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Tornado ripped through downtown Auckland last night including Westhaven....how's your boat?

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All the more reason to allow liveaboards

If there was a forecast of well over 100 knots for Monday night I certainly missed it.


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It appears, the mooring pole next to my boat just snapped off, must be very localised, lucky as no damage to boat. That said, while it was exceptional circumstances, some of the poles around WH is getting pretty old. Pays to eyeball the poles and condition of mooring lines, never know.







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I experienced a microburst in Devonport a few years ago. It cut swath about 50m wide through the croquet club then several houses which had their roofs ripped off. Fortunately for us we were about 100m from the centre of its track so no damage done but guess the gust was easily 60kn plus through our place.

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Ive just put in a ten hour day at work with no chance to catch up on any of this until now....fark me! 


I think I might be up at 5am tomorrow before I go to work, and pay a visit to my Pier to make sure my yacht is all ok....some of the pictures in this thread are just unreal.


And to think - I just changed my insurance over from full to 3rd party...would just be like Murphy to pay me a visit and kick me right up the arse.

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"Westhaven Marina manager Kevin Lidgard said the marina, which holds about 2000 boats, was hit hard on Monday night.

The "tornado" came through around 10pm, flipping the catamaran and breaking the lines on the super yacht.Lidgard said about 45 vessels were damaged or broke their moorings, and there was damage to some marina infrastructure which was being isolated and checked.A notice has been sent out to berth holders for them to come and check their boats."


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