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Thailand Drag Boats

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11 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

ah!  Thats sooo good!  The casually doing 75 to 80mph in a mahogany canoe with a diesel outboard strapped to it !

I travelled in Thailand in 1989 coming back from the UK. In those days Ko Samui was a sleepy little island very few people went to.  We caught a longtail out across the bay from the mainland to the island.  Great fun.  In those days they were powered by Nissan 4 or 6 cylinder SD diesels.  I don't think we had any safety gear apart from jandals...

We were in Koh Samui in September 89.  Asked my lady to marry me there.

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12 hours ago, Dtwo said:

What could possibly go wrong! 

Probably get a few more k's with cleaner fuel/injectors.

And - I hope he wasn't constantly checking behind him for people overtaking....

Running over-fuelled ,  I’m guessing he’s monitoring the colour of the smoke for early warning signs of impending turbo or piston meltdown .

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