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Stuffing box packing material

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On 9/05/2021 at 9:46 AM, aardvarkash10 said:

Hey Harry - got any pictures of that?  I thought it might be a good way to go, especially if I can fit it semi-permanently ie not via a grease nipple

We did that, but now we have gone to drippless (highly recommend that ;-)

If I recall, you can undo the grease nipple, and get some tube with a threaded end on it, put it in where the grease nipple was. Managed to get an adapter to join 2 pieces of tube together, to have enough length to get at and operate grease gun, whilst leaving it out of he way of moving parts while underway...

Just clean the nipple up and see what you have. With any luck you will have a hex head right at the base. Take it out and use the female thread in the packing gland. Make sure you use a good spanner etc, so as not to stuff anything. It is your boat after all. Once you get the nipple off, its just a case of getting the right threads etc. Think we got everything from SCA after that.

Then just give it a pump or two ever time we were leaving the boat.

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