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This is where you find your local body councillor




 tell em what you think.

 I only used the word megalomaniacs twice, and the phrase 'underhand and opaque' once.


 To my regret , I left Machiavelli out. Someone else might like to use that in an email.


 Because these guys are carried away with power , are ruthless, and they need to be reined in.

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AM good to hear you took the time to watch it on TV and then to post about it on here. It was really refreshing to see so many people out standing up for something they feel important, with real boat

They must of heard you [ they are tuned to this thread ] because they are demolishing the wharf and they will not be parking cars there during the coming months.. Great work fish.

Er . . . isn't that the point? Last year Council voted to oppose reclamation - why would you need continuous protest as a consequence? This year they've been king hit from behind by the POAL based

Posted Images

The Dominion post quoted whirlpools. But the point is Auckland harbour cannot be branded as dangerous. Learn to share the harbour.


Read the latest NZ herald statements from the council and the Mayor.


They are proposing queens wharf to be entirely  industrial free and solely a public domain to appease the Auckland public / thus satisfying the view issue  and to counter any 200,000  petition the boaties / yachties might gather.  If  you are a non boatie and a wharf is gifted solely for public use with views as a choice, which petition are you going to sign. 



I warned certain posters where doing the protest movement a disservice with individual character assassinations.


They have certainly taken note from this website postings as councillors are now scrambling from voting for the extensions to stating  more time should be exercised..


Brown has ask for a economic impact report as the PORT Authority has stated the port revenues for Auckland cannot expand to take the larger ships being built / used and they are going to get bigger. Other words Auckland ports will stagnate if the extensions don't go ahead.. They will not allow stagnation to happen.



Goff has suggested RE THE PORT AUTHRITY if you don't like the way they operate and make decision to use the voting power. The same can be said re the councillors that is why some are now  turning to  turn coats.

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I can't argue whether you are right or wrong as I have never been to Los Angeles Sundreamer. However I have always found Williams to be a fairly measured commentator. The interview on RNZ is worth listening to as both commentators on the left and right were singing from the same songsheet, which, to me anyway, implies this protest has major traction. Manapouri revisited?

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I listened to Hosking and his studio mate scoffing at the protest or issue yesterday morning on the radio. He is in a position of power himself , with his profile, and he's  mocking people on national radio who don't think 'progress' at any cost is the way to go.

 Then he went onto an" interview" with a Ports PR guy  who is at some other place, at some other time no doubt, answering pre arranged questions with a smoothly false patter leaving me thinking POA are  baby kissers ,tree huggers and the answer to all the problems in the free world, instead of the ruthless bunch they actually are. 


Butter and teflon ran out of the radio.

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 anyone care to elaborate?

Don't go near the pylons in full tidal flow. It gets swirly whirly in some spots.



It's not a biggie but does happen. As that lieing piece of sh*t Len Brown continually makes us ratepayers pay for spin doctors who make a massive mountain out of tiny mole hills in a effort to back up his wasteful and dumbarse projects it's 100% valid for the likes of Chris Dickson to 'suggest' a thing, that does actually happen, maybe a bit bigger than it actually is in support of a worthy cause such as this one.

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Everyone is overlooking the real issues.

Firstly, that PoA somehow had RC passed in their favor without the Public knowing there was anything tabled to read and voice opinion on.
Secondly and the main issue IMO, it is not about the tide flow. In fact that is a red hearing. They are going to use Piles so tide still flows under the structure. The main issue is that the entrance into the Harbor is going to be reduced in width by 150m. Anyone that has headed in or out of that bottle neck knows what it is like to navigate all the idiots going every which way. But it is a nightmare at "rush hr" on a Summer Sunday late afternoon when everyone is heading home after a lovely long weekend. Now take 150m out of that and imagine what Kaos is going to be.
       Thirdly, add to No2, a much larger Container Vessel navigating in or out. And these new vessels are huge. So huge, that Panama is about to get a major enlargement to take them. Also on the cards is a whole new canal. Whatever, these ships are not just a few metres longer. They are massively bigger in everyway. Like 3 times or more the container carrying capacity. Extra warf is not just so they can store more containers, but so they can park a Ship and those Ships are going to be trying to navigate into the harbor. Ships 100m or more longer as well as much wider.
      Slightly unrelated, but for some reason, many in Whanagrea have this strange notion that the Auck Port is going to go to Marsden Pt. So much so that land in that area has been sold and bought for expansion.
     In my view, the Port is a dinosaur in the wrong location. It is prime waterfront space that is being rented out to air inside steel boxes. Get rid of it. I am pretty sure that the money that could be made from development and renting to people in concrete boxes would be far more profitable and look a heck of a lot more atteactive to the City.

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Can't disagree about the location wheels, but do we really want a waterfront lined with buildings like those 2 architectural masterpieces at the

bottom of Anzac Ave. 'Scene' apartments I think they are called.

They are bloody ugly and a blight on the land/seascape, and if that is the alternative then I'm not sure we have won anything.


Council have wanked on about connecting people with the harbour while quietly allowing the reduction of that very harbour to occur and in my view -

make no mistake, they would have known. There have been deals done.


At least if it does go to shipping and the ships are as monstrous as they sound, their will be some spectator interest as the Sunday charge navigates their way around the behemoth being flailed by a cheeky sou' wester.

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