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This be it.        But I think we might be all getting a bit cynical here.( regarding the Birdsall) If you think about it , trawling adds on trademe would be a good way to find a suitable boat

I'm guessing someone's looked under where it was moored?

Didn't BoBo find the boon on barrier somewhere?

This be it.





 But I think we might be all getting a bit cynical here.( regarding the Birdsall)

If you think about it , trawling adds on trademe would be a good way to find a suitable boat to steal, and talking insurance fraud here is pretty damning , considering we don't know the people concerned .

In all probability the owners are fine upstanding people who are victims of a crime.


 I remember when Tamatea was burned by vandals in a yard in west Auckland  all the insurance fraud theories came out . I know for a fact that guy was utterly devastated by those vandals and what they did , and the boat was uninsured anyway.


 I say give these guys a break.

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Some insurance doubts?


Never! Such unscrupulous behaviour doesn't exist in the yachting fraternity.  


Similar rumours surrounded a certain race yacht that 'accidentally' went under the Chelsea Sugar works wharf and lost its non-performance mast. Thankfully they were insured and got a new and improved rig as a result.

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well done!


LiveSailDie can also confirm that at least one of the fugitive’s police were seeking has been found to be onboard.


this seems to suggest it was the helicopter grifter and partner







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Guest Ketchup

Agree. These scumbag are offshore / in Aussie and the boat sunk/abandoned.

Pity there is no AIS tracker on her.

Hate to say it but... I .... told....




Many stolen boats are stolen by scum who want to get out of NZ.


Lots of stolen runabouts end up in containers on snipe bound for many countries.

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From Stuff:


A fugitive Kiwi couple wanted in connection with allegations of fraud and sexual assault are understood to have been detained in Sydney.

Paul James Bennett, 52, and his long-time partner Simone Anne Wright, 38, are believed to have been on board a yacht stolen from the Bay of Islands a fortnight ago, that limped into Sydney Harbour yesterday evening with a broken mast.

Couple on the run may have stolen yacht
Big reward offered for information on fugitives
Fugitive laid a complaint with police

New Zealand police had been investigating whether Bennett and Wright were linked to the theft of the yacht, which was suitable for ocean sailing.

A New South Wales police spokeswoman confirmed two New Zealanders had been detained on a stolen yacht at Broken Bay, north of Sydney at 11.40pm yesterday (NZ time).

She said they were assisting with inquiries. 

It has been more than eight months since the last confirmed sighting of Bennett and Wright.

Police in New Zealand want to speak to them in connection with an alleged $250,000 fraud involving Canterbury helicopter company HeliPower.

The pair are also wanted over a suspected sex attack on a teenage girl in the late-2000s.

HeliPower director Michael Jacomb said this morning that Bennett had been arrested in Sydney onboard a 14-metre cruising cutter called Harlech (registration 395083) that limped into harbour last night with a broken mast. 

The yacht was taken from Opua in the Bay of Islands about February 3.

The victim of the alleged sexual assault said she was hugely relieved to learn the couple had been arrested.

"I will sleep a whole lot more peacefully at night," she said.

The last confirmed sighting of Bennett was in Nelson on June 3 last year.

Before that, he had been seen selling cars in Auckland and Dunedin.

There have been no confirmed sightings of Wright since a fraud complaint was lodged with police on May 10.

Bennett and Wright had been living at a $900-a-week, three-bedroom rental property in Christchurch until they told their landlord they were going on holiday about May 6.

Jacomb said he spoke to Bennett shortly before then and asked him about invoices he suspected had been digitally manipulated.

Police made their first public appeal for information about the couple in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation on June 7.

Bennett was born in Waikato. In recent years, he and Wright have spent time in Nelson, Wanaka and Christchurch – trading in Rolex watches online and often through Trade Me.


In each location, they lived in high-end rental accommodation and were

able to avoid paying a bond.


The mast pictured in Live Sail Die: http://www.livesaildie.com/sailing-vessel-harlech-located-seized-help-livesaildie/   Looked just fine. Storm jib up though!

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