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16 hours ago, Bad Kitty said:

Agree, Designers rarely supervise Construction. Look at all those Given powercats, built by Silver Tiger! Great design, built by gib stopping labourers! One of NZ boatbuilding's great horror stories. 

BK, I think you are being a bit unkind to Gib Stoppers there, most of them take some pride in their work. Really feel for anyone stuck with one of those cats, absolutely disgraceful what went on!

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Old.  Wood.  Carvel Planked.  (1 1/4" NZ Kauri)  High Maintenance.  Thats my boat. 60 years old. 17 years into my ownership of her and never touched the hull, for any repair or maintenance that I

In which case you will be wanting a brand new boat then. Every boat needs maintenance doesn't matter what it's made of in my experience, Steel rusts, Aluminium corrodes and paint flakes, Fibregla

I've got a 2005 Beneteau First 40.7 I reckon would meet your criteria. It's been to Fiji twice, my wife and I sail it easily, not sure about 6'4" headroom but 6'2" son wanders around inside no trouble

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53 minutes ago, Wayne-o said:

Bad Kitty, who are the two surveyors you use?

Also, interested in what people say about fijian kauri, as used in this Dickson 45 https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2587783128.htm  Faster growing and softer than kauri, and apparently used alongside nz kauri in a triple skin build.

PM me a phone number if you want a chat, 

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21 hours ago, Tamure said:

Plenty of anecdotes about Des visiting some builds to make sure the windows were spot on etc, cant comment on specific boats. As you say treated timber can go soft (I've seen it personally) but it's an exception and probably other factors come into it, if you put enough CCA into pine for example you can build a wharf out of it! Heart kauri like any timber is susceptible to delignification through bad electrics, it can also get brittle with age and loses strength. Glued multi skin hull construction should be viewed more as a modern composite. Provided its sealed preferably with lots of epoxy and designed well it should retain integrity indefinitely. Water ingress is the enemy. 

I firmly believe that those 70's timber boats are the under appreciated classics of NZ boatbuilding (well at least some of them :) )

My father bought the plug used for the production Townson 34s and finished it off himself. Although he never got a visit from Des, he did get a phone call regarding the shape of the cockpit coamings and a request to redo them to the exact design. The relationship then completely degenerated when Des found out that dad had installed the engine under the cockpit and not up by the mast. From my recollection, the method of construction was not necessarily a problem, rather than how the boat looked. He certainly had his spies out keeping an eye on things.

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8 hours ago, muzled said:

What about this?  Shallow draft, how would it go upwind?


Looks like Balvenie the Townson 47 has sold?  It's been delisted from TM.

I heard that too, apparently the crew.org surveying team didnt prevent a well built and proven circumnavigator  from going to an informed and very happy new owner :)

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