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Safety at Sea Triple Series --SSANZ

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No raft Cat 4, plus jack stays and epirb I think is all. Multi’s need a grab bag with gear in it that can be reached either way up. Long haul and short haul are PHRF Small boats are racetrack

Hopefully no bumps on the C U this year............

Meister will be in for race 2&3 as the new boat will be mid Tasman for race 1

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Young 88 War Machine battle ready for this one.  Only 4 minutes elapsed time separated the first 5  88's in the last race and no doubt this will be another ding dong.  Hardly have time for a medicinal rum when there is that much competition!


Great new track with some delightful scenery, be nice if we can do some dolphin watching again on this one.


Jokes aside vote of thanks to the SSANZ planners.  There are enough twists and turns to make it interesting for all of the 80 miles.  We have even got a majority vote on the correct location of Shearer Rock buoy:








Forecasts showing two different views right now.






Anyone know if Predictwind's Tracker app will be back up and running for this race?


See you out there




PS Sorry about the giant photos .. posting on a lunch break and no time to shag around downsizing.

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