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  1. I don’t have experience of a variant, but Allan designed good boats. Several of his small keelers have done ocean passages. Being a fully decked keeler, she’ll be fine in most conditions, albeit a bit lively in the rough stuff. Provided the boat and gear is good and sound, it will be your limits rather than the boats! Hull speed for a displacement boat is easy - 1.34xsquare root of waterline length (in feet) congratulations on the new boat!
  2. Voice can be important in some situations, such as a medical event, where talking directly to a doc is a big advantage.
  3. Agree Wheels. Another option if you have a tank with no drain at the base is to have a bung inserted directly above the low point, o. The top. Then, if there is any water in your separator glass bowl, clent it, then remove the bung, put in the tube from a vacuum oil extractor, right to the bottom of the tank. Suck it out until only clean diesel comes out.
  4. Quite the clamp collection too!
  5. Cool KM, brings back some memories!
  6. A single wave can do that. Ever been pooped?
  7. Diesel bug requires water to survive. SS tanks are the worst, as they condensate on a cold day when warm diesel is returned from the engine. These days, most production boats use plastic tanks, which helps. Better still, is built in fibreglass tanks - the box section can add structural integrity to the boat, where as strapped down tanks reduce it. Best place for a breather is central and high up on the transom - fumes go overboard, less chance of water ingress.
  8. It has been bought to my attention that some of you think I have deleted the YNZ thread. Although I did threaten to lock it due to the aggressive nature of some of the posts in this controversial thread, I did not delete it. It was removed by the original thread poster, which is the right of any thread starter on this site. This site is a discussion forum. I realize that sometimes, some topics get people worked up. Please, be polite, respectful, and keep withing the site rules. Then we can have discussions that may actually do some good!
  9. Yep, seems they are not what my idea of a good cruiser should be - Self sufficient, helping the locals with any problems that they have expertise in, and trying to leave things a little better than they found them. Rather than promoting themselves for money. I guess I'm just out of date now...
  10. Looking a bit light tomorrow... Could be a long race. Finished the anti fouling and a few other jobs, got Island Time back in today at 4. Bit of a rush, but its done. See you all out there! Great fleet numbers, about 170 odd
  11. What is the current cost of a new Cherub?
  12. Agree KM, Cherubs are great boats with good performance, and can be done comparatively cheaply. I'd like to see this site keep up to date with whats happening.
  13. Same forum software.
  14. You must have lowers, and a steaming light. Trilight is optional, not to be used at the same time. No one will give you grief if your side lights are mounted just under the top pushput rail. Thats how most boats have it, and a steaming light up the mast, Usually about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up, but some just use a anchor light (360 deg masthead) as steaming and sternlight combined, That's ok if you have a trilight for sailing.....
  15. Yep, but they wont let him out because he wont accept that he is guilty...
  16. Nobody does that, except for Tri Colors and anchor lights. Above the top lifeline makes them too vulnerable. Mounted on the top rail is fine.
  17. Try http://www.rubberbitsnz.com/
  18. Agreed, but please revert to topic, or move to the political threads
  19. Where did you read that Fish, I did not see that anywhere?
  20. Nope, read the whole article... SHORE-LEAVE RULES TIGHTENED Crews on foreign ships will be required to enter managed isolation if on shore-leave, unless they had been on the ship for a continuous 28 days without showing symptoms. The 28-day rule doubles the earlier requirement that those working on ships must have been onboard for 14 days or longer with no health problems apparent. Ardern said she didn't expect many crew to actually take shore leave in New Zealand if they had to be in managed isolation, while many ships wouldn't be at sea for 28 continuos days. The mov
  21. 28 days quarantine, unless been at sea 28 days... https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/300039671/coronavirus-government-tightening-rules-at-border-as-arrivals-are-expected-to-increase
  22. Here are the details; https://www.fiji.gov.fj/Media-Centre/Speeches/PRIME-MINISTER-VOREQE-BAINIMARAMA-S-STATEMENT-ON-C or if you dont want to read it all, here are the sailing bits; Around the world, yachts and pleasure craft are looking to return to Fiji. This is especially true now, with New Zealand currently in the winter season. As those in our hospitality sector know, these ships –– particularly super yachts –– produce immense economic value for Fiji. Being alone at sea is a verifiable, self-contained quarantine. That means anyone coming by pleasure craft to Fiji, so lo
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