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Circumnavigating NZ.

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He’s obviously in good spirits Single handed sailors seem always to be glass half full people  Heres his latest blog The call of the kea Tue Sep 15 2020 Sitting on a moorin

The Circle is complete Wed Oct 07 2020 At 1610 I crossed my outbound track, surging into Matiatia on a brisk Southwest wind. I rounded up in the lee of the headland, furling the genoa and

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Currently running goose winged up towards Sail Rock in 15 -20 SE. And to Chariot -  yes I have a four man life raft.

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We were sitting in Wangamumu at anchor last night with some 40+ kn gusts and almost flat calm water thinking of this 77 year old fellow out there on the edge. I am heartened an uplifted by his good natured approach to all that he is sailing thru, he inspires me and my life feels  somehow larger for how and why he is doing this trip. Time for me to make that donation...

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11 minutes ago, Fogg said:

He’s 77??? 😳

Yea... I think so. A few days ago I went to look at biographical info on him and what is a fascinating life....

He started out cutting his teeth working at a navel design firm working on nuclear submarine and frigate design got his navel architecture ticket but decided designing and building a 20-somthing foot trimaran back in the 1960's was more like it and took off across oceans, then a stent as captain and 1st mate fighting nuclear testing in the Tuamotu in blockades, then doing sail training on square riggers, ticket there and doing youth sail training... A bunch of other stuff thrown in along the way and somewhere I picked up a date of birth around 1944... but I could be wrong He is an inspiration and well over age 70 for sure!

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could be just well over 70
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How come this guy has flown below the radar for most of his life? By which I mean he’s not exactly a household name but seems to be a Kiwi sailing rockstar.

Am I right in thinking that most of us here have never heard of him before?

He seems to be a massively quiet achiever who has missed the headlines of other kiwi sailing achievements.

I’ve only lived in NZ for 20yrs so maybe you guys knew about much earlier?

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Mike Delamore grew up on Great Mercury Island before moving to Waiheke in 1966 when his family bought the Matiatia Farm. After travelling around the world across both land and sea, he returned permanently to Waiheke in the 1980s to raise a family and work on what would become the Fossil Bay Farm, as well as establish the Waiheke Island Steiner School and Kindergarten.

After a long career in sailing that included time as a Fullers ferry captain and helming Super Yachts across the Atlantic, Mike retired from professional sailing several years ago to focus on his accommodation business, Fossil Bay Lodge, and traverse the canals of the United Kingdom each summer in his canal boat, Morgana.

Mike has more than 20 years of maritime experience and has travelled over 50,000 miles at sea from Alaska to the Antarctic. Mike holds Superyacht Master 3000Gt and NZ Offshore Master Unlimited marine tickets and is a qualified RYA tutor and examiner.

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