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 In 1982 the Auckland Multi-hull Sailing Association (now the New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club) made the event a reality, albeit without the power division.


Twelve intrepid skippers and their crews took part, among them Duncan (Cookie) Stuart, who was the association's commodore.

He won that first race sailing Krisis, his 42-foot trimaran. 





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Barring any structural issues, that looks like a lot of boat for the money!


So - you have to go on deck and down a hatch to use the head?   The wife would demand a different config!

I wish my savings plan was more advanced...


I agree with Cookie - the separate/outside loo is a definite selling point - way better than sleeping with your toilet!

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Jeez that boat is a New Zealand multihull legend.  Does anybody know if the cantilevered lounge and bedroom are as originally designed or an add on?  When sailing on Manu Puru way back in the 70's I don't recall there being much more space inside than what was on my Buccaneer 24 Capricorn. Yeah I know they're both way smaller than the mighty Krisis.


I wonder if I could sail it back across the ditch - - yeah no worries!

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here's a pic of her




back before the 15hp?-40kg? outboard


was swapped for the 40hp-100kg? lombardini in-board diesel


apparently the lightest? marine diesel engine of its size


2 of which are the cruiser racer option for the SIG60 luxury cat







• 70hp Yanmar diesels with sail drives;

• 40hp Lombardini diesels with sail drives (light weight option for cruiser racer - 110kg) 



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