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SSANZ 2020 Round North Island Race

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What you mean actually take the garden ornament sailing? I bet you a bottle of rum you don't!

Really??? Can we see photographic evidence???

Im entered. I also know High Voltage and Kick are too. Go the 1050s!

Pretty sharp looking fleet, will be some interesting racing. Great work SSANZ and all those that entered.

Looking like 3 races in one

40 footers to cant or not

35s say no more

And about 30 or less with a really good mix of boats that will go in different conditions


Then there are the line honours boats

Plus the boats that have a sail of a lifetime to knock off

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It’s starting to sound like the race of the decade. Well, we’re not going to make it and it’s likely just as well given it’s well sold out. But for the next one after this, it’s a lot more likely you’ll see at least 1 pogo 36 on the line...

Get in touch early next time also Doc and maybe do a 15000nm warm up


The sweet spot for this race is 36 to 38 which is likely to be what is on the start line for this one.

We are making long term arrangements in Wellington for the use of Queens Wharf in the centre of town plus Napier are extending there visitors berthage, this may well not be complete for this race but hopefully at least partly so it’s going to be a massive raftup currently.


There were suggestions about running multiple starts spaced apart, other than creating massively more work for the volunteers at Mangonui, Wellington, Napier and within SSANZ it would destroy the nature of an event that any dog can have his day, you see events all over the world where unless it’s very light winds that build once the big boats have crossed then big boat wins, this race is often won by a boat out of the middle of the pack.

50+ foot race boats are a handful two up.

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