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  1. We live in a pretty free society. If he wants to do it -good on him and I wish him every success. Andrew is an accomplished sailor. going back to his childhood. Failure won't be in his plan. David Lewis described dreamers as those of the night and those of the day. Andrew is certainly the latter.
  2. The last single handed race of the season. If you are wishing you are currently competing in the Trans Tasan, but didn't make it, this is your chance. DEVONPORT YACHT CLUB SINGLE HANDED RACE Saturday 14 April 2018 Division 1 Herald Cup Orange Flag Start 0900hrs JD Trophy ( Division 2 Trophy TBC Green Flag Start 0900hrs Destination Devonport Sunset 1754hrs 24 miles Course Start at in an easterly direction at Devonport, Rangitoto Island Starboard, Motutapu Island Sta
  3. Changed

    Rig Issues

    It's a high ratio of problems.
  4. Changed

    Mapfre stopped

    12 hours to fix thde mast track.
  5. Low power. My VHF has a setting for using in built up areas.
  6. I just called CC on 16 announcing test call. They then direct you to a new frequency. Remember LP in the marina. Previous VHF worked all the way around the north island bar the Tasman once we got out a bit.
  7. That's cool. I had very noisy transition but tried it again without the VHF/FM/AM splitter and it works fine. Why would that be. Now hoping to get the radio connected to the plotter so that the position is shown on the radio screen.
  8. Mini is going well - see R66 results, but not really an upwind boat.
  9. http://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Singlehanded-2017-18.pdf A great time for all single handers. Open and No Extras divisions. Three races. Beautiful venue. Great club. This is the first time that a full weekend of SH racing has been planned. New for competitors and new for the RYC.
  10. Have a new VHF to set up. Was wondering what an MMSI number is and what it does.
  11. Changed

    Route 66

    Fleet numbers are starting to build. Looking like a good weekend.
  12. Changed

    Route 66

    Only 9 days to go with entries closing soon. Check out the Richmond web site for details. There is also an informal rally back to Kawau after prize giving. And if you're up to the big challenge join the Vinings Marine single handed division. http://richmondyc.org.nz/racing/info/route66-coastal-race/
  13. There will be an older Ross 850 to race against to Nigel.
  14. Buckland's Beach Yacht Club Single Handed Weekend. It's this weekend 16 & 17 Feb. The start is at 10.00AM on Saturday. Two divisions, Open & Restricted. Barbecue at the bottom end on Saturday night and breakfast on the Sunday. Sunday is a 10.30AM start. Everything is supplied by the awesom sponsor, BJ Tyres. This is a must do weekend and is part of the Vining's Single Handed Series. http://www.bbyc.org.nz/data/uploads/single-handed-series-courses-2017-18.pdf
  15. Changed

    route 66

    Cool Change, Wild Oats, Black Hornet(mini 650). That I know of.
  16. Changed

    Vor 2017

    The Scallywag has been in stealth mode for a while. Will be interesting to see where they have repositioned themselves to.
  17. Changed

    Vor 2017

    Trackers now live on VOR web site.
  18. Sheet foam as a 'drop in' unit. Easy and quick to work with and paints up great.
  19. Do you have a reefing headsail Changed? I understand they are very handy for short handed sailing. I'm interested in those. What size is it full hoist, how much does the reef take out, and is there any issues / short comings / drawbacks in having a reefing headsail? I assume you run it with hanks? Yes it is a reefing blade. Reduces by about 800mm. A great thing to have and yes it is hanked. Also have #3 jib which does the same and then it's to the pink sail. Works well and allows us to change down quickly. Jib cars remain where they are so only sheets to change - retie.good thi
  20. Good fun. Nice run although reef should have gone then. Helmsman had a wee error when trying to get head to win to crank the halyard on the jib but all good in the end. 1st reef in main and reef in jib was good going home. Great way to start the Christmas break. Cheers to RYC for hosting and to organisers.
  21. Almost home after our second loop of the NI.
  22. SailIQ. Great sails.Loft in Takapuna.
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