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  1. On the other hand, if you want to abandon a boat you hardly need to put it on a mooring to do so...
  2. The bond idea is appealing, but it would have to be pretty significant. I remember another thread with disposal cost estimates. 5k? 10k?
  3. Sad to hear about metro. Remember when she was sailing with DYC, ~2011? That feedback profile doesn't look half bad compared to many of the disasters I've come across on TM.
  4. Thanks. At first I was disappointed that it wasn't the boat, but that's a good laugh.
  5. They should just buy winddan and call it the new coastguard app.
  6. khayyam

    They're quick

    Nice. Would be worrying if your zillion dollar boat wasn't faster than a nacra 17 though!
  7. it you want cheap, there's plenty out there -- but as above, much is crap.
  8. Our night-rate EV power is ~11c/kwh, and some areas are lower. But you're right that it's not $2 (but still way less than ~$100 for petrol).
  9. Ah yes, the old finance committee problem. I think we all know and understand that one.
  10. Yes, but you can make it from water+electricity -- unlike diesel. Turning 'naki gas into hydrogen doesn't make a lot of sense, but you could certainly use all of that spare electricity down south if the smelter stops using it.
  11. There's a reason everything has gone li-ion these days.
  12. maybe at high tide. but then you'd probably be responsible for it!
  13. what's happening to the devonport haul out facilities?
  14. wow. the listed rig and sail costs certainly make for sobering reading, imagining the maintenance bills...
  15. Yes I'm disappointed that no video of the north head carnage has emerged. I suspected that it would be good to watch in the forecast conditions, but didn't realise that the torpedo bay wharf was closed and so couldn't get a good look (by the time I realised it was closed it was too late to get up to the top of nth head).
  16. The start is a big draw for me. And Mark Foy would still be biased if the wind changed during the starting period.
  17. Forecast for the start looks fabulous, from a spectator's perspective anyhow. I expect a viewing position on torpedo bay wharf will be entertaining.
  18. First rule of consulting, isn't it? First, work out what the client wants you to find...
  19. khayyam

    Luna Rossa

    Interesting. I do wonder, though, how much game playing there is in these first boats, e.g. showing things that the teams have no intention of actually doing.
  20. khayyam

    The Boat

    Yeah a single still doesn't count!
  21. khayyam

    The Boat

    Yeah ok I'm excited to see it under sail.
  22. khayyam

    The Boat

    That's a good start! Somehow it doesn't look as much fun that way, though...
  23. Does seem unlikely. Too bad, as it would be better not to be unloading the cars there.
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