of the items on Mrs FLC wishlist for the new boat is a hot shower. I'm not keen on gas califonts inside hulls, we don't have the battery capacity for an instant electric water heater so I'm left looking at engine heated storage/supply options. I understand cylinders ideally need to be lower than but close the motor, so I'm thinking of putting something in the pantry aft of galley (Farr 1020) Engine is Yanmar 3ym 20 Anyone had good/bad experiences with particular brands/models? Thinking 25/30 litre. (We aren't in a Marina so not fussed on 240v backup types) Che
  14. Yeah good point re: wind gear. Coming off 2 racers into a family boat I'm probably overestimating my requirements. Although being able to have the pilot steer to wind is knocking on a requirement these days, and having an integrated plotter on the last boat was a life changer. I'm getting old
  15. Doing a refit of a Farr 1020 Has the barest of necessities at present, running vintage Navman speed and depth and that's about it. Looking for plotter, pilot, speed, depth and wind. Before committing to a full spend up does anyone know of a flasher boat doing a refit soon that might be keen to sell a boat load of electronics?
  16. Nah for some reason yesterday's keen helpers were otherwise occupied today! I've named the area around the sail drive 'Brendan's Rectangle ' Kind of like the Bermuda triangle but instead of aircraft and ships dissapearing, more yacht keeps appearing
  17. Yep New to us. 1.5 days on the linbides so far and just over half way
  18. Early days yet but so far nothing I've found has freaked me out
  19. Two boats ago but still my favorite yachting pic
  20. Was thinking more the fact that the anode has been coated in prop speed so therefore became decorative only. Next thing to fizz away I would imagine would probably be the prop nut?
  21. Hauled the boat today. Can anyone see anything telling in the pics?
  22. I believe you've seen my prowess with tanks and regulators... therefore I shall defer to your skills ans offer you a ride to Q pier and a mcdonald's breakfast if you can recover a propulsion mechanism for me
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