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Opinions on folding/feathering propeller

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There is some real devil in the detail with propellers. Referring to the yachting monthly test that Farrari referred to, I see there are two versions on the internet: https://www.yachtingmonthly.com

Kiwiprops reverse pitch is not adjustable. There is too much reverse pitch, and therefore torque required to rotate, for some small engines to overcome at idle...

Lots of great info, I learned again. Actually I have to check the clearance between the shaft end and the rudder. In memory I have plenty of space, but looking this picture (one of the 15 Chargers) no

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Kiwiprop every time for me, I've had two on different boats, and the latest boat [ Lotus 9.2] had a two blade folding when I bought it, and the prop walk was horrendous. Kiwiprop has solved 90% of it,  now manoeuvring is easy. The other reason I like them on a saildrive particularly, is that the clutch on the Yanmar 20 is a "crash" clutch and so the load goes on almost instantly. The old two blade folder has a massive centre boss, must weigh Kgs, and the sudden change in momentum from stationery to moving must be a huge strain on the gears. The kiwiprop, plastic blades and light central hub would reduce the load greatly.

2300 rpm gives me a comfortable 6knots. plus - local manufacturer, instant spare part service, pick it up yourself, and John is always very helpful


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It takes a pretty severe impact to knock off a propeller. When did that last happen to you?

I’m referring to the more realistic scenario where you run over a piece of wood too small to easily spot and the first you know is the brief sound of the prop touching it as it passes underneath. I’ve had this several times over the years. Admittedly more in Europe than in NZ but it’s still happened to me here. No prop damage to a metal blade but I don’t fancy my chances with a plastic blade or the prospect of a rough motor to a haulout facility.

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There seems to be lots of stories about how easy it is to fit a new blade and how cheap they are for Kiwiprops.

Makes you wonder about why so many people with the experience.

Bit like people that rave about the after sales service and warranty replacements from xyz company, why the hell do they need it so often?

I would rather have something that didn't break in the first place.

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Well, I did 30,000 odd NM with one Kiwiprop. Never changed anything. Wrapped rope around it 3 x, once sufficient to stop the engine. Hit several bits of floating timber etc with the boat. No problem. The blades are much tougher than many think, but if you do damage one, easy to change, and cheap. Metal props can be damaged as well, nothing is bulletproof.

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