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Auckland to Wellington Race 26th Nov 15

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i like the way they give out prizes before you start.


Start: Thursday 26 November 2015

Time: 0900 hours

Prize Giving: Sunday 19 November 1015


All fixed.  The RAYC folks have had a few details to work through, trying to coordinate with events at both ends!


Edit: Our loose plan [Provincial Cowboy R40] is do the race then ship in some mates to do the Nelson race and the three local regattas (Nelson, Waikawa and Wellington) before the boat comes back to Auckland.   Plus some Sounds/Abel Tasman cruising.  Pretty sure we can put a crew together for each event!

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Whats wrong with singlehanded? Anyway, I could probably find some mug to go with me!! November in Wellington is likely to be NW gales...

I may be interested....

This should be an awesome event. Am really hoping that some Welly boats will go up and race too.


But IT you're certainly on the money expecting gales that time of year. Here's Roger Folley's report about the 2014  Brother's race that started 1 November. Can Jaffa boats handle Cook Strait on a windy day?

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What will it be clockwise or anti clockwise?

In November 2015, RAYC will send a fleet of boats to Wellington for the inaugural Auckland to Wellington Race. In the 1970’s and 80’s Devonport Yacht Club ran a similar race to Picton and Nelson. A lack of resources forced the club to stop holding the race, and only two handed crews have raced to the Cook Strait from Auckland in the last 10 years. RAYC are working in conjunction with the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, to rekindle the journey south from Auckland to Wellington via East Cape. There will also be a short-handed division for crews of 3, which could appeal to those wanting to do the SSANZ Round North Island in 2017.

Copied from their press release.

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