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    New Genoa

    Seems like offshore manufacture is going to be the way to go for a cruising sail. Only real question is how much you pay for someone local to spec it and take some service responsibility.
  2. And if you do have waterfront, you probably don't care about the costs of keeping the boat.
  3. I watched more of that video than I care to admit. Surprisingly entertaining. Did he really say he waterblasted the inside!?
  4. All the moreso as marina costs go up and up and up.
  5. > Some salient advice for cheap yacht buyers Don't ?
  6. You might be a while waiting for him to see this, probably best to ring.
  7. Or to be fair, to pay marina costs, which is a biggie.
  8. Yeah I was just looking at that. Could be unpleasant. Especially with tidal stream against.
  9. Legacy and rum bucket also turned back?
  10. Just sourcing the bolts, or having someone do the whole job?
  11. That's probably just the hold amount, not the final charge.
  12. I always know when there's going to be a general recall. It's when I've somehow managed to get a good start for once.
  13. I thought it was interesting how long it took for someone to comment here on the news at all. Everybody's over it and nobody cares anymore? Dalts may have got top $ for the hosting rights but pretty sure he's lost an awful lot of NZ support, goodwill and interest. We will all be welcome if we fly to Barca -- yeah, nah.
  14. khayyam

    A Nice Evening

    This weekend. Looking a bit drifty tonight unfortunately, but sunny and warm!
  15. New haulout technique. Antifoul the bow this tide, swap the lines, stern on the next!
  16. I'd think anything of that size would be tight. The raven is already a "modest" rig.
  17. I thought we decided (several pages back) that those rules apply throughout the "Auckland region" and thus island bay, izzy bay and beyond?
  18. I love how this thread springs periodically back to life at various times over the past decade! I guess it's home to (small) Shoalcraft 30 owners club...
  19. I hope not. If so, what on earth were they doing out in this!?
  20. Peak draw only, not sustained. But probably not something you'd want your boat system trying to cope with!
  21. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3426069003 I won't pass judgement on the aesthetics, but will give you an idea.
  22. Our sparky told me not long ago that new (home) induction cooktops can draw 40a (@230V). Pretty hard to manage on a boat! Newer boats do seem to have electric cooking arrangements, to my surprise. But even with 1-2kw of solar I think really you'd be relying a lot on the genset to get those batteries charged. Really you're starting to look at boat systems which rival off-grid home systems, and you'd really struggle with 2kw solar for the sort of mod cons these boats are expecting.
  23. 10 years ago we bought a boat with such a dodgy gas arrangement that the very first thing we did was take the bottle off the boat. Proper modern installations don't bother me though.
  24. Pretty sure it had overstayed its welcome there years ago. But somehow these things have a way of dragging on.
  25. In general I'm a fan of this approach. But for niche items there's a risk that your buyers aren't paying attention that week.
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