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Musto - but HPX or MPX?

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Hi All,


I am looking at buying a new jacket and have settled on Musto after some reading. But the question is now one of HPX or MPX - both Ocean versions of the jacket.


Other than about $500 difference in price, I am wondering if I really need the HPX - most of my sailing is NZ coastal - and its pleasure sailing at that.


I don't intend to be going to the Auckland Islands. The coldest place I could possibly imagine I would ever go might be Fiordland but for the most part my Oceanic voyages will consist of heading north on the 1st of May towards Fiji as fast as possible.


We don't have a solid dodger - but do have a large solar array on the radar arch. 



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We have used HPX for some time and do go to the places you don’t. We have been happy with the gear but will replace with something lighter and not so expensive when time comes. Bad weather is a small percentage of sailing time and the HPX is heavy when worn for drizzle or spray protection. Hope this helps

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Buy whatever you think will be good for NZ coastal. You'll hardly use real wet weather gear heading north, it's just too hot.

What will suit on a cruising boat really depends on the shelter in your cockpit, and the amount of work on deck that your boat requires.

I haven't used my wet weather gear on my boat for years! Since leaving Wellington...

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Ive got HPX,  I rate it if you like going sailing in winter. Crappy gear like Gill works ok for a season, then its useless forever. That said its about the $$, I only got mine because it was a previous years model and I got a 1000 off.


Yeah - a quick google and I wrote off that Gill stuff fast.


$1000 off? Thats some serious discount.

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I previously used Musto for many years however felt the quality is not as good as it used to be. Their early stuff was much better (IMO)

I now use Helly Hansen and find it excellent

There is an ocean range and a coastal range 

Their website is https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_us/mens/jackets/sailing-jackets


Dr Dave

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I had musto, dont think it lasts well enough to watrant the price tag. Ive got some helly hansen ocean stuff from a few years ago, def prefer it to musto, but its getting old. Im in the market for some new gear before RNZ, will prob go with zhik or gill.

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