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What complicates the matter is that strut is a stressed member. Fabricating a bit of steel is the easy bit, getting it in there is somewhat harder Imagine trying to replace a spreader, and you ha

Jeez why ask them when they could just get you guys to do the job.  Personally I would prefer the job to be done properly rather than the quickest patch up fix with Cheapest Chinese Steel and Cut Corn

before the gvt and council bashing gets started how about moving this to tiny talk

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Yes days on it would be good to think that the meetings and discussions have finished and that the fabrication to engineers drawings has commenced -it would have elsewhere in the world. Who do we ask that straight question to ?

These bursts do happen fairly often in Auckland only six weeks or so ago we had a good one during rum race, all were laid flat for about four minutes with some sail damage, on a Friday afternoon as well . Then back to benign conditions.

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Yep, too much navel contemplating, and cuzzy consulting.

Get it done, son.

Then what can you expect when changing a road sign will cost 250K and take months.

In the mean time a school kid could get knocked over.

We are paralysed with unnecessary protocol.

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I'd think that one of the pollie parties would sieze on this as an election issue.

It surely is something of national importance - when the biggest motor in the economy develops a knock, and we are as Lateral puts it, paralysed, that is the real problem. BUT whoaaaa - this is the wrong place for that discussion and may even a thread drift.

I saw/heard a report indicating engineers have to consult/design/peer review etc, and while we all want things done well, it seems farcical when u consider how long has the bridge been up for. What they did back then seems to have been ok and it probably took a ship load longer to do it with old school technology.

Any engineers out there care to comment?

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We could always multiply the safety factor by ten and make it out of titanium and install super computer’s to gauge its effective life, thus making it god proof. He seems pretty pissed off right now.

Like framework structures are cutting edge? We are not reinventing.

Or have we forgotten how?

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3 hours ago, lateral said:

I have screen shots of steady 55knts with gusts to 70+ in the last three years, as I have a mooring at watchman.

No casualities on the bridge then.

I wonder if the microburst was way higher than Jays recording and very localised.

As a very frequent motorsickle riding bridge crosser I can tell you the angle at which the wind comes is often more of a worry than how much wind there is. Due to the shape of the bridge subtle changes in direction can make very significant differences to what loading vehicles see. So it is possible while it was a big gust the direction at which it hit was what did the damage more then the strength of it.

I rode over it Thursday and Friday fine .......... and didn't drop below 70kph heading to it, on it or leaving it ;) On Friday leaving the club at 8ish there was a sh*t load of traffic still backed up but 1/2 way up the northbound was a 5 Series broken down complete with a sheepish owner who could be see mouthing 'sorry' at the traffic. I did feel sorry for him as he knew he was adding to what already was a cluster f*ck.


Where the politics around a second crossing were sitting as of 2 weeks ago -

The current Govt and Council are a full steam ahead on a second crossing now, a billion dollars with of cycle bridge. They have put aside 390 million dollars to enable plans to be made on how to make plans to build it. They see at the end of the day the same harbour bridge plus another for push bikes and walkers, who will share it.

The Nats want to continue with the second crossing via a tunnel. Their end of project vision is a tunnel with rail (to be used as expressway buses while rail links are built to meet the tunnel) both ways and road northwards. The existing bridge then becomes 6 lanes road southward plus a push bike lane plus a walkers lane.

I suspect some politics may change today 😄

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It is not my area of specialty but these steel structures have a finite life. Cyclic fatigue. Same as your mast or wire rigging in a way. Think of breaking a piece of wire by bending it constantly in the same spot. I believe the effect is a reduction in modulus and an increase in ductility, until it looses its strength. (could have my techo terms wrong there, but the stiff metal goes like a noodle)

I am curious as to the state of the remaining structural components, and if the jolt to this one piece tickled up some other pieces.

As for the pace of response, I'd be interested to see how agile NZTA can be with something like this. I wouldn't expect a peer review needed to be completed before they start fabricating a new span. If anything, they could get 2 or 3 spans underway in fabrication to different designs. 

What I am really interested in, is where the steel comes from? I assume the steel components aren't normally held in stock, but made to order for specific projects (spec of steel, size, shape, length etc). Anyone in the steel fabrication industry know what is involved in sourcing the materials to re-build this span?

Or if there is standard construction grade girders (I beam) that can be whacked in as a temporary fix while they fabricate the longer term one?

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2 hours ago, Dtwo said:

Jeez why ask them when they could just get you guys to do the job.  Personally I would prefer the job to be done properly 

I'm not sure what the problem is there Dtwo.  I don't believe that anything in my reply indicated a sh*t job was acceptable, just that it seemed the engineering was already available and has been proven by father time.

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