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Well it was minor, a small local area of rot near the top of the transom beneath the backstay chain plate,  but what the hell rip it all off and replace with new laminated transom just to be sure.  Turned out not to be too major.  None of the rot had migrated to the structural bits and bobs.

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Old.  Wood.  Carvel Planked.  (1 1/4" NZ Kauri)  High Maintenance.  Thats my boat. 60 years old. 17 years into my ownership of her and never touched the hull, for any repair or maintenance that I

In which case you will be wanting a brand new boat then. Every boat needs maintenance doesn't matter what it's made of in my experience, Steel rusts, Aluminium corrodes and paint flakes, Fibregla

I've got a 2005 Beneteau First 40.7 I reckon would meet your criteria. It's been to Fiji twice, my wife and I sail it easily, not sure about 6'4" headroom but 6'2" son wanders around inside no trouble

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43 minutes ago, Tamure said:

Pretty sure that Townson has circumnavigated and a build like that will never be repeated in NZ. A high water mark for timber construction.

that Townson unfortunately has some problems which is reflected in its price. It is being advertised as built by Barry Jones, this is not strictly correct, Barry finished it off  - the hull was built by others, all as described in Brian Peet's book about Des.

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12 hours ago, Dan_ger said:

I’ve been following this thread. One day I’d like to own something similar to those Beales on TM.  I’m interested to hear what you think of boats like the Townson 47 also on TM? Would that be in the same league? Anyone familiar with that boat? 

This boat, Balvenie, features in Brain Peet's book Des Townson, A Sailing Legacy, pages 258, 259. Includes original plan, layout and hull shape, and design characteristics

The boat was reviewed in Boating magazines Oct 1991 issue.

LOA 13.9m

LWL 11.55m

Beam 4.06m

Draft 2.27m

Disp. 12,220 kg

Ballast 5,200 kg

Sail Area 84 m2

Prismatic Coefficient 50.8%

Long. centre of bouyancy 53.3%

Disp. Length Ratio 220

"Hardening up on the wind, the Townson 47 is a powerful yacht. Despite the size of the rig - larger than that of a Ross 40 - Balvenie is able to carry full main and #2 genoa into the brisk north-easterly (20-25 knts, off Rangitoto). The yacht simple to manage - a real must aboard a long-range cruiser"

Sounds like a great yacht, with a real pedigree. At that price looks like a good buy, but at 30 yrs old would need a good once over to find issues that marinheiro alludes to. They don't build them like that anymore, that is for sure. You would hope that the price reflects what needs replacing or re-fitting on it. If I were looking for a bigger boat, this one would be first on my list to check out, and not just because I have a taste for single malts... a comfortable centre cockpit, trans - ocean cruiser at a reasonable size, and comfortable life aboard.

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