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Finally got my belly stuffed with belly this evening. That stuff is just magnificent.


Filled in some waiting time by sussing that Gallipoli expo at Te Papa. Those giants are 100% exceptional work, the detailing is mind blowing.


As all is now good again I've got a gentle 700km ride homeward tomorrow followed by some light sanding.

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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new. I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so

Got 10 boats towed back into the environment before 10:30 this morning, waited until tide came in, floated off the cradle and went to the mooring only to find it had become an ecosystem all of its own

Video, but lacking actual sailing stuff.... https://youtu.be/t3hOELUp8Bs   Newbie Mr Poms helming at 11 knts (+ spaghetti)   Cruisy at anchor shot   weathered a Summer blow

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Made up a new much longer carbon prod for the Sun Fast.

Prod is around 15mm think carbon with a foam core and a  full length horrozontal bulkhead, we got this engineered by a mate of ours and stuck to his layup plan. Didnt vacuum bag it as we dont have technoligy like that but Dave Faulkner who made up the original blank/mold shape for us vacumed bagged that (huge thanks to Dave for his help witht he project). We had to extend the hull flange attachment an extra 150mm past the hull resess to get enough shear strength and go from 3 to 5 bolts.

Decided to make up some low stretch bobstays as the 2 attachment points creates a headache where dynex is to variable in the its length (shrinks when not loaded and creeps when loaded) so was worried about point loading the prod on the unused bobstay. These are wound 4mm vectran core (8 laps @ 570kg break each) with a dyneema chafe cover over the top and onto ferruls. The bottom has both spliced onto 1 ferrul with the through hull attachment around the radius. 

Came out pretty tidy actually. Didnt have time to fair and paint it so its currently just a peel ply finish but will be fine for now and will have a go at finishing it off after coastal classic.


Also removed the furler and changed to a rod forestay with hanks. big night in the loft changing all the headsails over to hanks.


A few bigger sails to fit tomorrow and we should be good to go. Been a big few weeks.



2016-10-17 15.37.53.jpg

2016-10-17 15.34.37.jpg

2016-10-17 15.33.06.jpg

2016-10-12 21.29.09.jpg

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Also removed the furler and changed to a rod forestay with hanks. big night in the loft changing all the headsails over to hanks.



Whats your logic on going for the hanked headsails Booboo?


We ditched our furler years ago for hanked headsails, as its cluster proof for short handed sailing, but very slow to change gears.

Double grooved headfoil makes changing gears much faster, but is somewhat limited in practicality when short handed.

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Yeah just trying to make it easier 2 handed and loose all the weight of the furler.

We have found that we use the medium jib for pretty much everything, it has a reef point in it so covers 8-30kts easily. Thie reef is by far the best way to change gears, we could reef it and then unreef it in half the time and effort of anyone elses single jib change. The reef was pretty dodgy with the foil so the soft hanks will make it safe and easy. 

Code zero covers the 0-7kts range OK so the light jib doesnt get used all that much offshore and we have only needed the heavy jib twice in since the boat was launched.

Doing headaails peels 2 handed is hardly faster than a quick bareheaded hank change anyway and way more chance of having a shocker. 

We are fitting the new forestay tonight. 


Yes it has alll been declared and the PHRF has gone up.

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