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NZ37; Scot Tempesta video

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3 hours ago, marinheiro said:


Then there was Jipcho, 41' which was used as the plug for the Young 43 centre cockpit (I guess there must have been a temporary extension to develop the Y43's transom).

All very similar in design concept

Here is Jipcho at the start of the White Island Race in 1981.  Ants and Epiglass NZ also in the picture.  

White Island Start 1981_3.jpg

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6 hours ago, Tamure said:

Yes we are old, our fleet is pretty sad too and racing is definitely in the toilet no matter what any "postive" people might say. Numbers dont lie! Anyway its xmas, time to runaway, drown sorrows and avoid relatives;  "Here’s tae us! Wha’s like us? Gey few, and they’re a’ deid!"

Not sure this is true.

Auckland still has a great fleet of cool boats. There are grand prix racers like tp52s, a bunch of hot 40s including the melges, and a pretty healthy fleet overall. 

Things may be changing, and this year has been weird, but there are still big winter series/Wednesday night fleets at ryc/rnzys, ssanz was impacted by covid this year but over the last few has regularly set new record fleet sizes, so has coastal (again apart from 2020, probably due to covid)

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Im all for racing but the heyday was in the 1970 to 1990 period and people still go on about it, people who are now in their 70's, 80's and 90's! Our fleet is great but it's OLD! Remember when we all drove british cars from the 40's and old holdens? In the 80's Morris Minors were STILL common! Thats our fleet.

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