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  1. I don't hold much store by the herald's journalism for the most part, but I can't imagine they've got the direct quote wrong.
  2. I like the winery at man o war. The bay itself is rather indifferent as an anchorage though.
  3. Woody bay pizzeria is amazingly good. Hope they cope ok with the rubbish summer. We couldn’t quite believe it was there, but what a treat. Best pizza in Auckland?
  4. Plus looking at the forecast, beating into 30kt of southerly off the west coast doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.
  5. Bunch of surfers off milford beach. Not sure I've seen that before!
  6. No the eye is staying offshore. Auckland is just not that exposed because Coromandel is in the way! I'm sure E side of coro is not nice. Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 11.56.56 AM
  7. You definitely want the bridge open when you can, not a blanket closure. Think, for example, hospital employees who live on the shore. So far it's definitely a bit of a damp squib. Maybe the decision to close schools was the right one based on the forecast, but as I sit here cooped up in the house with the kids (and the in-laws) while it's neither windy not rainy, it does look like an overreaction in hindsight.
  8. Good on both of you. I’d have marina as option 1 and Opunga Cove as option 2.
  9. I'd bet good money that if you have a look at shoal bay late on Monday you'll see one unwrapped.
  10. Central pressure near 960 at landfall in NZ would make it one of our biggest ever, I think. Here's hoping the forecast is crap; either that it doesn't strengthen so much, or the track is wrong, or ideally both!
  11. Forecast is still extremely nasty. Get tucked up somewhere safe, sooner rather than later.
  12. I'm seeing big se going south. I'd go boi. You could always go the easy route and jump in the marina.
  13. Now forecast below 960, more or less direct hit on the Hauraki Gulf. All I can say is I hope the forecast is wrong.
  14. Good. Maybe by April summer will have turned up?
  15. Ooof, she looks a biggun. Central pressure below 970?
  16. Got to sort all that before you bid though.
  17. Looks like you can have another go. Happens far too often with these things. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3987011553
  18. $1k/pm wouldn't be too far out of line for a 60 footer though?
  19. State of the motor is what would give me pause. Does it really just need a service, or is it re-power time?
  20. Bit of a head scratcher that one. Saw them on the beach securing the wreck, got the impression she'd been sucked out of the marina by the ebb (maybe just my assumption). Then heard later that she'd gone out under her own power and that very much left me wondering why you'd do that!
  21. Sometimes they come right when dry. Sometimes not. Fingers crossed.
  22. Eeek. Apparently the tugs probably didn't have the ability to tow her in those conditions. So damn good thing they managed to restore power...
  23. Ouch. The river moorings would have been particularly "exciting". Hope the damage isn't too bad.
  24. We ran home yesterday morning based on the forecast. Almost wish we hadn't, yes yesterday sucked but it seems to have blown through pretty quickly and not bad out there today.
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