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  1. I agree that external covers screwed on aren't going to make that much difference, although if they were paired with similar covers internally and bolted together that would be a start. Still seems to me that storm covers that *aren't* attached would be more useful, particularly once a window broke, as long as you had a simple method (such as channel) to fit them afterwards. Tricky though since you don't know what you're going to lose as well as the windows. Simpler I think just not to have windows over 2 square feet on your boat.
  2. So the cat 1 rules have changed, requiring boats to have storm shutters fitted to any window over 2 square feet (not just have them available). Also a bit more emphasis on making sure life rafts are securely attached if they are externally mounted.
  3. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/safety/accidents-reporting/accident-reports/documents/Essence-mnz-report-22July2021.pdf
  4. Yes. He could of course do that in Napier, which would be almost impossible to sail into without perfect conditions, but he could easily dump his anchor and I'm sure someone would happily tow him in. It just doesn't look to me as if he's in that sort of mood -- he would have done it into Wellington if he were. Maybe he will be in Napier, or maybe he just decides another couple of days gets him home.
  5. From his position now it's looking like he's no intention of going to Wellington. But since the only point in him stopping either there or in Napier would be to get things organised he might well not do so. This morning's report shows things calming down and things should get significantly quieter as he runs up the north island coast. If he were desperate for a stop he might have thought about Wellington, but assuming he passes on that I can't see why he'd bother stopping in Napier unless his supplies are getting low.
  6. Thank goodness it's gone flat calm down here this morning, although still chilly. I wonder whether he's in a position to turn for Lyttelton now things have settled down or continues north.
  7. Tillsbury

    Dock lines

    I like 8-strand nylon, easy and neat to splice and less twist.
  8. Yes, always 18 and dual watch. Not something you want to forget, since it’s clearly instructed on the chart.
  9. His fb page says he was building a deck on Saturday, but worth a try...
  10. Tillsbury


    Some good ideas, but it would cook down below over here, or any place sunny...
  11. Bit of a long shot, but I don’t suppose the guy piloting the drone in the middle of Lyttelton Harbour this afternoon is reading this forum or knows someone who does? From the movements they might have got some half-decent shots of my boat and I’d love to see them if they have...
  12. That's a hell of a lot of money for a 30-year-old 33-footer... isn't it?
  13. I was seriously impressed by Nautical. They’re the only ones who would insure my rig over 9 years old (unless racing) and would take my figure for replacement cost. Great value too — I hope they work out when I have to claim but at least there’s an office I can go to.
  14. I don’t want to know how much a lift in that thing costs...
  15. "How much it costs" isn't particularly relevant. But down here the (entirely commercial and locally considered high) rates are almost exactly half those listed, for much higher quality pontoons and environment, and includes power and water and wifi. So someone is taking the michael. I sure hope they don't see the Westhaven prices and start getting ideas...
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