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  1. I've enjoyed reading about his adventure but was worried about his abrupt course change south of Banks peninsula. It quite different reading a sailing story happening in real time. What I'm curious about is how his electrics will last. He seems to have a lot of electronics and an auto pilot. I think he has a wind generator but in my limited experience they can be a pain in strong winds. He can't run his motor to charge his batteries, so will they last for another week plus?
  2. Make sure you have a well fitting net to close off the cabin and keep the sandflies out! I spend 15 to 20 days a year on Manapouri, it's a beautiful lake with plenty of sheltered spots but can cut up rough. The public ramp is quite steep and there is not much room to rig and park. The boat club ramp further down the river is better but quite expensive for casual use at, I think, $25 to launch and $10 per day to park.
  3. Back in the 80's it was 5knots within 30m (100 ft). In West Australia it's 8 it's within 15m. I guess because the Swan can be crowded.
  4. Normal rules say not more than 5knots within 50m of another craft. There is an exemption if BOTH boats are racing. One of my friends has given up racing after an experienced sailer left the dip late and a gust hit, crew didn't ease and T boned the boat. Friend nearly lost the boat and still pissed that he lost a summer's sailing.
  5. When I looked at the charges a few years ago it seemed the resource management Act only allowed for charging for occupying marine space if it was in the council's coastal plan. There were only 2 council's in the country that had it in there plan, one of which was Southland. The revenue is also supposed to go back to improving the environment. Southlands current charge is $717.70 per farm per year. Considering that the marine farmers often boast that a marine farm is more profitable than a dairy farm that is a piddling amount. A lease on a dairy farm would be in the hundreds of thousands. I don
  6. I'm not superstitious but I would not name a boat Kotuku after what happened to a boat of that name heading back to Bluff.http://i.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/372337/Two-large-waves-claim-Kotuku
  7. I don't agree. Maybe I'm an arsehole but if a boat with a big kite comes close up behind and takes my wind when they could easily have kept wide I will luff up. It doesn't hurt to have a reputation that you won't be messed with especially when a boat in another division doesn't have the manners to keep clear.
  8. Was that Waiora? If so I sailed on her in Tonga and was impressed with how well it sailed to windward on just the head sail. Tacked through 90 degrees (by compass) and kept up with a German boat motoring to windward.
  9. I recently fitted brakes to my 25ft trailer yacht. I had been towing it around for 15 years with no problems and the cost and the maintenance troubles with brakes had put me off. It is 140km to where I usually sail on Manapouri and Te Anau and the trip has recently got more dangerous with the increase it the foreign self drive tourists. After a recent experience where I nearly tee boned a tourist that had not given way I bit the bullet. It cost me 3 grand but because of my old ball rims I had to replace both axials and 5 rims. We have windy gusty conditions on the lakes which I understand is
  10. Brad, When you ask ' has much changed' I hope you are not suggesting that Waymouth's great great grand children are also bad loosers! There is an interesting account in the 15 December 1870 edition of the rematch in which the bet was doubled. The race was won by Waymouth 3 hrs 12 min, 2 1/2 minutes ahead of Clare. John Waymouth senior did seem to take it seriously. He once stamped on a cup he had won in protest that it was silver plated and not solid silver!
  11. There used to be a manual put out by the now defunct monarch owners association. Mine went with the boat when I sold it 15 years ago and I did not keep a copy. I would suggest you contact Alex Bruce the technical officer for the NZ Trailer Yacht association. He is a very competitive Noelex 22 sailor and I am sure could help with general Trailer Yacht hints but also because he is Dunedin based he may have contacts from the former Monarch Owners association which was based in Dunedin. karen.alex@xtra.co.nz
  12. I was on one trip down there with Jon Patrick he is quite at home down there. Nice place but we had the comfort of staying on the yacht.Tiama. I heard this year they are staying in tents so I hope the weather is kind to them.
  13. It will be my 3rd trip there. I love the wild remote feeling. The wildlife is amazing and the history of ship wrecks interesting. I am going down to build a board walk for the tourists that visit. Our rotary club helps DOC with projects on Stewart Island and that has been extended to projects on the Auckland Islands. My first trip down was by helicopter and back on the Wellington. I have sailed to Fiji and Tonga as crew. The Auckland Islands are different but no less enjoyable.
  14. Hope conditions are better next week. I am heading down to the Auckland Islands on the yacht Tiama. I was crook enough last time and the conditions weren't that bad.
  15. We have problems with ignorant dog owners as well. I live next to a DOC reserve where dogs are not allowed but people frequently take there dogs there. It has caused me problems with them straying on my farm. I have had to shoot 2 that were attacking my sheep. The solution is simple, the owners should shoot the dogs and lay poison targetting dogs and see if the ignorant so and so will still land their dogs.
  16. You were lucky that we did not 'visit' you that night you anchored behind us. We got the anchor chain jammed in the pipe and really did not have enough chain out. Did not free it until the morning. The anchors hold well though in Minerva. You guys talking about all the cray fish got Paul on Calypso going. They searshed the reef at night and saw nothing and the next day we checked out the guts on the seaward side. The photos on their website show that trip. Paul was down those guts in the surf and saw nothing then got rolled up the reef by a breaker and got badly scratched. He's pretty game
  17. Just said that we delayed by poor weather and unfavourable sailing conditions which was true just that we were holded up in Minerva. She didn't question us too deeply about that. We had 50 knots of wind the first night in there and 2 boats broke their snubbers. I don't know what it would be like holed up there in really bad weather.
  18. Thanks for the fish, it was nice. It became uncomfortable there. As the moon got bigger the higher tides let more slop over the reef. We eventually got to Savu Savu, I liked it there. We had a good sail there but had to pick up the pace at the end to get there before dark. We got in at 1540 but still got stung with over time from the health and customs officials. We did get asked why we took so long to get there and the skipper did a good job of avoiding the truth without actually lying. I still don't know if they are concerned about boats stopping at Minerva or whether they were conce
  19. I often look here on crew but coming from down south I don't know the people who post here. I was the crew on Serendipity in North Minerva. Which Boat were you on? I found the 2 weeks we spent in Minerva hard to take. If it not been for the good company of the crews on Calypso and Lop to and the books I borrowed I would have gone completely nuts.
  20. There has been plenty of discussion on this site about boats doing more than 5 Knots within 50m of another boats. You know the rules apply to yachts as well! The exeption only between yacths racing not between one racing and one not.
  21. I think that is the boat that Alex Kafka bought. It was tied up next to his father's boat the Evohe in Dunedin earlier this year. The Evohe web site is http://www.evohe.com.
  22. Theseus

    Towing a Noelex

    The 7m at 30 km/hr equates to about 1/2 g deceleration or 5m/s/s. It takes a good car to brake at 1 g but will most likely be about .75 g. Garages use a 'deceleration meter" (Don't know it's real name) when you get a WOF they measure the braking performance. If your vehicle weighs 1500kg the maximum weight of an unbraked trailer that can be stopped within the rules would therefore be 750kg. The weight of a Noelex 22 can vary alot depending if it a stripped out racer or a cruiser filled with gear. I think the one I crewed on weighed 1200kg on the trailer. Before I bought my last boat I got
  23. Auckland Navigation Safety Bylaw 2.14 Vessels to be Identified 1 The master and owner of a vessel shall ensure the vessel is marked with its name or similar identifying marks. This shall be displayed on each side of the vessel. The number and name shall be a minimum height of 90 mm and each character shall be legible. There is a similar provision in the Southland bylaw with a fine of $100 for a breach.
  24. I don't think you will regret getting the meths cooker. I have had one for 6 years on my Trailer Yacht and I like it. Many of the trailer yachts down here use them. They are expensive though and not being pressurized makes them safer but they do not work well outside in a breeze. They are also a bit slower than gas. If you don't put the rubber seals back in your boat smells of meths. One bloke said he got a headach after using the cooker with the boat closed up so I don't know if they emit more carbon monoxide.
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