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How do I bend on a furling genoa in the wind?

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Bionic Monkeys or escapees from some experimental lab maybe??? Just trying to think what Monkeys Fish has been perving at to garner a comment like that ;)

It's just what I always thought they were refereed to. Kind of like the up fucker, the down fucker and the sly pig. Mind you, our bowman was called Bubbles. No one called Bionic Monkey though.

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Wonder if these do the biz? $36 at fosters.

Hopefully made out of "slippery" plastic.


I use one of these on Farrari as a prefeeder for the genoa.  It makes life a lot easier to feed the sail up the track without the bowman having to manually feed the track.  All they need to do is jump the halyard at the mast.  No issues with it wearing out so far.  The boat came with one nine years ago and I have replaced it once due to the original knot splice failure.

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It is possible to do it without the prefeeder, and not difficult.

What you need to do is have the sail flaked so the luff tape is all at the bow. Lead the halyard forward via whatever blocks you may have and stand on the bow pulling the halyard while feeding the sail up the spout. If you stand or kneel on the bulk of the sail on the deck this will stop it from inflating and blowing out of control. Remember to put the sheets on first but don't thread them up. Don't worry about getting luff tension on it to start with, just get it up and rolled away and do the final luff tensioning when you go sailing next.

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