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Cold Front Today

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What complicates the matter is that strut is a stressed member. Fabricating a bit of steel is the easy bit, getting it in there is somewhat harder Imagine trying to replace a spreader, and you ha

Jeez why ask them when they could just get you guys to do the job.  Personally I would prefer the job to be done properly rather than the quickest patch up fix with Cheapest Chinese Steel and Cut Corn

before the gvt and council bashing gets started how about moving this to tiny talk

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Yeah well to each there own perspective, another out of context  post of  engineering smugness.

Yes, exactly what is your point IT?

Nobody here suggested that standard bridge building protocols shouldn't be followed, that the steel didn't need to meet the requirements of the original, the compressive or tensile (or cyclic) loading of the insitu member(s) were not allowed for on installing new member,  the methodology of installing a preload in it and that specification peer reviews  were unnecessary.

What I was lamenting, in less than useful phraseology, was that NZ lags  behind average OECD productivity and it shows in how long everything take and how much it costs. We have made an industry of putting people in the way.


Kudos to the crew that got the temporary member in and go well on the permanent one.

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30 minutes ago, Ed said:

To be fair, this thread is in Marine talk, which is usually has quite well informed commentary.


Small talk on the other hand....


Are you saying small talk is a train wreck? or are you trying to demonstrate the ductility of railway tracks?

I don't have a lot to do with steel, but I was involved in a project to install a new high pressure gas pipeline (technically I think it was medium pressure, ahem). Anyway, steel pipe will behave like a piece of spaghetti if you weld it together into a long enough string. Turns out you can drill it under and around all sorts of things. The main physical constraint is the ability to steer the drill head, which is largely to do with the geotechnical properties of the ground.

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NZTA now aware that cold fronts may bring high wind gusts...

Lanes on the Auckland Harbour Bridge are being closed on Sunday morning ahead of a forecast wind shift that could see gusts of up to 90kmh.

There are currently northerly wind gusts of up to 70kmh in Auckland, but the bridge is relatively sheltered.

However, Metservice is forecasting a wind shift from the north to the west in the morning, which could bring winds of 80kmh to 90kmh.

“The wind shift could bring a swift change in the strength of the gusts, so as a precaution we will close one southbound lane and two northbound lanes on the bridge until the wind settles,” said Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency senior journey manager Neil Walker.


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