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  1. Okahu Bay Management Plan Hearing – 28 September, 2023 Janet Watkins attended the Okahu Bay Management Plan Hearing and this is her submission: The Landing at Okahu Bay is a Regional asset that provides Coastal access to the Marine Environment for all Aucklanders and visitors. https://www.ayba.org.nz/blog/post/111169/okahu-bay-management-plan-hearing--28-september-2023/?fbclid=IwAR3_S_gYTujLy2KwpMyqGtx-EejjsrWr8XZdq7wYOcj5n6VmrjK6NRLedKk
  2. But 111ft is too big for Sydney hobart?
  3. Apparently the yacht has been scuttled by the Navy.
  4. 12m yacht is called Second Life. Michael Hill Jewellers vessel The Beast giving assistance. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/new-zealand-yacht-crewmember-rescued-by-cruise-ship-off-fiji/ELEODRVJMRFABHKSFO4IW7GMEU/
  5. ex Elly


    Mitre 10 https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/search?text=washi&q=washi
  6. Do you mean stainless steel frame, or canvas and clears, or both?
  7. Easy survey to do - only takes 5 minutes. Be sure to answer 'Strongly Support' to the question on page 2: Do you support retention of a short stay haul out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning and/or anti-foul application? https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/thelanding2023
  8. And now Half Moon Bay marina have increased their berth rentals by 10%. Reason given "market rates - the other marinas have put their prices up". Add that to the 7% increase last year = a 17% increase in 14 months. Is this sustainable/ affordable?
  9. There was a ferro motor-sailer that came off about 2 years ago, ended up on the cliffs to the south. If salvaged within a week or so it could have been saved. But this was during Covid lockdowns, no-one was allowed, and so it stayed there for months until destroyed by nor-easterly blows. Last year the Torbay Sailing Club patrol boat ended up against the sea-wall. Quick thinking club members with tyres and buoys prevented it being bashed, and within a day it was saved and back out on the mooring.
  10. Dean Kennedy, Marine Survey http://www.marinesurveynewzealand.com/
  11. The 3 saloon windows, and the long skeg are unusual for a Townson.
  12. Could be no race if the wind doesn't arrive! Time limit is 2200, so we could get some night sailing in, after being deprived last race...
  13. Boatshed battle: Verdict on Wynyard Quarter apartment owners’ fight for views Wynyard Quarter apartment owners have a decision in their case against marine business Orams over a new over-height, view-blocking boatshed. Justice Graham Lang granted their application for a judicial review over non-notification of the Beaumont St boatshed’s consent. But he ordered no relief for the Wynyard Quarter Residents Association, which took action against Orams Group and Auckland Council in a case thought to have cost them $100,000-plus. The judge said that if the court was to set aside
  14. After you have added a deeper anchor locker to your 1020, you then need to get a new pulpit with a higher cross beam to fit the anchor through. You can then easily stow your thousand dollar Sarca Excel #3. Or else simply leave it on the bow roller, like Choice Transport does!
  15. Bottom trawling restrictions in Hauraki Gulf and tripling of marine protection areas Prime Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed this morning the Government will restrict bottom trawling in the Hauraki Gulf and nearly triple the area under protection. Establishing new marine protection areas and a ban on the controversial fishing method are a major step towards protecting the Hauraki Gulf for future generations, Hipkins said in Auckland. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/chris-hipkins-confirms-bottom-trawling-restrictions-in-hauraki-gulf-and-tripling-of-marine-protection-areas/WRTVSE2Q7J
  16. Some longhaul boats still finished after midnight!
  17. A bigger turnout than last 2 years. Focus is on big picture long term political issues. A sub-committee will be formed to investigate possibility of legal challenges to prevent Panuku building apartments. Membership is declining as WMUA no longer allowed to post flyers on boats or marina gates. 7 Young 88's have left recently due to unaffordability. Rent has increased from $400 to $600 in last 5 years.
  18. $2m loss for America’s Cup sailing club: Royal NZ Yacht Squadron in financial trouble The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s estimated trading loss for the last financial year has risen to almost $2 million as the club hunts for savings in a bid to “achieve long term sustainability”. It blamed the loss on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and stormy weather in early 2023 and immediately started a “Reset” journey to turns its finances around. “The financial loss for this year will be closer to $2m. This is higher than originally forecast due to the review and reset of our Fixed Ass
  19. Chairman’s report. Financial Year ended March 31st 2023 Welcome to yet another prelude to our Annual General Meeting as we summarise the year just gone. Panuku called their first meeting of BEU holders, on the afternoon of the Melbourne Cup, to vote upon their proposed changes to the existing BEU agreements. These changes were introduced to legitimise Panuku’s earlier practicing ‘activities’, over the prior 10 years, which had been specifically excluded, from the original agreements. Both the Existing Trust and the Extension Trust members eventually voted to adopt the changes to
  20. Westhaven Marina User's Association are having their AGM next week. Come along and get free food and beer!
  21. ex Elly

    Pier 21

    What is happening to Pier 21? According to this article it will become: A 12-level 154-unit retirement village, 200-seat wedding venue, new 250-seat waterfront dining/bar building, outdoor pool in a resort-like zone for village residents, new marina piers, dredging the seabed to make it deeper, a new marina and refurbishing many other surrounding buildings are part of the plan for the site. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/northbrook-wynyard-quarter-to-be-citys-1st-vertical-retirement-village-750m-plans-1375m-penthouses/CSRESMMDZRF7JMXMLD37XOI4WE/
  22. Coppercoat NZ is now called Hullwell. https://boatingnz.co.nz/hullwell/ Wonder why they changed the name?
  23. I don't think people would say "built for speed" these days! Just goes to show what was considered a fast cruiser then... Black Panther may have done the 1971 race?
  24. Interesting to see that Ovlov have opened a third branch. Must be doing well! https://boatingnz.co.nz/ovlov-45/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BoatBusJuly7wk27&utm_content=BoatBusJuly7wk27+CID_f472eaeaca252829f7b6f9db7b6a823a&utm_source=Email&utm_term=READ THE STORY
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