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  1. It’s on my marina I keep using a spade to clean ,
  2. Myjane


    Have a look a time the Alado furler. Just fitted one my self and perfect , can demo if needed , simple , no bearings ,no head swivel off halyard to lock up , have a look
  3. Strong looking unit. Wouldn’t mind on myself I knotice my autohelm over Xmas was very hot some days , so I layed a damp rag over it to cool it Weather didn’t help but never missed a beat. But these look great ,
  4. Myjane


    Yes they do get good weather reports ,my brother in law is away cruising as we talk , he does the sounds every year leaving from mana for several weeks , last reports in transit all’s we’ll talk soon , sailing West Coast South Island in his lotus 9.2 zingara We usually get updates each day ,
  5. I have a gas cabin heater old but never used if some one is after one
  6. Old boats did roll on account of there beam aft and tumblehone , mine still does , but we used to strap the kite down ,or to the deck as best as poss and that controlled the beast well in 30 , 40 knots ok , alltho thoes old kites were high shouldered and full aloft so were hard to controll ,
  7. Well I spent the night in Sullivan’s bay and saw no close parking issues as boats were still coming in at 2.30 in the morning as I got up to the kite pole ring waking me , Saturday afternoon after racing some boats returned to the anchored dingys in Sullivan’s where others had anchored up to them close but it sorted it self out as the breeze started to move in to
  8. We’re not picking on launch owners in all. But some let you down and it doesnt stop it gets worse unsafe and bloody dangerous to some ,, on Friday I was on the cabin top hauling main and a guy flies past in A modern 40 ft thing straight out of the marina I heard him power on passed me just mtr away , I sad down on the cabin top , another yacht was watching and shook his head As the boom swang from side to side and the wave was huge , not trying to seem launch bashing but We yachties have not seen a change in launchies consideration towards other water , yachties , kayakers , walker b
  9. Hi what’s the cost fitted. Working
  10. He who’s payes the piper gets the tune Don’t pass money till it’s right , and as long as it sits there deduct the hard stand cost , To much of this kind of crap is going on with contractors these days
  11. Imagine the response you would get doing that a gulfharbour
  12. Myjane


    Hi avian any info on her saw her at maharangi this weekend , I had herd she was in need of rebuild , looking very good today after build any more info
  13. What a bunch of tossers ,
  14. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Was two launches in kawau with blue lights a couple weeks ago
  15. Myjane

    Boiling Batteries

    I had the same battery’s dry , I put it down to the solar panels , I was told with them check the fluid every 3 months ish , at the end one battery had one or some cells dead , it would not hold any charge time sent to it , so after 5 years two new battery’s fitted back to normal,
  16. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Hell just saw the vid Once again it’s a power boater proberly getting a beer out of the fridge
  17. Try Dennis Conway In ladies mike , Conway sails ,etc
  18. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Yes. , grant. But I saw one ,,, so wondered ,,, was on a compass 780 in kawau so started the thread , now I know
  19. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Well I have only seen it once and asked what it’s for so maby not many are using it apart from a rule I can’t see the scense It would only be an insurance outer
  20. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Well I don’t see ships out in the harbour wearing one ,i anchor anchorages where others are doing the same , Once the rode is out from the front of the boat your anchored ,, yes ,,, ,
  21. Myjane

    Blue lights

    But really this anchor ball , what happened to looking at the anchor warp from the bow , so if I was in a bay of anchored boats and a launch hit me I would not get insurance , what a load of crap
  22. Myjane

    Blue lights

    Then there is the bull sh,,t black disk hanging from the forstay to the mast to say you are anchored , what a load of crap , I am in a bay. Late at might Anchor deeply imbedded , mast lights on , cockpit lights on in amongst other boats doing the same , and you can’t see the silly disk suspended ,will it save me from some mut who can’t see me ,,, but I am told I don’t get insurance. Really ,
  23. Myjane

    Halyard needs

    Km you lost me after the pre stretched braid bit , and then putting the product down after that , thanks
  24. Myjane

    Halyard needs

    Ok option 2 sounds ok where do I get it convince me on price
  25. Myjane

    Halyard needs

    Thanks I find out from burnsco off a sample of my old halyard it’s 10 mill I have to make sure the jammers will take it so 12 maby to big , and the price is hitting $250 so far , wich is a bit up there for a piece of rope for a 31footer
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