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See the net work and miles he could have achieved for less than the price - The Manukau sewerage treatment plant and the wasted funds with browns Is. Nearly 2 billion pounds



Like the Sydney harbour bridge built more than 100 years ago. What vision.

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AM good to hear you took the time to watch it on TV and then to post about it on here. It was really refreshing to see so many people out standing up for something they feel important, with real boat

They must of heard you [ they are tuned to this thread ] because they are demolishing the wharf and they will not be parking cars there during the coming months.. Great work fish.

Er . . . isn't that the point? Last year Council voted to oppose reclamation - why would you need continuous protest as a consequence? This year they've been king hit from behind by the POAL based

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Around 50% of my containers consigned to Auckland actually get off loaded in Tauranga and trained up. If that didn't happen I would have suffered some nasty delays in getting the gear over the last few years. From what I can see it makes no difference to the speed we get our gear whether the ship is tied to a Auckland wharf or a Tauranga wharf when the cranes unload it, strikes and all that crap excluded obviously.


The opportunity for Auckland to stop/lose the massive borrowings it's doing and has racked up already plus play for Lens silly train set plus do lots of other good stuff plus owning Northport plus opening Akl's waterfront to Aucklanders is here right now. But it won't happen sadly.

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You are allowed ONE ACCOUNT. It WAS possible to change your "display name" as the user you are referring to has done. It does not change warning points or reputation, its still the same account. I have restricted this 'display name' option as well, now you can't do it without Admin assistance.

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900 items of farm equipment 4 horses 64 yachts 8 helicopters 1 giraffe 436,346 tonnes of ironsand

Ironsand does not come physically come across the Port in Auckland City.


3 cows 6 tanks 95,685 tonnes of bananas




Imports and exports


Sugar and sugar confectionary Coffee, tea and spices

Sugar does not come physically go across the Port either.


Fruit, nuts, vegetables and cereals


Electronics and electrical equipment Apparel and footwear


Toys and sports equipment


Beverages, spirits and vinegar Clocks, watches and parts


Meat and seafood products


Dairy and poultry Plastic and rubber products Furniture and furnishings


And even though it is listed as Port of Auckland, it may or may not actually shipped across the actual Port itself. As KM states, it can actually be landed at Tauranga and rail freighted.

Seeing as a Container vessel can bring in 10's of thousands of tonnes at a time, all those items you have listed don't add up to very much. In fact, leaving the Sugar and Sand out of it, the rest could have easily fitted onto one Boat. Not really what I would call and economc means of bringing stuff into Auckland.

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We're talking about used cars and empty shipping containers, that's what POAL import, not consumer goods.

Our harbour is not the place to park other countries cast off sh*t - used cars.


They must of heard you [ they are tuned to this thread ] because they are demolishing the wharf and they will not be parking cars there during the coming months.. Great work fish.

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