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On 12/07/2020 at 9:30 PM, Dave said:

Well, colour me jealous, I might have drooled a bit looking at those photos!  Just beautiful and congratulations on getting her out where she belongs.  There must only be a half dozen or so of these yachts around so you are super lucky, I'd love to have one but sadly out of my reach for the moment.  It looks like you have a daggerboard, the F36/39 I was keen on last year had a centreboard but the same kick up rudder as you have. 

I really like the timber accents in the deckhead; is that Durakore or is the cabin top built from ply?  Reason I ask is that my boat is Durakore which has been painted over, I've yet to tackle the inside so am pondering whether to bring some of the timber out like yours is, looks really nice.  On the "to do" list for next winter probably, I need to go sailing...

Anyhoo, thanks for the post, and once again, welcome to NZ, I hope your (enforced) stay here is going okay.  If you make it down to Auckland please let me know, I'd love to host you for dinner and talk trimarans!

All the best,


Hey Dave... She has a Western Red Cedar strip planked core above the waterline and that's what you are seeing in the  epoxy clear coated areas on the overhead. I'll try to attach an article that Ian sent me a few years ago.

It looks like the PDF with the full description made it at the very end, it's a tiny thumbnail after the pictures. This has Ian's description of the build as well as reference to Red Shift, a truly amazing F9a  from the Gulf Islands.

The boat in the pictures is ours.....

Foam and Cedar Nehenehe.png

Main Hull From Ian.png




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There’s a Newick in Whangarei that i’ve Looked at, very tidy. Not sure of performance but it’s a cool looking boat. On TM still been on for a while so possibly negotiable.

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