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This is a political thread. Consistency please, move this one as well.

How many of you have signed the petition? If we ant any fish left at all, the quota system needs to be dumped and replaced. Oversight must be removed from the fishing companies. Cameras on fishing boa

The fact is that it was ill conceived to allow anyone to "own" the quota. Effectively owning the fish. There will be $ involved, but this is the only way to get control back. And it does not matter wh

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🐟#NZUnderWaterAssociation #ThePriceOfFish

We are really excited about the launch of Wild TV's documentary The Price Of Fish. It will air on TV3 Sunday 26th July at 4.50 pm. The documentary investigates the issues we face within our current fisheries management system (The QMS) and gives the people of New Zealand a better understanding as to why it is not working. The Price Of Fish is a must-watch and represents three years in the making. 🐟 #NZUnderWaterAssociation #ThePriceOfFish

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I don't understand where all the fish goes.

We like fish but in our family only eat it at most once per week. Most of our friends are similar if less frequent e.g. once in 2 weeks.

When I go to a 'normal' restaurant (not focused on seafood) it seems that the majority of people sitting around me are eating meat or veg dishes with maybe fish being chosen by 1:3 or 1:4 diners?

And at the supermarket the fish counter seems to be the quietest counter with usually the deli or meat counters busier.

I admit all of my comments above are based on personal, unscientific observation and might be way out..... but it just doesn't feel like people are gorging themselves of fish 5 nights a week for example.

So where does it all go?

And if I stopped buying my 1 or 2 weekly fish dinner would I be helping the situation or making it worse?

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