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  1. The same goes for the Kaipara harbour, it is far far cleaner now than it was when I first saw it in the 1970's. Unfortunately that doesn't fit the agenda of Forest and Bird or others of their ilk.. Many farm water ways are now well fenced off, often at great cost to the farmers.The planting of stream banks has been done and is continues apace, with hundreds of thousand of native plants being planted. I have never yet come across any of the spokes people of these organisations putting in an hour or two in assisting with this ongoing task. Large amounts of native tree and coastal areas have been
  2. One of the fathers??? or did you mean one of the farmers??? So what one Father / Farmer says is used to cover the whole industry??? about as valid as my saying that the moon is blue. Which industry or activity would you like to replace farming with, be it one that will also allow you to live in the style you do?
  3. I have sat for almost complete tide off Cape maria Van Dieman when heading for North cape, owing to a mis calculation, theoretically doing close to 6 knots through the water but with a across the ground at a speed of 1/2 +- a knot for 2/3 of the tide.
  4. Man doesn't change, NZ little bit of near equality lasted around 30 years, expiring in the 1970's it doesn't take long for the heirachical traits to re-appear. The only difference is "money " is the king. No different to the animal world except the big ones might eat you as well.
  5. No shipping anymore, apart from the odd fishing boat.
  6. I think you will find that the depletion of the food chain that many marine animals / fish / mammals rely on will be the root cause of their decline / death / moving to areas that havn't been depleted. The rules about how close you can be to dolphins are sure to fail as they will swim as close as they wish without any input from the yachty (maybe being prosecuted) same folk who have gone down this track will be the ones who are "eradicating" the Med Fan Worm.
  7. the Dog clutches could be built up and be able to live another equally lengthy life.
  8. all the wooden ones in WHG mooring area had plastic sleeves fitted over them with the gap between the pile and the plastic filled with (sand?)
  9. The Northland Regional Council is planning to increase rates by around 20% in the first year and by at least 100% over the next 10 years. In small print is a sentence that says "ramp up our pest management on land and underwater" which I would think means the dreaded Fan worm is in for more wasted money! They are "Thinking big" with "our money. They claim to be open and transparent, but when I asked how much they had spent on fan worm eradication I was told I would have to get make an official information act request. So much for being open and transparent. They plan to get bigger and won't b
  10. toot seems to be fairly vulnerable, I was on the poles just inside the Marina entrance for a while, several boats including ours were damaged by the tail end of a cyclone.
  11. Yeah it is supposed to be marine talk, Small talk is there for stuff like this, but some folk just can't help themselves.
  12. The Elephant in the room is what do Dolphins feed on??? I think therein lies the answer, We have allowed over fishing in almost every piece of water that NZ has some control over. The almighty dollar has far more say than a Dolphin squeak. Where did the Kahawai go, Aus, to feed their salmon, Why is the Hauraki gulf a kina barren, gurnard, snapper etc gone. etc. etc. We along with just about every other nation like to eat them, could there be a link? They have to feed so they go elsewhere or die of starvation.
  13. Yeah they have been around for ever, I think before electric ones were invented.
  14. Sandvik, at least I used to, the rep used to pop in have a cuppa on his Northland run. now no rep, no Auckland supply, and I don't use many anymore, as I only play with my stuff.
  15. The road toll is low considering there has been at least a 50% increase of vehicles on the road in the last 10 years. It is the easiest "highlight" target the authorities use to say it is all the fault of the users / drivers without the design or state of the roads even being considered.
  16. Except in a lot of cases the stock isn't even in NZ, often OZ and with things like lathe tool cutting tips, Singapore.
  17. There is some coastal shipping, mostly being containers to ports that the big boys don't go to or not on the main highway route (sea version) Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Lyttleton and Dunedin. When we had an effective coastal fleet there were no containers, everything loaded by waterside workers. It ranged from the Holm line, small coasters up and down the coast and out the the Chathams, up to Union line ones that were considerably larger.
  18. You could just swap out the position of the existing v/v to after the regulator. If it's working fine why replace it?
  19. Dave Molesworth, he is still around, a friend has 1 of his steelies, Pigiron a circumnavigator.
  20. I'm sure KM will find something for you but if not send me a PM.
  21. I'm sure you don't have to. if you stick with wood there are a range of hard woods you could use, tealk being one of them
  22. There are quite a few yachts "stranded" around NZ with their overseas owners unable to come to nz tosail them away.
  23. I've got an old seagull you could use as main engine??
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