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Chains Ropes and Anchors Enduro

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Finished at 2.02 this morning. Epic ride to the finish, shame about the cutoff but I think we've proven to the powers that be we deserve to be in the RNI fleet. Gotta love the SSANZ organisation, one day will make it to one of the messirr parties! Hope to be back for the LEWMAR triple with a few others from Whangarei.

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Start Me Up’s SSANZ Chains Ropes and Anchors ANZAC Enduro Longhaul Report!


The campaign started a couple of months ago, laid up in hospital, realising how close to death I almost was, I was determined to do this race to prove I was back on my feet and going hard to family and friends. Fast forward to last Wednesday, my crew aka Radar realised my #1 was more stickyback than sailcloth and sourced a brilliant Lidgard unit but needed work. Luckily he also works at Lidgards and they allowed us to give this sail a nip and tuck ….. Legends.  Next day, start day, tried to pass ourselves off at CRA as professional sailors, didn’t work, staff member described us as sailing bludgers, just rude!


Anyway, start time I conveniently parked us under the Harbour Bridge without wind so the fellow Ross 930’s could get a head start. I’m a considerate competitor! So off we go, running a #2 and full main, very nice. Hitting out towards Tiri and we made a crucial error, heading out into the Gulf, the old Ross just didn’t like it, thus in a short amount of time our competition made 6 miles on us just like that. So we got on with it and didn’t give up but by the time we reached the Poor Knights we were in a totally different wind pattern to everyone else, now 5 hours at current speed behind similar boats but ahead of a couple. Rounded the Knights, lets see how this newly configured Lidgards #1 goes. Oh yeah, with the wind, not the flashest top end speeds but consistent as, we reeled in people and the ones we didn’t gave up and to me that counts as a win.


Daylight emerged Saturday with several boats within eyesight including Moving Violation a well sailed Elliott 7.9.  We charged slowly down to Cuvier Island knowing we could not finish by cutoff now but determined to finish. Darkness came and nav lights on third night out on a 215 mile race not flash but all good. Interesting light combinations out there, may pay to check yours, one white light or one stern light, or nav lights with a white all round are not a representation of a sailing vessel. Drifting slightly sidewards round Channel Island, then assym up and a bit of wind we’re off. I trawled the kite on hoist and pointed out to Radar that I’d caught a jellyfish! He immediately pointed out that I was a sexually active muppet and had put a hole in it! Just as well my crew is a sailmaker because the hole just got bigger.  Anyway this was just a demonstration of how tired we were. I got the helm and kept myself alert by seeing how many waves I could catch by listening to them, great fun. The finish was a bit stressful due to tiredness but the sense of achievement was huge. Yes it was a RNI qualifier but we had already qualified with the Akarana 350 so it was a classic case of completing a goal that got me out of hospital.


Many thanks to our supporters, family, sponsors and employers, without you we couldn’t have done it. Also to the others that completed Longhaul after cutoff, you all knew you were out of the money but pure bloody mindedness and the determination to knock the bastard off made you finish…. YOU ROCK!!!!

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