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Opua Ferry vs Yacht - from the WTF Files

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from the report the ferry was going from Russell to Opua and the yacht from Opua to Paihia, that would indicate the ferry had right of way.

Noted the comment about mechanical damage on the ferry, there could have been a failure that contributed to the collision or the skipper might have given her the gumboot to try to avoid the collision.....

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27 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

Im trying to work out how the mast got broken. That can only have happened by being pulled by the backstay or main halyard one would think. Neither of which vulnerable from the bow. Extra points for that

Ferry hits forestay, pulls mast forward, backstay keeps top of mast where it is, something has to give.

Maybe it was broken before and it was just a coincidence that he hit the ferry?

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If the ferry had been two feet to the left they would have taken the rig out at the gooseneck and saved them having to pull the rig for the dangly top bit.

What on earth makes people think they can win against a vessel like a ferry, stay out of their way.

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