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Ports Expansion

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 What we need out of this is due process,


Due process has already happened. Keep up to speed fella.



Stop, drift, under the bridge in full flow, look at your GPS, you maybe surprised.


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Everyone is overlooking the real issues.

Firstly, that PoA somehow had RC passed in their favor without the Public knowing there was anything tabled to read and voice opinion on.
Secondly and the main issue IMO, it is not about the tide flow. In fact that is a red hearing. They are going to use Piles so tide still flows under the structure. The main issue is that the entrance into the Harbor is going to be reduced in width by 150m. Anyone that has headed in or out of that bottle neck knows what it is like to navigate all the idiots going every which way. But it is a nightmare at "rush hr" on a Summer Sunday late afternoon when everyone is heading home after a lovely long weekend. Now take 150m out of that and imagine what Kaos is going to be.
       Thirdly, add to No2, a much larger Container Vessel navigating in or out. And these new vessels are huge. So huge, that Panama is about to get a major enlargement to take them. Also on the cards is a whole new canal. Whatever, these ships are not just a few metres longer. They are massively bigger in everyway. Like 3 times or more the container carrying capacity. Extra warf is not just so they can store more containers, but so they can park a Ship and those Ships are going to be trying to navigate into the harbor. Ships 100m or more longer as well as much wider.
      Slightly unrelated, but for some reason, many in Whanagrea have this strange notion that the Auck Port is going to go to Marsden Pt. So much so that land in that area has been sold and bought for expansion.
     In my view, the Port is a dinosaur in the wrong location. It is prime waterfront space that is being rented out to air inside steel boxes. Get rid of it. I am pretty sure that the money that could be made from development and renting to people in concrete boxes would be far more profitable and look a heck of a lot more atteactive to the City.

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Can't disagree about the location wheels, but do we really want a waterfront lined with buildings like those 2 architectural masterpieces at the

bottom of Anzac Ave. 'Scene' apartments I think they are called.

They are bloody ugly and a blight on the land/seascape, and if that is the alternative then I'm not sure we have won anything.


Council have wanked on about connecting people with the harbour while quietly allowing the reduction of that very harbour to occur and in my view -

make no mistake, they would have known. There have been deals done.


At least if it does go to shipping and the ships are as monstrous as they sound, their will be some spectator interest as the Sunday charge navigates their way around the behemoth being flailed by a cheeky sou' wester.

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Hi Wheels,


I think the largest container ships that have been to Akl have an LoA ~298m, unable to load to max draft.

They talk 8000TEU, currently getting ships with capacity around 5000TEU


8000TEU ship approx. dimensions LoA 315-350m beam ~43m, draft ~14.5m


some larger ones

10000TEU - 300m x 46m

13000TEU - 366m x48m


QM2 is 346m x 41m


Apart from draft there is already a vessel with similar length for people to get an idea of the length of containerships they talk about for the future.

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Over the last few years the PoA have produced a number of very condecending documents and that one is right up there.  It clearly illustrates that the fingers they want to build now are just a red herring and merely just their means of pissing in the corners to mark out what they want as their territory. Their end game has nothing to do with berth space, length or depth and everything to do with aquiring cheap land as close as possible to the port to park cars and empty containers.  The Council are horribly conflicted becasue they know that anything they block simply gets reflected in their dividend.  They also won't discuss that the proper cost for aquiring the seabed would actually make a remote port more ecconomic becasue, again, it will be reflected in their demand for dividend.


The whole governance structure, process etc has been carefully orchestrated so that this can happen.

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Haven't we just had weeeks of hearing bloody politicians tell us Northland needs economic growth and jobs. Seems that developing a container port at Marsden Point would be a great start???



BTW, I do remember as a teenager in Whangarei the Chairman of the Northland Harbour Board (yes children - once upon a time these things were owned by the people and were administered by elected officials who were held accountable every three years, how quaint) fighting to have the new container port built at Marsden Point. His argument was that it would outgrow the available space in Auckland and be a huge problem. He lost amid cries of cronyism and political chicanery. Seems he was prescient. Can't remember his name now - Barry someone??

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Do you happen to know the number re people that are employed with the Auckland's ports activities  and ancillary businesses associated with the port at Auckland. 





How many people would have too relocate to Whagarei Marsden Point Area to satisfy how many objectors / protesters not to mention the economic .monetary loss to the Auckland Council. Auckland region. Would they petition the Govt for another 2 billion dollars for a rail connection and motorways to transport

 YES, they could use the election bribe money on bridges as seed money to get it started.


the stuff to Auckland or have a enlarged local fleet Smaller cargo vessels to freight to Auckland. Who would pay for the coastal shipping co fleet. What  coastal shipping there is are owned and operated by overseas owned vessels. Various govt have allowed NZ's owned coastal ships to disappear to foreign freight companies which now deliver direct. Any guesses how much they would have to increase Aucklanders  rates to compensate and the additional freight  costs  that would be passed on to the consumer .


If you read my post you would see I did not suggest anything, but for the sake of argument let's say I did. Nobody would have to relocate if they didn't want to, though many probably would. PoA would not be shut down overnight, if at all. If the volume of shipping is increasing beyond the capacity of Auckland then it makes sense to build a new container facility in addition. If successful it could supplant Auckland entirely but that would take a long time. To use your own words -that's usual business practice.


Then another protest to protest about rate increases which you are already complaining about and you get stagnation.



No further increase with Auckland's population and all immigrants and NZ's have to settle elsewhere and not the Auckland greater region.


Would you allow Staff with a job transfer to settle within the Auckland greater region.?



Could be worth while. Would not even be considered.


Len Brown has been quoted as, that he has requested a economic future growth impact report.


Unintelligible so no comment.


It may be found the present extensions are short sighted / conservative judging by the size on the new container ships and cruise liners now being built


True, all the more reason to look at all alternatives

Some posters seem to be posting just for the sake on making a post with not much thought.






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Around 50% of my containers consigned to Auckland actually get off loaded in Tauranga and trained up. If that didn't happen I would have suffered some nasty delays in getting the gear over the last few years. From what I can see it makes no difference to the speed we get our gear whether the ship is tied to a Auckland wharf or a Tauranga wharf when the cranes unload it, strikes and all that crap excluded obviously.


The opportunity for Auckland to stop/lose the massive borrowings it's doing and has racked up already plus play for Lens silly train set plus do lots of other good stuff plus owning Northport plus opening Akl's waterfront to Aucklanders is here right now. But it won't happen sadly.

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You are allowed ONE ACCOUNT. It WAS possible to change your "display name" as the user you are referring to has done. It does not change warning points or reputation, its still the same account. I have restricted this 'display name' option as well, now you can't do it without Admin assistance.

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900 items of farm equipment 4 horses 64 yachts 8 helicopters 1 giraffe 436,346 tonnes of ironsand

Ironsand does not come physically come across the Port in Auckland City.


3 cows 6 tanks 95,685 tonnes of bananas




Imports and exports


Sugar and sugar confectionary Coffee, tea and spices

Sugar does not come physically go across the Port either.


Fruit, nuts, vegetables and cereals


Electronics and electrical equipment Apparel and footwear


Toys and sports equipment


Beverages, spirits and vinegar Clocks, watches and parts


Meat and seafood products


Dairy and poultry Plastic and rubber products Furniture and furnishings


And even though it is listed as Port of Auckland, it may or may not actually shipped across the actual Port itself. As KM states, it can actually be landed at Tauranga and rail freighted.

Seeing as a Container vessel can bring in 10's of thousands of tonnes at a time, all those items you have listed don't add up to very much. In fact, leaving the Sugar and Sand out of it, the rest could have easily fitted onto one Boat. Not really what I would call and economc means of bringing stuff into Auckland.

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seems if the ignore function works


even if the user change is changed


can't recommend it enough as a filter to remove annoying static

 erice - just found the setting - oh the peace and serenity!

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