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Marine pests prompt local hull cleaning rule rethink in northern NZ

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I just saw this article talking about a joint initiative between the Northern, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions with respect to marine pests and boats. 




More details and to leave feedback for the public consultation go here.



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You mean the critters on the bottom or the ones making the decisions, either way rec boaters loose, everyone wants a clean bum, but when cleaning grids are disappeared, effective antifouls are neutere

Alright .... went for a scallop dive inside Whangarei harbour on Saturday 19/9/19. 6m deep, heaps of legals but you guessed it a Mediterranean Fan worm every square 2m. Not attached to live scallops a

Read, and done the feedback...

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Well sh*t

The preferred option was Option 3 (go even further and make rules for other pathways too; 37%)

The preferred option for hull-fouling rules was Option 1 (clean hull at all times; 42%)



"Overall, there was a clear call for greater action to address marine pests across the TON regions"

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