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This be it.        But I think we might be all getting a bit cynical here.( regarding the Birdsall) If you think about it , trawling adds on trademe would be a good way to find a suitable boat

I'm guessing someone's looked under where it was moored?

Didn't BoBo find the boon on barrier somewhere?

I was thinking more along the customs flights looking for illegals/smugglers.


Is there not some sort of border security monitoring NZ waters?


don't think our 7 orions could fly enough to provide that kind of coverage


continual satellite coverage might do it


but doubt they have the people, sats and funding to watch and track every yacht, everyday  

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IF it is actually stolen. I guess I'm getting cynical with age, but my first reaction is that a boat for sale for some time, then when no sales are forthcoming is "stolen" seems a bit suspicious to me. Of course, it COULD be genuine, it just seems a bit suspect to me.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Didn't want to say as I don't know the owners. Must be getting cynical in my old age.

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Guest Ketchup

Sorry Rush man, yeah I thought that too but then looked at our resources and thought ... big ocean, tight budget, and 2.5 planes.


Insurance fraud is a good possibility. But how do you dispose of it and. Not get caught or seen?


Sink it offshore then row the tender back?


Fire is the best option a long as it sinks?

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