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  1. OK. Would there be anyone manning Browns Bay you reckon? Might trot down and see.. Cheers mate.
  2. smithy09

    Old Flares

    Had a good cleanout of the attic during lockdown and found 2 containers of old flares. Anyone know where you dispose of them (Apart from NY eve..). I tried the fire brigade but they're not interested..
  3. Mr. Kite is having a stunning leg. The 50s just can't get away from them!! Looks like it was a good buy!!
  4. Dean was who he ended up with. Was very thorough and due to some findings resulted in a no-sale.
  5. Thanks for that. Yes Ray was great. I had him do the Marshall when I bought it and sold it...
  6. Hahaha. Not me Jon. If I get another one I will be living on board!! This is (Truly) for an old mate who is late to the sailing game, so needs plenty of help!!
  7. Hi All. I have a friend in the process of buying a 40ft Bavaria and is getting to the survey stage. I always used Ray Beale in the past, but Ray has retired. Who would you recommend for a Westhaven survey? Cheers, Smithy
  8. Awesome work Clipper. Labour of love!
  9. I've been on board. Lots of work has been done. At first glance it looks very tidy and a massive bargain at that price. I would say Priscilla is spot on with the reason for selling, and was the same reason I sold the Marshall at way less than half what I spent on her. $10-15K for marina fees a year plus $2-2.5K for insurance. That's before any maintenance, antifoul and so on. It's just too expensive for your average Joe.
  10. I completed the Piedy intergalactics on Steinygrenade. Had a heap of fun and reminded myself why I should never venture forward of the mast. I stayed on board though which is not always easy on these things. Knackered after 2 days racing! These are cool little boats to race. Thanks Drummonds! Someone out there has some great video of my awesome (not) foredeck work....
  11. Nice work Dr. W!! I haven't been on Crew a while, but you finally got the beast!! Excellent!
  12. Sorry to hear Priscilla. It was the same for me with the Marshall. Marina fees killed it. Westhaven service is ok to average but their toilet and shower facilities are abysmal compared to what you get overseas. In terms of getting screwed service wise, the treatment I got up at Gulf Harbour when I put a new keel and prod on the Marshall (by the marina, not Brin Wilson, who were great) beggars belief. It was theft, out and out. You want to store a mast on the hard? You pay equivalent rates to storing a boat of that length.. (Or pretty close). Unreal. Rude and arrogant. I think you w
  13. Those video stills are frightening. Imagine being on Rosella when she flipped. Scary. Anyone know if the Marshall is OK. She was out on the same pier as Rosella. Z I think.
  14. Titanium looks like they have made a choice to hug the coast and it's not working so well for them. Time will tell. I see Krakatoa is back up and running. That must have been very frustrating... Lot's of time yet on this leg! I have to say, Josh and Damon have got that boat going extremely well.
  15. Truxtanium by 5 hours from Motorboat for Leg two.
  16. What's up with Krakatoa and Truxtanium? I hope Krakatoa's beacon is playing up..
  17. What a deal!! I guess the in-line rig put a few people off, but they are not that hard to keep upright and offer much better sail control than the swept spreaders. The ugly bowsprit probably didn't help either, but this is the buy of the year. Crazy price for a good boat.. Nice one Cameron!
  18. Finot Conq Ourson Rapide. 60ft fast Carbon cruiser. Or one of their FC3 range.. Any one...
  19. smithy09

    Akarana 350

    I followed it from Offshore Sarawak. Was brilliant! The trackers are the flies in the ointment. From a spectator's point of view, better trackers would make a big difference. Great coverage from the Motorboat as per usual. I'm not sure how many people understand the effort required to do this when you have other important things on like finding the last bottle of rum, or making sure there is enough battery power to turn on the stereo!!
  20. smithy09

    Akarana 350

    That sounds like BS to me, as is the requirement to have pfds serviced by the manufacturer. Just adds to costs. Silly stuff.
  21. smithy09

    Akarana 350

    The Marshall has done a crazy Ivan. Must be trying the A2 and VMGing it. Not sure it will work! Great battle between Motorboat, Truxton, Gale Force and Katana. Excellent!
  22. smithy09

    Akarana 350

    I see the Marshall just showed up. Not a good leg. Should give the guys in front a good run downwind though..
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